• Published 25th Jul 2018
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Spike Road to Love Beyond Rarity - Tatsuzaku

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Love 3: Punch Dragon's Love (Spike x Chrysalis)

As afternoon came to Ponyville, Spike was found to be in Twilight's private study where everypony knew she kept her collection of romance novels though she tried to deny it. Spike was pouring a soft, glowing, pink potion into the coffee cup that sat on Twilight Sparkle's desk. Throwing the flask away, Spike crackle while rubbing his claws together, "When Twilight take a drink of this coffee, she'll fall in love with me and then... bwahahahaha... I'll finally have my revenge."

"SPIKE!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" ,gazing behind him, Spike found a red-faced Twilight Sparkle using her wings to hide the book she has. "I though we agree if I kept it clean, you would stop barging into my private study."

"Umm... umm...," sputtered Spike while he nervously glance around looking for an excuse, his eyes finally landed on a poster that said bookworms free zone. "Bookworms? Yes, that it! I found a bookworm but when I tried to catch it unfortunately ran in here. Sorry, Twilight."

"BOOKWORMS!!! Oh no no no, not my precious books," panicked Twilight Sparkle while she ran around aimlessly. "I GOT IT! You stay here, Spike, and protect my books while I gather our friends. With their help, we can make sure this castle stays bookworms free... FOREVER!"

"Great! Now I'm going to have to wait for her to come back... augh, dungbeetle... and with her dumb friends no less," grumped a facepalming Spike before he heard a sound. "Uh oh! Sound like somepony is coming. I better go hide."

Hiding in the closet, Spike watch as a dragon stroll in that surprisingly look like him. Spike watch as the imposter laid a book on the desk and pick up the coffee cup that was sitting there. Spike groaned, "Don't drink it, stupid dragon."

"Wonder what got Twilight frazzle this time. Well, with her out of the castle and Starlight traveling with Trixie to the changeling kingdom maybe I can get some more sleep in," grinned Spike while drinking from the coffee cup before he heard the closet's door slamming open. "Y-YOU STUPID DRAGON!!!"

Glancing over to the closet, Spike saw an angry version of himself stomping in his direction. The second Spike got swallowed up in lime-green flames. What remains as the flames disperse was the sole changeling to not reform, Chrysalis. Seething with anger, Chrysalis facehoofed, "Do you know how long it took me to come up with this plan? That's coffee was for Twilight to drink... urgh, months of planning down the drain. And all because of you, you... uh oh. If you drank the coffee, then that... that mean you'll fall in love with me."

"Mon Chrysalis, your shell shines darker than any night Luna can create," rambled on a love-struck Spike as he laid kisses along Chrysalis's foreleg. "Cicada mia, Celestia's mane could never be moss-green as your."

"Great, just great. Now I got a love-sick dragon danging from my foreleg," complained Chrysalis as her tongue snake out of her mouth, tasting the love floating in the air. "Mmmm... seem this dragon's love is very potent. I never felt so full. Maybe I can stay a bit longer."

Laying down while she close her eyes, Chrysalis soon fell asleep listening to the monotone sound of Spike's love-sick speech. But it wasn't long till Chrysalis was brought forth from her dream of sweet revenge by the hacking motions of her body, "Ugh... why do I feel like I'm going to hurl rainbows?"

"Bugbeleh, my Chrysalis, your serene form is filled with cuteness that I could not look away," quoted Spike as he stroke Chrysalis's mane.

Spike's heart-shaped eyes and the overfull feeling she felt in her stomach cause Chrysalis choke out, "You... it's you... you imbecile. You're giving off too much love. Stop, I command you."

"But, Chrysalis, my little snugbug, how could I ever stop loving you? I rather jump off Canterlot's mountain than turn my heart away from you," spieled Spike causes Chrysalis to back away from him and toward the room's door.

"I got to get away from you before your love gag me to death. Now listen something important came up and I'll have to leave. So as your queen I order you to stay in the room until I return." ,commanded Chrysalis as she hastily left through the door. Not caring where she ran to, Chrysalis quickly put distance between her and Spike. Feeling that she elude Spike, Chrysalis breathes a sigh of relief as she tries to settle her stomach until she heard, "Oh, where are you my little cuddlebug? Where can you be, I wonder? Buggy-Wuggy, stay where you are and I'll come find you."

"Oh Tartarus no! I'm getting out of this castle... NOW!" , defied Chrysalis as she ran to the front doors while Spike was bouncing ever closer to her. Slipping outside the castle, Chrysalis quickly uses her magic to close and seal the doors. Sighing, Chrysalis rests her head against the doors enjoying the solitude until somepony gasped, "CHRYSALIS!!!"

