• Published 25th Jul 2018
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Spike Road to Love Beyond Rarity - Tatsuzaku

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Love 1: Un-EGG-Spected Surprise (Spike x Gabby)

On a sunny day in Ponyville, The C.M.C.(Cutie Mark Crusaders) were relaxing under some shade while eating some ice cream cones. A shadow fell upon them, causing them to look up and grow with excitement as they saw their griffon friend, Gabby. They shouted and waved at Gabby trying to gain her attention. Seeing her friends below her, Gabby flew down, landing in front of the C.M.C. where she was besieged by the famous death-grip of ponies hugs.

"Okay, okay... hah hah... I'm going to see stars pretty soon if you three keep hugging me like this," joked Gabby as she checks her saddlebag while the C.M.C. release her.

"OhmygoshI'msosorry!" shouted the C.M.C. together before they play horn-wing-hoof on who would speak for the group.

Winning the game, Apple Bloom spoke, "Sorry 'bout the hug and all, we just got a little excited since we haven't seen ya in like a moon or so. So what brin' ya to Ponyville and what ya got right thur in yur saddlebag?"

A redden Gabby answered, "N-nothing... umm... I was hoping to visit Spike. I kinda need to speak with him. You wouldn't know where he is, would you?"

"Yo, Gabbs, wat'sup... argh!" ,spoke Scootaloo who was trying to act cool before she wound up tripping over her own hooves. "Hmph... I'm okay... I'm meant to do that. You sure been spending a lot of time with Spike these past moons. Why is that?"

"I concur with Scootaloo. So tell us why you would need to see, Spike... hmmn hmmn," insinuated a smirking Sweetie Bell as she uses her elbow to nudge Gabby.

Scratching her blushing cheeks, Gabby diverted, "Umm... no reason in particular... I just want to share some assistance stories with him, that all. I mean I'm new to being an assistant not to mention an ambassador and Spike is like a teacher to me."

Using her hoof to hide her mirth, Sweetie Bell offered, "Of course, of course, whatever you said... heh heh... all joking aside you'll find Spike at Twilight's castle."

"Yeah, him and Twilight's family are visiting from Canterlot and the Crystal Empire. You'll find them in the giant, shimmering castle over there," mentioned Apple Bloom as she lend a hoof to Scootaloo.

"Thank you, girls. I like to talk more, but I got to go... oh, and cutie mark crusaders, forever!" spated Gabby as flew to the Rainbow Friendship Castle.

Arriving in front of the castle, Gabby took a moment to preen her feathers before knocking politely on the door. She hears somepony screaming coming before the door open, revealing a middle-age mare. The mare offer her hoof which Gabby took, "Hello I'm Twilight Velvet and you are?"

Gabby cleared her throat, "I'm Gabby and sorry to interrupt your family time, but could I have a few moments to speak with Spike."

With a twinkle in her eyes, Twilight Velvet show Gabby inside, "Ah... yes, Gabby, I heard alot about you."

"Y-you h-have?" ,asked Gabby while she glance around nervously as she and Twilight Velvet walk through the hall.

"Quite, ever since taking you on as a student Spike haven't shut up about you. Heh heh... oh, he definitely mentions how beautiful you are," giggled Twilight Velvet as she pushes Gabby forward.

"M-me b-beautiiieee...," questioned Gabby before she trip, tumbling into the Friendship Map Room. "...fuull?!"

"Gabby!!!" exclaimed Spike as he came running to her side while an amused Twilight Velvet stroll in. "Hey everyponies, look like Spike's griffonfriend show up for a visit. Now we have the whole family here."

"M-O-M!!!" ,blurted out Spike as he helps Gabby up. "Sorry about my mom. Are you okay, Gabby? You're not hurt are you?"

"Thank you, Spike, and no I'm not hurt," spoke Gabby as Spike let her sit in his chair. "Your mother... hah hah... certainly is full of life."

"Yeah, she acts more like a teenager than a mother of three children," snarked Spike as Twilight Velvet stuck out her tongue with Flurry Heart copying her. "Unfortunately, Flurry Heart seems to take after her."

A middle-age stallion cough into his hoof, "Hello, I'm Spike's dad, Night Light. Miss Gabby, you don't seem surprised about Spike having ponies as parents."

