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Spike Road to Love Beyond Rarity - Tatsuzaku

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Love 4: A Flurry Birthday Surprises (Spike x older Flurry Heart)

As eve came to the Crystal Empire, everypony was inside the Crystal Castle celebrating Flurry Heart's eighteen birthday except for Spike, who was outside sitting on a bench in the castle's garden. Spike was enjoying the solitude until he hears a voice, "Room for one more?"

Glancing at the pony behind him, Spike pat the seat next to him, "Sure, Flurry Heart, I always have room for you."

"Thank you," spoked Flurry Heart while sitting down by Spike. "So not enjoying the party?"

"No, I am... I just have to take a break from all the dancing. It like every mare along with her sister and mother want to dance with me," jested Spike.

"I'm kind of in the same boat to. I'm afraid if I do anymore dancing my little hooves might be whittle to a stub," giggled Flurry Heart. "So what were you doing before I came out?"

"Just reminiscing about the four years I spent being your tutor," replied Spike. "I'm still surprised that Candance and Twilight did an exchange with me and Sunburst."

"That because mother wanted me to have a more rounded education and as great as a magic teacher as he was, Sunburst was lacking knowledge when it come to other fields," said Flurry Heart. "Do you regret coming here?"

"No, I don't have any regrets," dismissed Spike. "The only thing I was worried about was how Twilight would fare without me."

"Hah hah... she did have some epic meltdowns, didn't she?" ,laughed Flurry Heart. "I heard through the apple trees that Sunburst is doing well as Auntie Twilight's assistant. Jealous?"

"Hah hah... no... I'm just glad it all work out in the end," laughed Spike before asking Flurry Heart, "For you to leave your own party and seek me out, you must want something from me. So what can I do for you?"

"Well... umm... I was wondering if...,"hesitated a now blushing Flurry Heart before she was interrupted by a sound behind her. "WHAT WAS THAT?!"

Immediately both Spike and Flurry Heart stood up and look behind them. They saw the Crystal Castle was encased in a dark, almost shadowy crystal dome before an evil laughter alert them to a vaguely pony-like figure flying to the Frozen North. Recognizing the shadowy figure cause Spike to shout at the sky, "NO... NOT HIM! WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE HIM?!"

Waiting for Spike to finish his rant, Flurry Heart question him, "Do you know what's going on, Uncle Spike? Who was that pony?"

"That was King Sombra," sighed Spike as he felt Flurry Heart activate her magic. Reaching out with his claw, Spike lightly clasp Flurry Heart's horn cancelling her magic. "You shouldn't waste your magic."

"W-why?" ,quivered Flurry Heart as her blush return when Spike lightly held her horn. As Spike let go, Flurry Heart coughed, "Why would it be a waste of magic?"

"Because Sombra excel at magical traps and barriers. If we want to cancel his trap, we'll have to defeat him first," expressed Spike while his wings open up. "Trust me, you'll want to be at your best when you fight him."

"Okay, guess it's time for us to chew bubblegum and kick Sombra's ass, and I'm all out of bubblegum," shouted an excited Flurry Heart as she took to the sky.

"I should have never let you watch that movie," facepalmed Spike, he hastily flew to catch up with Flurry Heart.

But as the two left the territory of the Crystal Empire, they were surrounded by sky-blue vaporous ponies. Upon seeing them Spike grumbled, "Of course it has to be windigoes. First Sombra and now windigos. Hey, Faust, anything else you want to add to this shit-sandwich you're forcing down our throats."

"But why are there windigos here. Didn't the founders defeated them with the magic of friendship?" ,wondered aloud Flurry Heart.

Spike scratches his nose, "Well accordingly to Nhorse's mythology, they're the very essence of winter. So the Frozen North could be their natural habitat or they could've been summoned by Sombra."

"Oh! Then I guess we'll just have to use the magic of friendship to beat them once more, right? Onward to victory, Uncle Spike!" ,commanded Flurry Heart while charging into the midst of the windigoes. But Flurry Heart soon grew despondent as the windigoes reform after each of her magical blast. With her tail and forelegs waving around erratically, Flurry Heart cried out in frustration, "They're too strong! How are we supposed to beat them?! How in Tartarus did the magic of friendship beat these guys?!!!"

"It'll be okay, we'll find a way...???!!!" ,choked out Spike as he accidentally caught sight of Flurry Heart's marehood causing blood to cascade from his both of his nostril.

