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What is "macro", again?

9021372 characters that are larger than it is typically possible for a person to be in real life, often by a significant margin.

When starting on the written porn genre, you feel like a Rebel and enjoy reading such dank content. Once you read so much mature content, you notice patterns. The more you learn and the more you prize chemistry than the Smut itself. Tell me, if I read this story, what appeal would you say are in this story besides fetish?:trixieshiftright:

One of these days, Dash will give in and join in.

I would love for there to be a sequel 11 months later, just to know how that would work

So... what is the child going to be beside big and powerful?

You know what, I don't read this kind of stuff, but I have to give you props for an odd combination of characters.

“Let's start with some foreplay, shall we? There's nothing that breaks the ice quite so well as a nice titfuck.”


If you'd say "titty bang bang", I would've orgasmed.

She'll be the first naturally born pure-bred hermaphrodite alpha griffon in ages, for one.
I figure she'll be spirited away in the night and raised unaware, until the day she turns 18ft and receives an invitation from one of her parents to learn her true nature.

i like how instead of age you use height to measure how old she is.

Rarity brainwashing one of her friends into a mindless sex slave again

Wait, the hell do you mean again?


It relates to one of Azure other fanfic where rarity "brainwash" Gilda for some fun times, it's called Gilda dress up
I think ?

Giant hippogryph with a magic wand sticking out of their head.

Nah, not big and powerful. More like Celestia is gonna have several hundred children.

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