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Spike Road to Love Beyond Rarity - Tatsuzaku

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Love 2: A Smoldering Hearthwarming (Spike x Smolder)

"And that why Spike invited her here," explained Twilight Sparkle to her family on why Smolder was join them for Hearthwarming's Eve. "If she went to the Dragonlands, there would be nopony she could celebrate Hearthwarming with."

"Twilight, you know what me and your mom always say," smiled Night Light. "Nopony should be left alone, especially on the holidays. So of course she can come."

"So right dear, the poor thing," agreed Twilight Velvet, motioning Twilight Sparkle to the door. "Go on, Twilight, let them in before we have two drakicicles on our hooves."

Twilight Sparkle move to the door, letting in Spike and Smolder while everypony else assault them with party poppers causing the two to sneeze which unfortunately set the confettis on fire. While using a fire extinguisher to douse the flames, Night Light and Shining Armor hoof some towels over to Spike and Smolder. Glaring at Twilight Velvet and Candance who were giggling and taking pictures, Spike growled, "Really?"

"Spike, as your mother, it my duty to capture all of your embarrassing moment," snickered Twilight Velvet. "Especially so I can show them to your special somedragon."

"MOM! She not my special somedragon," groaned Spike as he and Smolder were using the towels to wipe off the foam from the fire-extinguishers.

Joining in with Twilight Velvet, Candance giggled, "Hey! What that above you, Spike? Is that a mistletoe? You know what that mean, right?"

After realizing the mistletoe above him was gripped in Candance's magic, Spike facepalmed, "Really, Candance, really? Are you and mom really going to do this?"

"But isn't kissing under the mistletoe one of Hearthwarming's tradition? Isn't that why you brought Smolder here so that she could experience an authentic Hearthwarming?" ,whimpered Candance while she gave Spike a pouty face. "What if she returns to the Dragonlands because she thought we were being mean to her? What if..."

"OKAY! OKAY! I do it! just back off... sheesh... this the last time I bring a girl home for the holiday," grumbled Spike as he turn to place a kiss on Smolder's cheek.

Because of the foam and the towel, the voices of Spike and the other became muffle to Smolder. Finish with cleaning her head, Smolder remove the towel and turning to Spike asked, "So, Spike, is this one of your family tradi...muhmmuhm?!"

As her eyes widen, Smolder punch Spike which sent him flying into the fireplace. With smoke rising from the douse fire, Smolder stomped over to Spike, "What in Tartarus was that! Why did you kiss me!"

"I-I'm s-sorry... I didn't mean to do it! I was trying to kiss your cheek," groveled Spike as he apologizes to Smolder. "Although being my first kiss I quite enjoy it. Your lips have a mildly sweet citrus taste with a hint of spicy cinnamon..."

"Oh, for the love of Kur! Just stop! Please!" ,screamed Smolder, quickly put her hand over Spike's mouth, whose redden cheeks didn't go unnoticed by Twilight Velvet and Candance. "Why were trying to kiss me anyway?"

"Because of that! It calls a mistletoe," explained Spike as he points to the mistletoe still floating in Candance's magical grasp. "As one of Hearthwarming's tradition, ponies will hang one up and when two ponies meet under it, they kiss. I did promise to show you an authentic Hearthwarming, after all."

While rolling her eyes and sighing, Smolder pulls Spike out of the fireplace, "Okay, I'll forgive you. Just don't kiss me until I say so, you got me?"

"Umm... s-sure? Does that mean you...," questioned Spike before his stomach's rumbling shook the house. "W-well anypony else hungry or is it just me, heh heh."

"Hah hah hah, I remember the first time Spike's stomach did that. I though it was an earthquake destroying all of Canterlot," chuckled Night Light as Spike embarrassingly shout out 'DAD.'

Shaking with mirth, Twilight Velvet gathers everypony in the dinning room where she and her husband have set up dinner beforehoof. After they settle Flurry Heart in her high chair, Candance and Shining Armor sat down on either side of her. While guiding Spike and Smolder to their assign seats, Twilight Velvet explained, "Me and my husband fill this side of the table with dishes that a dragon might like. Of course, there's an assortment of gems. But since learning that dragon needs proteins as well, We add dishes that contain eggs, nuts, and fishes."

Smolder's mouth waters as the delicious smell tantalize her nostrils, "I thought ponies couldn't stand meat."