Due to the windigos magic and the natural climate of the Frozen North, the blood spilling from Spike's nose froze instantly. Grabbing the blood-cicle, Spike tosses them behind him unintentionally hitting a windigo causing it to vaporize into steam. The windigo shriek as Spike's bloody missiles nail it to the ground, which caught Flurry Heart's attention. Landing in a pool of melted ice, Flurry Heart strolls over to the two deep-red spears that pierced the ground. Holding out a hoof, Flurry Heart touch them, but quickly withdrew her hoof when she felt a burning sensation.

"Ouch... mmpssh... I didn't think it be almost scalding," commented Flurry Heart as she sucks on her lightly charred hoof. Hearing Spike gliding down behind her, Flurry Heart asks him, "Hey, Uncle Spike... OH MY FAUST, WHAT HAPPEN TO YOUR FACE?!!!"

Shooing away a hovering Flurry Heart, Spike calmly replied, "It's nothing, just a nosebleed."

Flurry Heart's magic surge along with her anger, "Just point out the windigo that did this to you and let me take care of it!"

"Relax, Flurry Heart," said Spike as he try to calm down Flurry Heart. "It wasn't the windigoes that did this."

"Who or what did this, then?" ,inquired Flurry Heart using a handkerchief to clean the blood from Spike's face. "I mean a nosebleed doesn't just happen on it own."

"T-that's b-because I-I..." ,faltered Spike averts his eyes while blushing. "...saw your m-marehood."

"You got a nosebleed... because of my marehood? Hah hah... that's just like in those kirinime shows we watch," laughed Flurry Heart. "Wait a minute, that only happen if the stallion finds the mare sexually attractive... which mean you find me sexually attractive. Isn't that right, Uncle Spike?"

"I think we got more important things to worry about than whether I'm attracted to you or not," diverted Spike. "Like maybe King Sombra, that horde of windigoes, or the fact that all of the Crystal Empire is trapped."

"Okay, but don't think we're done yet," smiled Flurry Heart while her tail brush under Spike's chin, "Anyway, it seems that these two polearms are able to hurt and/or kill the windigoes. Unfortunately, they're too hot for me to handle so you'll have to do it."

But as Spike was about to object, the windigos launch their attack. Running on instinct, Spike quickly hid Flurry Heart behind him. Then in a flurry of motion, Spike grab both spears and swung them around while screaming, "DIE! DIE! DIE!"

While Spike was having his panic attack, Flurry Heart was cheering him on while shaking some pom-poms she apparated, "Yeah, you can do it, Uncle Spike! Slash them on the right, slash them on the left, keep slashing until they're all out of sight! Go, Uncle Spike!"

As the vaporous steam disparate, Spike sunk to his knees while his arms fell to his side. His hands releasing their hold on the frozen blood spears as they burst into mist. Huffing and puffing, Spike blurts out in a surprise manner, "I-I did it? Hah hah hah... I DID IT!"

"I knew you could do it, Uncle Spike!" ,shouted out Flurry Heart while glomping onto Spike.

Spike patted Flurry Heart's head while extracting himself from her embrace, "We'll have time for celebration after we have defeated Sombra. Come on, let go."

Resuming their flight to the Frozen North, Spike and Flurry Heart came upon a blacken corpse. Touching down by the corpse, Spike investigated, "These seem to be the remain of the yeti that was living here and most likely it was destroyed by Sombra's black magic. Which means he must be held up in that cave up ahead. Flurry Heart, ready all the protection spells you can. We're going in."

After casting all of the protection spells she knew, Flurry Heart nodded to Spike and silently follow him into the cave. Using his tongue to sense the magical fluctuation that Sombra's spellcasting gave off, Spike with his night vision stealthily guides them through the cave's labyrinth arriving at a large central chamber. There they found King Sombra relaxing on a throne. Chocking down his fear, Spike whisper to Flurry Heart, "Since dragons are magical resistance, I'll attack Sombra head on. While I'm doing that, I want you to hit him with everything you got. Okay?"

Nodding silently, Flurry Heart slowly channel all of her magic into her horn, which alert Sombra to their presence. Standing up from his throne, Sombra call out loudly, "Whoever is out there, it would go better for you if you came out now before I blast you into oblivion!"

"Alright, alright! You got me," scramble out Spike while hastily standing up. As he was walking to Sombra, Spike becomes perplexed, "Are you a mare?"

"Ah, you're the dragon that found the Crystal Heart. And yes, unfortunately the pony that found my horn happen to be a mare. But I doubt it was you that activated a spell just now, Isn't that right?" ,smirked Sombra as she shot a magical blast in the direction Spike came from.

