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Wonderfully lewd, great read

can't find the art for the cover on the user page

Holy shit this is beautiful

It kinda sounded like it might be scat or vore. But I'm glad it was just inflation.

Art seems to be a private commission, can't find it in whole of the internet (even questionable sites)

man that kinda suck, i love gilda

Nevermind found it on furaffinity, post 27262347 it was under AzureDreamer's own account. It's a super low resolution thumbnail; don't think the original is available


the original is available on the artist's tumblr. while i can't link it and it's not on derpibooru, it really shouldn't be that hard to find.


Finally found it, thanks. It was part of an untagged post with a fairly generic caption, so searches couldn't pick it up. It was in the middle of an image set which was many many posts down from the top.
Its on angstrom's NSFW Tumblr, post number 170032099683

I thumb down non-con stories on principal, but the chapter name made me lol at least.

You are a bad person for putting that up.

She looks like one of those rap guys' girlfriends.

"Man, who wrote this. I forgot to check."

>Total bitch
>giant dongs

"Oh, it's Azure."

i have a distinct style

I actually read it hoping for vore and, while it was absent, it was still totally worth the read.

I was hesitant about this as DubCon is normally a turnoff for me, but this was hot as. Loads of anal and some inflation? Heck yes, plz. Was wondering if there might be anal vore due to the description (and I wouldn't have minded if there was), but enjoyed it more as there wasn't.

This was really, really good. I wonder what they're going to get up to back at the hotel room?

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