Looking behind her, Chrysalis found the Elements of Harmoy glaring at her. Chrysalis laugh nervously, "Heh heh... bet you're wondering what I doing here."

"What in all of Celestia's Equestria are you doing here," demanded Twilight while she seize Chrysalis in her magic, slamming her against the doors.

"Throwing up, apparently... bleeurrgh," spewed Chrysalis, which cause Twilight to quickly drop her and then along with her friends back away faster than Applejack does when confronted with mathematic.

After waiting for Chrysalis to finish her hurling, Fluttershy politely asked, "Umm... Chyrsalis... i-if you're done regurgitating, can you please tell us why you're here. If it o-okay with you."

"How can something that taste so good going down, taste so awful coming back up," morosed Chrysalis as she face the Elements of Harmony. "You want to know what I doing here, I'll tell you. Trying to stay away from that insufferable dragon."

"OH, MY SPIKEY-WIKEY, WHAT HAVE THIS WHORSE DONE TO YOU!!!" ,dramatized Rarity as she teleported a fainting couch under her to everypony's chagrin.

"What a drama queen." Looking perplex at Rarity's antics, Chrysalis asked, "Is she always like this?"

"Yeah unfortunately but you learn to ignore it... EVENTUALLY!" ,groaned a eye-rolling Rainbow Dash while Rarity blew a raspberry at her. Turning her attention back to Chrysalis, Rainbow Dash threatened, "Chrysalis, Celestia help you, if you did anything to Spike."

Joining in with Rainbow Dash, Applejack brought out her lasso. "That goes double for me. If ya hurt lil Spike in anyway, me and mah family will git ya a private viewin' of how we Apples deal with thievin' varmints."

"Am I actually being threatened... hah hah... by dumb and dumber, here?" ,chortled Chrysalis while both Applejack and Rainbow Dash huff indignantly at her. "But for your information it's not what I did to Spike, but what he trying to do to me."

foalbornfromadragonandachangeling?Maybeadracling?No,thatwhatyoucallababydragon.Oohooh, howaboutadrakeling," asked Pinkie Pie as she chatters on with a million questions.

Frustrated, Chrysalis blurted out, "HE TRYING TO KISS ME, OKAY! There, happy... that the reason I'm trying to stay away from him. Great Scarab, are you insufferable."

"Do tell, why would Spike have any desire to kiss you?" ,interrogated Twilight while she confront Chrysalis.

Nervously, Chrysalis rub her hooves, " I may or may not have put a love potion in your coffee and your little dragon may or may not have drunk it."

"A LOVE POTION!!!" hollered everypony at Chrysalis. "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!!"

Chrysalis sheepishly grin, "Heh heh... it seem like a good idea at the time."

"And pray tell me, after I drank the love potion and fell in love with you, what exactly was the end-game of this 'wonderful' plan of yours," loathed Twilight while she facehoof at Chrysalis's stupidity.

"Weell... I kinda didn't think that far," confessed Chrysalis. "Hey, I was hungry. And everypony know you can't think straight on an empty stomach."

"That so true! My brain always goes on vacation if I don't get something yummy in my tummy," confirmed Pinkie Pie while running her hooves around her stomach. "That why I let my imagination run away with me because it always come back... WITH CAKE."

"I can't tell if you're being serious or not, but regardless trying to understand your inane rambling make my brain hurt," complained Chrysalis.

"You just have to let Pinkie be Pinkie. Trust me, that a lesson I learnt the hard way. I can't tell you how much my head hurts after trying to scientifically figure out her pinkie sense," affirmed Twilight Sparkle as she sympathize with Chrysalis's pain. "The question I'm wondering about now is how you got your hooves on a love potion?"

"Oh that easy. Three delightful little imps got it for me. Now what was their names...oh yes the Cutie Mark Crusaders. You know they're quite the deviants," answered a devilishly smiling Chrysalis.

"Of course it was them!" ,simultaneously shouted everypony as the sounds of their facehoofing echoes around.

"So are you going to help me or continue this ridiculous game of 20 questions," splated Chrysalis.

"OOO!Ilove20questions,I'llgofirst.What'syour...mmlpha?" ,leaked out Pinkie Pie before she was muffled in unison by Applejack and Rainbow Dash.

"Applejack, Rainbow Dash, nice teamwork," thanked Twilight Sparkle before turning her attention to Chrysalis. "Now, Chrysalis, why should we help you escape this little predicament? I mean what benefits do we ponies get from saving you or have you forgotten that you invaded Equestria twice already."