"Yes that generally true but for some reason fish doesn't bother us ponies, go figure," spoked Twilight Velvet joining her husband. "Since there is enough food here for everypony, I don't want anypony leaving the table until you got a beach-ball belly."

After Twilight Velvet's pronouncement, everypony dive into the various dishes laid out upon the table. As time passes, conversation began popping up amongst the guests. Spike was enjoying the food and camaraderie until he notice Twilight Velvet and Candance whispering amongst themselves, "And just what are you two conspiring up to over there."

"Don't be so dramatic, Spike," grinned Twilight Velvet. "We were just discussing about how grateful the crystal ponies are to the Great and Honorable Spike the Brave and Glorious. Right, Candance?"

"But of course, mom. Smolder, you may not know this, but Spike is a national hero in the Crystal Empire. They even carve a giant statue of him there," elaborated Candance. "You see Spike help to stop King Sombra from enslaving them. He also protected everypony at the Equestria Games by melting a gigantic frozen cloud."

Twilight Sparkle joins in, "He also save Ember from drowning, won the Gauntlet of Fire, and gave her the Bloodstone Scepter. Not to mention if not for him befriended Ember and Thorax there would be no friendship between dragons, changelings, and ponies"

"Did you really do all those things they said you did?" ,wondered Smolder as she watches Spike nod. "That so... AWESOME! I bet everydragon in the Dragonlands would love to hear these stories about you."

"I doubt Garble and his friends would jump to hear it," grumbled Spike as he pushes his food around his plate. "They probably said they don't count cause I'm not a real dragon."

Seeing Spike's distress, Candance use her magic to envelope her daughter, "Well it's been a long day and Flurry Heart can get a little cranky if she doesn't get a good night's sleep. So me and Shining are going turn in early. Good night, everypony and it was very nice meeting you, Smolder."

Taking Candance's cue, Twilight Velvet began gathering the dishes in her magic, "Maybe we should all turn in early since everypony must be tired from travelling. Spike, Twilight, can you show Smolder to her room? And don't worry about the dishes, me and your father got them."

Thanking their parents, Spike and Twilight led Smolder upstairs to her assign room. After bidding them good night, Smolder retires to her room. But as time gradually tick away, Smolder found herself unable to sleep. Remembering Spike's crestfallen face causes her heart to stir. Feeling she wouldn't get any sleep soon, Smolder left her bed and walk to Spike's room. As she enters Spike's room, she was met by a cold wind coming from opened windows that lead to a balcony. Gazing pass the windows, Smolder could see Spike leaning on the balcony as frozen tears gather around his feet. Sensing Smolder's presence as she walks out onto the balcony, Spike morosed, "Come to make fun of the crybaby dragon?"

"What! Why would you think that?! I thought we were friends," steamed Smolder with puff-up cheeks and cross arms. "And here I came to apologize for upsetting you at dinner, too."

"Okay okay, I'm sorry. I was just being melancholy," apologized Spike. "It just that when I think I made a place for myself, there always seem to be somepony or somedragon saying I don't belong."

"Yeah that really hearthwarming but maybe we could continue this somewhere warmer?" ,suggested Smolder as the winter wind chill their bones. Spike follows Smolder back inside where he closes the windows and the curtains. An awkward silence settles between the two until Smolder spoke up, "You know, Spike, what you said before..."

"Yeah... sorry about that, I never meant to imply that you would do something like that," interrupted Spike. "It's just that because I was born and raise by ponies that some dragons like Garble or even some of my pony friends will never see as a real dragon."

"Don't let anybody decide what it mean to be a dragon but you, okay. But if you ask me, you're a dragon. An odd dragon maybe, but still a dragon. To tell the truth, I can be kinda odd myself. I mean I never understood how some dragons could find pleasure in hurting others. That's one of the reasons I took Ember's offer to join the School of Friendship," sympathized Smolder as she punches her fist into her hand. "Still I can't believe our teacher did that. Maybe I oughta give them to apologies, dragon style."

"Thank you but I think their hardheadedness maybe too strong for dragon style. But that's the point isn' it, whether I'm a pony or a dragon I'm still Spike, the one and only," exclaimed Spike. "But still it's nice having friends that can accept me. Like Big Mac, Zecora, Ember, Thorax, even Discord and hopefully you too."