"Hello, Mr. Night Light, it so nice to meet you and why I'm not surprise is because being raised by ponies is one of the many things I share in common with Spike here," answered Gabby.

"W-WHAT!?" screamed everyponies in surprise except for Spike, who grumble while pointing to his right ear-frill. "Think you can scream any louder, I can still hear out of this one."

Candance giggled, "Sorry, Spike, it's surprising hearing about a griffon being raised by ponies. When I started foalsitting for Twilight Sparkle, I was quite surprise to find a dragon living there as well."

"Imagined my surprise when my parents brought Spike home," chuckled Shining Armour. "So, Miss Gabby, how did you get to be raised by ponies?"

Gabby, being amuse, answered, "It's not really that much of a mystery. Griffons are often hired by other to work as miners, guardians, or mercenaries. My parents were hired by Goldenhoof who have them working in the Deep Vein Mine of Las Pegasus. That was until a massive cave-in occurs trapping the miners inside. My parents using their all dug through the cave-in saving the other miners. Unfortunately, in the end they died from exhaustion. Two of the miner ponies came to my parent's room and after finding me hatched, they decided to raise me. Then when I got older I move to Griffonstone."

"Don't think I'm being rude, but your story would make for a great friendship lesson," praised Twilight Sparkle. "So where are the ponies who raised you now?"

"Don't worry about it, if my story can help others become friends I'm all for it," dismissed Gabby with a wave of her claw. "And as for my ponies parents, they were at the age where they couldn't have children. So they view the day they found me as a blessing."

"Such a sweet story... hnrnk... so what did you want to see Spike about if you don't mind me asking?" cried Shining Armor as he use a handkerchief to blow his nose.

"This," said Gabby as she reaches into her saddlebag pulling out an egg along with a nest. She sat the nest on the table and then gently sat the egg into the nest. The egg was overall purple with gray spots. Spike ran his claws along the surface of the egg.

"It look just like my egg except mine came with green spots. So who's the father?" ,wondered Spike as Gabby kisses his cheek. "You are silly."

"WHAT!!!" screamed everyponies a second time with Spike joining in while Gabby nuzzle against him.

"I'm t-the f-father b-but h-how?!" ,sputtered Spike waving his arms wildly.

Gabby uses her tail to bop Spike on the nose, "Well that generally what happen when you have sex and here I thought you were suppose to be the smart one. I fear for our fledgling's future if you can't figure that one out."

Acting sheepishly, Spike redden, "Yeah... I guess that's how it work. I'm sorry... it just this is kind of a big surprise for me."

"Yeah it was surprising to me as well. I was just going over Grandpa Gruff's to-do list when the egg just plotted out of me. Talk about embarrassing," replied Gabby as she clasps her flushing cheeks with her talons.

"Oh my! I got me another grandfoal. Why didn't you told me you have sex, Spike? We should throw you a party. So, Twilight, when are you going to lose your virginity and give me another grandfoal? You know you're not getting any younger." ,spoked Twilight Velvet smiling amusingly while both Twilight Sparkle and Spike shout out embarrassingly, "MOOOM!!!"

Candance giggling behind her hoof, "Miss Gabby, if you don't mind could you tell us how you and Spike wound up becoming intimate? I'm feel it might be an interesting story."

"Interesting, I don't know about that... heh heh... I think it would be more of a clumsy romantic comedy," laughed Gabby before clearing her throat. "You see when Spike took me under his wings, he would train me at Princess Celestia's old castle. After our training sometimes we would sit around and talk about various things on our mind. That how I found out that like me he was raised by ponies."

"This would be good material for a book, a teacher and his student bonding after some private lessons. Oh! Excuse me, please continue," smiled Twilight Velvet as she took notes.

"Well as our training went on I got more into our discussion. I think it got to a point that we rush through the lessons so we have more time to talk. It just felt good to finally find someone who could understand how I feel," continued Gabby.

Twilight Sparkle raised her hoof, "You couldn't find a friend among the griffons? What about the C.M.C. or your parents, they couldn't understand you?"

"I love the C.M.C., they're great, but they haven't experience what I have been through... not like Spike had. As for my parents, It isn't that I'm ungrateful to them... it just being raised by them kind of cause me to become a pariah among the griffons," sighed Gabby as Spike reaches over and patted her thigh.

"That so sad, but why would being raised by ponies turn you into a pariah?" ,questioned Night Light.

