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See M tag with size related summary, expect Bendy
Am surprised.

Great work, dude!

Why did you expect bendy? It's never even mentioned in the summary, and this is a mlp fiction website. There are hundreds of growth\size related stories, and bendy is nowhere NEAR common enough to make growth stories an indication of a bendy fic. It's just a stupid thing to assume.

Wait, this is in equestria but there are men and women? Is this a Human!Equestria thing?

8637391 If there are human-like references those are unintentional (aside from 'guys', that wasn't). Could you point them out please?

Edit: found it, the straitjacket part

You do mention an M1 Abrams as a comparison for weight at one point. Not sure what to replace it with though.


Gilda is a bit of an odd choice of character here. I think it's actually Phen in disguise.

Oh also this is probably the best clopfic on the site in my opinion. Holy shit.

Heehee. Thank you

Definitely Phen-adjacent at the very least. Good stuff, Borealium

Guess Gilda was doing... hard time.

Damn. Now I'm horny and hungry.
You dirty motherfucker.
I like you.

This story is literally a phen story. It's on furaffinity if you want to see for yourself. They took Phen's story, and replaced the names.


I wrote that story.

ah, apologies then...

I should learn to fact check, it's just one of my pet peeves to not see credit given where it is deserved. It is a good story, tbh, certainly one of my faves in the genre.

Great Story.
I like the Concept, but i wonder, if hypers can be used for other Things, besides durabiltiy testing of prisons. Like, you know of the Concept of Dyson spheres? Building an metal orb around the sun to Harvest its Energy? If thats (theoretically) possible, shouldnt it be possible to build a facility to Harvest the Heat-Energy generated by kirin, like autumn blaze, to produce clean Energy? It would also give the kirin an outlet for any frustrations they might have pent up...

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