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A good story displays a moral, the best ones attach you to the characters who display them.


Over the years, Discord has become a great friend to all of the Elements, and several ponies beyond their clique. However, he thinks he might be getting sick when he notices something about himself.

When Discord summons Twilight to talk, the poor Alicorn has no idea what she's in for.

It's only natural for chaos to ensue. But when the second most chaotic being in the universe joins in, nopony is safe from confusion.

[Rated T for brief harsh language]

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Twilight, you were once able to break the fourth wall in order to step into the fade out screen and restore Pinkie's mouth. And that was before you were a princess. Pretty sure that you could figure out some way out of The Expanse. Otherwise, you can just wait for Discord to come back.

What does dearth mean?

Absence, lack of something, emptiness, void.

I would like to see more of Discord and Pinkie. Actually I don’t think I ever seen a RarityxDiscord, Rainbow DashxDiscord yet.

Thank you for the feedback! I appreciate it. :twilightsmile:

ahhh i adore this pairing and i think you wrote both pinkie and discord beautifully, and your twilight sparkle characterization was on point too, i wspecially liked the description of her squealing reaction to realising discord was in love. it made me want to squeal from the cuteness. the only thing i would have liked more of was pinkie and discord interacting, so that we the audience could experience the spark between them and not just being told "theyre a Thing now". that being said, the brief moment we did get, pinkie calling the void "the expanse" and discord praising her for it, was perfect in giving us a tiny tiny glimpse of their relationship. would love to read more.

The fourth wall of my skull is broken.

But I like Pinkie and Discord.
Pinkcord ??

This was actually really cute! I’m glad to see more of this pairing because it could use some more attention and is really dynamic.

“Hah! The Expanse, of course!” He called, pumping his fist. “How was I not aware that you called it that? It’s perfect!”

I'm afraid that name's taken.

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