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Nightmare Night is coming soon, but this year, The Candy Mare has been set free! And this time, she has a different taste for her food.

She likes it roasted.

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Ah another contribute to the masterpiece that is Knackerman's Candymare. 😁

Having read the original, I can safely say this captures the spirit of the original and points out its flaws.

Well, I can say that Pinkie definitely tasted the sweet revenge. Or sweet irony? Whatever.

Despite you saying this was intended to be bad, I think I can say it was still readable and pretty amusing as a random genre. Just the good kind of bad. Like a parody video or something. Though in case you’ll need it for some good good story, remember to put dialogue tags and direct speech into the same paragraph :pinkiesmile:

Now I need to look up the original story!

It looks like Robot Chicken made its own version of something sweet to bite

🎵 The Candy Mare
The Candy Mare
The Candy mare can! 🎵

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