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Does this happen every time skirts comes in contact with a purse

I have no idea what I just read but I kind of fucking loved it

viva la 2019

So Rarity has a crush on Shining Armor, and the purse is her fantasy simulation or something?

One heck of a ride there for Flash. Guess that’s what you get for looking into Rarity’s purse

Well, that took a turn somewhere.
Yeah, what Fourths said.

What did I just read?

Someones been on the poutine while watching Into Her Garden. :duck:

Could be worse, He couldve found The Brick. :raritywink:

Pinkie Pie cackled, pointing nebulously eastward.


and a hint of the handbag's interior lining suggested a soft velvet burgundy texture—like lush carpet—and undoubtedly scented with something regal and alluring.

Why am I thinking of a certain Rarity Fedora by a certain PudgeMuffin?

Also, everything after Flash's snare into that "velvety world of lavender"... :applejackunsure:what:rainbowderp:

So Rarity's purse has achieved the Feminine Singularity?

You should make a sequel where Flash goes into the women’s room.

Never thought I'd read a parody of An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.

But if I did, I still never would have thought I'd read one like that.

"Personally, I find that all challenges matter to very little when you go beyond 'Here's a patch of hay; now lift your tail,'"

"And then the locals got all huffy and said 'Sunset, we were going to eat that!' and I think I made my thoughts on that clear a few moments earlier, and the Princess just looked at me that way Principal Celestia would when you ran in the halls, and... Well, long story short, I'm pretty sure that town still burns me in effigy during every Harvest Fair."

"Pfft! Pah! Puh!" Rarity marshmallow'd in every direction, flicking a finger with each pronunciation.

Everything about this sentence is amazing.

As for the rest of the story, this is why it's even more important for the magically gifted to clean out their belongings than for most of us. Otherwise, they start becoming a bit sensitive to unannounced changes in ownership. No man was meant to handle this much pure, condensed Rarity.

I was unsure if Flash had accidentally found Rarity’s mescaline stash for a moment there. But in the end... a guy can dream, can’t he?

I have the same question.

I ran out of acid so I thought I'd read a SS&E story

It's okay I guess, but the high is overrated.


"You poor little rascal." Applejack tipped her hat in the boy's direction. "Playin' chaperone with a bunch of gabby-gals. Bet you wish you was off enjoyin' Call of Fortcraft on yer Nintendo Xstation or somethin'."

I think I just died a little inside...

Rarity giggled. "Ohhhh, Rainbow. How we love thee. All talk and no cup size."

Gonna need more than a bushel of rawst berries for that burn.

I think so ... Whenever I touch a purse, I nearly buckle under the weight.

Ohhhh I get it, cuz pokemon

Rawst berries honestly look delicious. Blue strawberry? Sign me the eff up

Eh, it could go either way for me.
I really like your avatar picture by the way.

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