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It was really awesome seeing this take shape. Fucking fantastic

It's not a Chuck Finley story if you don't end it on "and then let's fleece the motherfuckers dry."

God this is one of my favorite things you've written. Great job, lover!

I enjoyed this a lot. Most of the detail kind of went over my head since I never really had to talk about this kind of physical activity outside of my native language and haven't the vocabulary for it in English, but I also liked the character interplay a great deal.

i'm back! kinda...

I'm glad you like it and tbh, of all the people I know on this site, you're in the top ten for people this story was meant for.
Any bits that stood out?

I wanna try follow up with a blog that explains a few of the technical terms with videos and pics and such. It wouldn't be necessary if I was a better writer maybe, but it should make it easier to read through.

Where did you get the cover art?

I thought I'd stuck a link in the image thing but I haven't, I'll add it in the morning but until then:


Oh god that was wonderful. I have missed reading your stories, Chuckie. ;-;

Wait, they told me you were dead

Lightning shrugged. “Horses and people aren’t that different.”

Aaaaah, that was gold.

This is the 10,000th featured fic on the site.
Thought it'd be interesting for others to know.

Aww fuckin' god... you back.

I don't know what half or more of the fight stuff meant, but hell if it wasn't filled with personality and the kind of prose that's just a joy to read on its own. And that's before the switch to stuff I could natively follow.

Now... how bad is it that I read "Lightning turned into a floppy fish in her hands" as "floppy disk"?

Aw yeah. More Chuckfinley angry bird women.

"Hah, I knew your weird horse legs would be good for something," said Gilda.

Why do I get the feeling her griffon analogue was saying the exact same thing at the same time, if in a different context?

In any case, a magnificent blend of fight choreography, easy-to-follow martial arts explanations, and happily belligerent romance. Glad to have you back.

Hey, you're back :twilightsmile:

God, you're more than a damn good writer, aren't ya? Good shit.

There's something about how you write fucked up teenage characters that always sticks with me. Even though it's worlds away from my life experience, it rings true in an uncomfortable way. I'm not sure if I actually like it or not, but regardless it's impressive.

I found the MMA blow-by-blow didn't translate very well to text, and I've done a fair amount of martial arts, so it wasn't just going over my head. That said, the character and atmosphere more than made up for it. If this was a bottle episode, I'd definitely watch the rest of the season.

Actually, it's been a year or two since I've actively done any martial arts, but this story gave me the itch in a bad way, which goes to show how well you nailed the feeling of grappling with someone in a run-down gymnasium. I guess it's time to see if I can work it back into my schedule somehow.

Hella impressive brawlage. You write some of the best bad girls around! (I wonder how this Gilda would get along with human Trixie...)

Seriously makes me want to take up MMA again

Woohoo! You're back!

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