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Will there be a sequel set after the first movie? Sunset will be doing a ton of work trying to make up for what she done.
I would not blame the boy if he got his hands around her throat and nearly kills her.
But doesn't as he won't sink to that level, maybe forces her to serve him and Celestia as servant cleaning the hallways with a toothbrush.

Against her uvula

Vulva anon.... uvula is the little bell inside the mounth

This story makes me want to slit some throats; mostly those of fictional characters. Anyway, this was well written, with some typoes, though no grammatical issues. I liked the premise, though maybe not the means. I'll be off now.

Wow, just wow :twilightoops:

I take it that if you do a sequel there will be revenge right? Or something for this, this sick treatment.:applejackconfused:

There will be a sequel, right?:rainbowderp:

Two things I want to clear up:
1. The protagonist is intended to be the fairly popular OC Rally Flag (who is not mine), who became Principal Celestia's favorite student under the exact same circumstances described.
2. There will be no sequel. I'm sorry, but this was always intended to be a one-shot. Part of an an anthology series called "Vilianesses Vs You" I'm doing with my various social media accounts. Each story deals with the reader being molested by a different fictional female villain, and I just chose to put this one here because its the only one in the series related to MLP.

up against her uvula

and her uvula, you still couldn’t believe


a uvula is the dangly thing in the back of your throat.
A vulva is a pussy. and using that word kinda sours the mood a little bit.

I looked this word up and i don't know what to say about it aside from you might've left some of it out.

feeling of flesh one flesh


every time she came town


each second brining you closer


previously imagined heaven to would like

to be like

Sunset came to of course


breasts sandwiching under against your chest.

under her

before you heared the


anything worse that the occasional ride


under her girlfriend Gilda’s

under Gilda's, her girlfriend,

Hoping take them both out both quickly

add a 'to' and get rid of the second both

the sticky warmth Lighting as placed on your crotch.


began covertly advertising her you as the

get rid of the her

and her in it was one of the few things whose sight alone could still reliably cause your member to rise, which it did.

this can be it's own sentence, to fix the run on. "Her being in it" can start it.

would have lain in store for your if you had


And Snips and Snails have these pics too, as well as orders to upload them if anything happens to me or this phone, so don’t even think about fighting back.”

You'll notice that she said nothing about any further back ups. From what we've seen of their Equestrian counterparts, Snips and Snails tend to spend all of their time together. Therefore, what Anon should've done here is extremely simple. Hell, even if Snips and Snails didn't spend all of their time together, what he should've done here would've still been simple. Just not as simple. The Internet allows you to find all sorts of interesting information about ANYONE as long as you know their names. Or, if he doesn't feel like getting his hands dirty, he could just look up either the phrase "mercenary jobs" on Google and come up with four different sites dedicated to the profession, or the phrase "assassin jobs" on Google and come up with at least two different sites dedicated to the profession. Then all he would have to do is make sure that the contract says that the individuals who he is paying to have taken down should still be alive at the end of it, but terrified to even look at him, or act against him or Principal Celestia in any way. That way, they can have all the pictures they want. He'll still be untouchable.


Thank you very much. Now everyone who reads this comment section will know how to handle such a situation in real life. The idea of a teenager, scared shitless for his own and his lover's safety finding non-lethal assassins online didn't occur to me while writing this.

You are right though. I try to cover my bases when writing, but two 4 ft 11" cowardly idiots aren't much of a backup plan. Sunset should have made her backups ambiguous, while the narrator speculates about Snips and Snails, but decides he shouldn't risk his, his family's and Celestia's wellbeing on him being able to outsmart or scare a woman like this.

Heh. Well, I have the mind of someone who's been in the mental hospital five times :pinkiecrazy: this year alone, so don't feel too terribly bad about it. Well, that, and I don't respond well to threats. I'm more of a "Walk" guy myself. Besides, you forgot about the first thing that he could've done! He could've just used the Internet, and their names, to find out where they lived, and went there himself! In the middle of the night! And smothered them in their sleep! Now to quickly go and check if the Internet gives instructions for picking locks. It does! :pinkiehappy: It's beautiful! :rainbowlaugh: He could've totally just looked up lock picking on Google, and practiced with any inconspicuous lock, until he could've done it in 20 seconds flat, and, after he did that, he could just find their information on the Internet and go to their house and kill them himself! :pinkiecrazy: So, yes. Your story was read by someone who, if they ever found themselves in that type of a situation, would just use the magic of the Internet and to get themself out of it. Permanently.

I freaking love femdom, and am very glad you wrote this.

This idea brought to you by the person who's personal hero is this guy

I hope this continues. Can't wait to hear more about the bad girls and what they force him to do.

Would like to see her grow gradually nicer and maybe an actual relationship happens

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