"Well you see for us griffons, a griffon will entice a griffoness by showing her his golden hoard or his physical prowess. If the griffoness accept his offering then she and the griffon will engage in a mating ritual where they'll insult each other until they're blue in the face," spoke Gabby.

"And because you were raised by ponies, you came to view the gathering of golds, brawling, and insulting other as a bad thing which mean no griffon would want to associate with you," offered Candance while Gabby nod. "Being raised by ponies, being rejected by our own kind, trying to find our place in this world, are the very reasons I began to feel a connection with Spike. I know it might sound kind of mean, but I was happy to find someone who have suffered as I did"

Twilight Sparkle disbelieving, "I don't understand, but how exactly was Spike suffering."

"Unlike you, Twilight, I can't get mad at a pony without being accused of going on a rampage or having ponies treat me like a foal even though I'm old enough to be Dragonlord," grumbled Spike as Gabby hug him. "And when it come to romance, you can forget about it. Because of my size, most mares I meet treat me like I'm a schoolcolt with a silly crush. And as for dragoness, they behave mostly like griffoness do which mean no dragoness is interest in having me as a mate."

"If your love story get any sweeter, I might just develop a cavity," jested Candance. "So what happen next? Did you get down and dirty with Spike?"

"Yes, after finding out Spike was having the same romantic problem as me, I figured since nobody else want us we could lose our virginity together," replied a blushing Gabby. "Even though it was my first time, Spike certainly was able to make it magical and not to mention that wonderful long tongue of his."

Twilight Sparkle glare at Spike, "Spike please tell me you didn't have sex at the Castle of the Two Sisters."

"Why? It not like Celestia or Luna were using it or anything," deadpanned Spike while Twilight facehoofed, "Just stop! I can't believe you have sex in an Equestrian's national treasure."

"Right on, lil bro. But on a side note, how long until the egg hatches?" ,wondered Shining Armor as he pries Flurry Heart away from the egg.

Looking sadden, Gabby respond, "Actually it should've hatched already."

"Oh no! You don't think the child could be a... a... stillborn, do you?" ,sympathized Candance while she held Flurry Heart tightly.

Gabby trembled, "I hope not. When the egg didn't hatched at the appropriate time I went to Grampa Gruff. After I told him about Spike being the father, he told me that a dragon's egg can only be hatched by dragon's magic."

"Then how was I able to hatched Spike's egg?" ,pondered Twilight Sparkle.

"Well it could be one of two reasons. One is being the primordial magic you and your friends gained from connecting to the Tree of Harmony and it's elements or...," hesitated Gabby while Twilight Sparkle asks the follow up. "Or what?"

"One of your ancestor might have... umm... mated with a dragon," revealed Gabby to a stunned crowd.

"Oh my, that give me a great idea! A pony princess fall in love with a dragon, wondering if it would work out only to find out that she has dragon's blood in her family... how deliciously scandalous," smirked a giddy Twilight Velvet. "So is that why you came to see Spike?"

"Ye-es! Umm... sorry... I was hoping Spike could use his dragon's fire to hatch the egg," squeaked Gabby as she pleaded to Spike. "Can you try, Spike, please?"

Taking Gabby into his hug, Spike reassured her, "Gabby, I treasured the time we spent together. Plus I would like to see this wonderful fledgling born of our love."

Taking a deep breathe, Spike bathes the egg, he and Gabby made, in emerald flames. The nest caught fire, causing the egg to be enveloped by the shimmering flames. The light it gave off became so brilliantly bright that everybody have to shield their eyes. After the light finally dies down, everybody open their eyes and turn them to where the egg was. The sight before them took away their breath for there was not one but two babies. One was a dragoness bearing turquoise scale over her body while her eyes, spines, and belly scales were a bluish-gray color. The second one was a griffon who fur and feathers were various shades of green while his eyes and neck/tail tuft were tinted purple. His talons were same golden color as his mom. Everyponies look on with loveliness as the newly christen parents gently held their babies in their arms.

"So what should we name these little ones," asked Spike as he turns to Gabby. "Hmm... well since your scale and I'm feather how about Queztal and Coatl."

Kissing Gabby's cheek, Spike voiced, "I think those are beautiful names. Queztal and Coatl, welcome to the family."

Author's Note:

Queztalcoatl (feathered serpent)