Flash Sentry makes a hasty exit from the local mall... when he runs into the absolute best people at the absolute worst time.

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I swear if skirts doesn't show up to his first lemurcon in either frilly lingerie or a fucking ballgown, I will.

What you can't see, is the arsenal of pistols, sub machine guns and grenades stuck under the drawer.


Rarity is good people. It is known.

Well, you showed my flash crossdressing fic to shame my dude. I sincerely hope you're proud!!! Well done! :heart:

I don't know why I favourited this fic.
The friendly, generous banter with Rarity at the is to blame, I reckon.
Poor Flash. At least he found some comfort.

Heh. I just noticed you updated your avatar.
Very nice.

Me and a buddy have been trading gifts in a victoria's secret bag for years. Generally, it gets dropped off at the other's work.

Rarity: enabling since season one. :raritywink:

Also props go to Bacon Horse for having situational awareness.

Crimes against fabulosity will not stand. Good on Rarity for making sure justice is done, and on Sunset for providing a name when needed.

It is known.

I don't really know what I just read, but...

What do I say?

Ahem, everone has their own invidual personalities, and that of course means that we all have diferent things that we like. Absolutely nothing wrong with that so long as you don't hurt anyone.

That sounds too serious for this. Umm...

FORGIVE ME! It's 4:00 a.m. right now and the only thing I'm running on right now is the need for MOAR PONY.

this is precious

Wonder if he will want more than panties and bras?

"Crimes against fabulosity will not stand."

I am physically incapable of reading this in any voice that is not Rarity's.

I like when Rarity's generosity is shown in a sense that is more than financial. She's going out of her way to help someone in a situation where most people just wouldn't, and that's beautiful.

Never could get my draw to look that good. Mostly because of the tighy whities.

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