"N-NOOO!!!" yelled Spike as the boulder that previously hid him burst into dust and pebbles that rain upon the cave's floor. As rage slowly builds within him, Spike declared, "YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR HURTING FLURRY HEART!!!"

"Oh my! Is the wittle dragon mad I hurt his special somepony? Is he going to kick my ass?" Well here it is see if you can," gloated Sombra as she lifts her tail and presented her backside to Spike.

As he lifted his head, Spike gains an eyeful of Sombra's marehood causing blood to immediately shoot out of his nose like a missile careening in Sombra's direction. Hearing the whistling sound as it echoes throughout the cave, Sombra turn around at the right time for the projected blood to pierce her horn nailing it to the cave's wall. While Spike stares dumbfounded at Sombra's body disintegrating into dusts and ashes, a bright light flash behind him. Spike twists his head as he felt a pair of forelegs encircle him, "F-furry Heart? You're o-okay?"

"Yeah, I am," spoked Flurry Heart as she reassure Spike before asking, "What happen here?"

Refusing to look Flurry Heart in the eye, Spike replied, "I don't wanna talk about it."

Inside the Crystal Castle's throne room, Spike and Flurry Heart finished their report to Candance and Shining Armor. Spike place Sombra's horn at their hooves. Using her magic, Candance seal the dangerous artifact in a chest, then teleport it to the Crystal Empire's secret vault for dangerous relics. Shining Armor let out a sigh of relief, "Now that done, maybe we won't have to face King Sombra for a third time... a little cold there, Spike?"

"Yes," shivered Spike. "Although we dragons are warm-blooded, we lack the heat-insulating fur you ponies have."

"Don't worry, Uncle Spike, your favorite niece got just the thing to warm you up," announced Flurry Heart while placing her hoof around Spike's arm. "You just have to come to my room. And maybe we can even have a sleep over."

"S-sleep O-over?!" ,sputtered Shining Armor. "Don't you think it's a little inappropriate for a stallion to visit a mare's room at night?"

Giving her father the saddest, puppiest eyes ever, Flurry Heart whimpered, "You don't trust Uncle Spike?"

"N-no... I do trust him," barely stammered out Shining Armor before his daughter disappears with Spike in a puff of smoke. Shining Armor glare at his wife, "You just have to teach her that, didn't you?"

"Yes, I did, I'm so proud. She can't be your little filly forever, Shiny," giggled Candance behind her hoof. "Beside who better to sire the heir of the Crystal Empire than it's hero, the Great and Honorable Spike the Brave and Glorious."

Inside Flurry Heart's room, Spike was wearing a furry robe while Flurry Heart was lounging on a purple beanbag. They were playing the new gaming device from Kirintendo, the Kirintendo Swish. Looking up from her game, Flurry Heart gloated, "See I told you I have something to keep you warm."

"Yes you were right and thank you," agreed Spike before becoming stern, "But you shouldn't become a braggart like Applejack and Rainbow Dash. It unbecoming especially for a princess."

"Sorry, Uncle Spike," pouted Flurry Heart. "So how is Auntie Twilight doing?"

"She doing well despite being her normal neurotic self. Having Sunburst there help," spoked Spike before sighing, "I just keep wondering when those two will get together. I mean they're almost perfect for each other."

"Well maybe we can get them together... heh heh," snickered Flurry Heart conspiratorially. "Just like in the Malt Donkey's film, the Little Seapony."

"Hah hah... now you're starting to sound like your mother," chuckled Spike. "But I doubt it'll work, Twilight pretty much a virgin even after all these years."

So what about you, Uncle Spike?" wondered Flurry Heart before asking smirkingly. "Are you still a virgin?"

Without missing a beat, Spike answered, "Yes, I am."

"What! You're still a virgin!" ,shouted Flurry Heart surprise at Spike's confession. "You know for a dragon that surround by mares, I find that kind of hard to believe."

"It can't be help," shrugged Spike. "Because of my small size, ponies keep thinking I'm a child. And I doubt if any mare would be interested in a dragon anyway."

"Heh heh," impishly laughed Flurry Heart. "Then you should be glad that we just celebrated my 18th birthday today."

"Why?" inquired Spike while his kirintendo swish poof out of his hand and his body was levitate to Flurry Heart's canopy bed. Feeling a weight land on him, Spike glance up at Flurry Heart, "What are you doing?"

Draping her body across his, Flurry Heart whisper sultry into Spike's ear frill, "I'm about to have some triple hoof-rated grown-up fun with my uncle."

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