"If you think I'm going to turn all gooey-gooey with the magic of friendship like Thorax did then you can forget it," growled Chrysalis as she stood defiantly against Twilight Sparkle. "I... WILL... NOT... APOLOGIZE!"

Floating between them, Twilight Sparkle apparated a scroll, a quill, and a jar of ink, "Quite the drama queen yourself. But I won't be needing you to apologize, just signing and abiding by this magical contract will be enough."

"You must have hay for brains if you think I would ever sign this stupid contract," blasted Chrysalis while Twilight Sparkle uses her magic to amplify Spike's voice. After hearing Spike's infectious voice coming through the door, Chrysalis hastily signed the contract, "There, Ms. Smarty Pants! Happy? Now if you could do something about your dragon."

"You have an almost artistic flow to your calligraphy, Chrysalis. If I were your teacher, I would give you a gold star," complimented Twilight Sparkle. "Now to your problem with Spike, there no need for me to do anything."

"What do you mean?! That why I sign that blasted contract! So you would do something and now you're not going to help me?" ,fumed Chrysalis. "Oh I get now! I guess friendship is magic only when it pertain to ponies!"

"What the Cutie Mark Crusaders gave you was not a love potion but a love poison. And you can only cure the pony who drunk it by making sure they can't see the object of their affection for one hour," replied Twilight Sparkle, chuckling at Chrysalis's antics. "So even if you magically enhance the potion, it should only last an hour or maybe two. And judging by the position of the sun and the length of our shadows, I say it been about two hours. Give or take a few minutes."

"Of all the stupid things, you expect me...?" ,raged Chrysalis until she heard a thump against the door.

Using her magic to break Chrysalis's spell, Twilight Sparkle opens the doors which cause an unconscious Spike to come tumbling out. Twilight Sparkle caught Spike in her magic and lay him upon her back. Turning her attention to Chrysalis, Twilight Sparkle offered, "Chrysalis, if you want, you could stay the night here."

"Fine! This day has been rather exhausted. Just don't expect me to do any slumber party cliche," apathized Chrysalis as she walks into the castle.

"Are you sure, Darling?" ,queried Rarity. "You know me and the girls support you in making friends and all but this is Chrysalis we're talking about here."

"It's alright, girls, this contract prevents Chrysalis from feeding on anypony without their consent. Beside the whole Thorax incident taught me that every creature deserve the chance to make friends," reassured Twilight Sparkle as she hug her friends and bid them good night.

Later that night, Spike was awoken from his sleep as the door to his room came open. Due to his night vision, Spike could clearly see who have entered his room, "Ch-chrysalis! H-how did you get inside the castle?"

"Your pony friend invited me after she forced me to sign a contract forbidding me from feeding on anypony," explained Chrysalis while her magic silently close and lock the door behind her.

"Okay?" ,shrugged Spike. "But why are you here, in my room?"

"It seem that I became addicted to your love," spoked Chrysalis as she stroll seductively over to Spike. "And I'm feeling a bit hungry."

"Bu-but you promise not to feed on any of us," quakely spoke Spike. "And not just promise but a magical contract one."

"Did I? Funny, I can only remember promising I wouldn't feed on... een- nee-poh-nee. But you're not a pony are you? Ooh, do I detect a loophole?" ,smirked Chrysalis causing Spike to gulp. "How about this, you let me feed on your love and I'll allow you the personal joy of using my body."

"B-but I'm in love with Ra...," fumbled Spike before Chrysalis silence him with her hoof.

"Princess Wannabe Cream Puff? Really, Spike?" ,questioned Chrysalis transforming into Rarity while she lay beside Spike. Speaking in Rarity's voice, Chrysalis uses her hoof to draw circles around Spike's chest, "Darling, why settle for an inexperienced filly when you can have a real mare?"

"B-but you shouldn't do this?" ,choked out Spike. "I mean it isn't like you love me or anything."

"Spike, when it comes to relationship I prefer to be the dominant one. Not to mention our relationship would definitely get under the element's hide," wickedly grin Chrysalis while she slip under the blanket. Popping her head out, Chrysalis threatened, "Now I may not be able to feed on your pony friend, but I can make them suffer in other ways. If you catch my drift."

Chrysalis lay claim to Spike's lips, interwinding her tongue with his. After Chrysalis broke the kiss, Spike gulp out, "Mommy!"

"Ooo! Calling me mommy? Spike, I didn't know you were so... kinky. But who am I to deny a drake his sexual fantasy," jested Chrysalis her magic transforms her into Twilight Velvet. "Now if you're a good colt, mommy dearest will teach you all but the birds and the breezies."