"Of course, you got me. Just know if you ever feel lonely that I'm here for you. Even if it's silly, cute pony stuff," affirmed Smolder while putting Spike in a headlock and giving him a noogie. "And if you tell anybody..."

"Okay, okay, I promise I won't tell anypony. But thank you, Smolder, it nice to have a fellow dragon that can understand me. Well it getting late, we should both be getting to bed," smiled Spike while he was leading Smolder to the room's door only to pause when he felt her claw grip his shoulder causing Spike to stare at her. "Is there something wrong?"

"Umm... Spike, could I stay here tonight?" ,asked Smolder before becoming defensive. "Just that it's late and it would a pain to walk back to my room. Nothing more, got it?"

"Sure... I guess?" ,hesitated Spike. "So I'll take the floor and you can have the bed. Is that good for you?"

"No, we're sleeping together," commanded Smolder as she toss Spike unto the bed where she join him. "Don't stare at me like that, this is your fault."

"H-ow is th-is my fault?" ,sputtered Spike as Smolder wrap the blanket around them pulling him close to her.

"You're the one that let the room get cold. We're just sharing body heat so we don't freeze, right?" ,growled Smolder, with enflame cheeks, while she snuggle a nodding Spike. "Okay then... good night."

Feeling embarrassed, Spike sighed, "I just hope we don't wake up to mom or Candance taking pictures."

Opening the door, Candance saw Smolder clutching Spike just like Flurry Heart does with her whammy. Using her magic, Candance apparated a camera and began taking pictures which woken the room's inhabitants. Upon seeing Candance snapping pictures, Spike moaned, "Great, just great! Why are you here, Candance?"

"Well I was coming to see if you would like to join the gifts-giving," smirked Candance. "But mayhap I should leave you alone since you're busy studying Smolder's anatomy?"

"That not what's happen... urgh!" ,grumped Spike as he and Smolder follow a giggling Candance down the stairs to the living room.

Candance guide Smolder over to where Twilight Velvet, Twilight Sparkle, and Flurry Heart were sitting while Spike, Night Light, and Shining Armor hoofed out gifts to everypony. Watching everypony else receiving their presents, Smolder hide the hurt in her heart, "I guess I won't be getting a present. Not like I want a present anyway, since dragons don't do presents."

"Actually, I have a present for you," said Spike as he handed Smolder the box he was holding. Opening the box, Smolder pull out a crystalline statue of herself. Upon seeing the statue's make-up and dress, Smolder glare at Spike causing him to gulp. "Well you see I wanted to get you something for Heartwarming so I talk to your friends. Gallus and Ocellus told me about the Tree of Harmony's test and how you like silly, cute stuffs. So you can teach me about rocky, tough dragon stuffs and I could teach you about silly, cute pony stuffs."

"It's... it's... beautiful," gushed out a tear-stricken Smolder while spinning Spike around in a bear-hug. "Thank you, it's the best gift anydragon ever got me."

"Okay okay, I'm glad you like your present, but you can stop now," pleaded Spike before being thrown by an embarrass Smolder. "Though you probably didn't get me a present, just having you here to share in Hearthwarming is the greatest gift I could ask for. So I want thank-you for coming."

"Present? Magma! I forgot to get Spike a present! What am I going to do?" ,murmured Smolder as she begins to freak-out until she felt something land behind her. Grabbing what was behind her, she saw a box covered in purple wrapping paper with some green ribbons wrap around it. Glancing behind her, Smolder could see Twilight Velvet and Candance winking at her. Smolder trembled slightly as she picks up the box and handed it to Spike, "Spike... umm... actually... I got you a present too. I just hope you'll like it."

Taking and opening the present, Spike chuckled, "Just as long it's not a book. Celestia knows I don't need another one of those."

With flatten ears and crossed forelegs, Twilight Sparkle interjected, "And what so wrong about gifting a book on Hearthwarming."

"Twilight, not everypony is planning to open their own library," deadpanned Spike as he stare quizzically at Smolder after looking inside the box. "I know I said as long it's not a book I'll be okay but really, a mistletoe?"

Thinking quickly, Smolder grin as she scoot closer to Spike, "That's only the first half of your present."

Giving Smolder a perturb look, Spike snarked, "And what is the second half? The branch it grew on?"

"No, this," whispered Smolder as she wrap her tail around Spike, kissing him. "So how you like your present, now."

Unable to stop grinning, Spike said, "I think this is my favorite Hearthwarming's so far."