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Ayyy lmao i liked it alot! 0/10
(it was a joke i actually like it IGN - 10/10 Like skyrim but with gryphons)

I have a question, is this Rarity on Gilda? If so, guaranteed read.


It's Rarity on Gilda.

6796054 I'm going to read it.

"We really need to get you a hobby that isn't turning my friends into mindless sex slaves."

But she does! She also enjoys being master to a harem of mindless sex slaves!

is there going to be a sequel for this?

Sequel. Now.

some willing's pet stomach.

What's a willing? And do they keep stomachs as pets?

...and mah fetishes.

She had never gotten to be the favourite before.

Oh, yeah. The lucky people who have never felt that need have no idea how powerful it is, and how having that come true - just one time - can change the way you view yourself forever afterward. I love the idea of Gilda finally getting what she's needed all along. :raritywink:

This ending demands a sequel.

6796026 fic of the year 2k16

6798546 6796995 6796411 possibly? this fic wasn't exactly something a lot of planning or effort went into - me and uni did an rp and then a week or so later she edited it into fic form and i proofread and posted it :applejackunsure: i certainly wasn't expecting it to take off so ridiculously (featured box wtf) so right now i've got no plans for a sequel. we'll see in the future once i've got less shit on my backlog.

Hah! Good ending reaction from Dash.

Holy fuck on a stick, a collab between two of my favorite clop writers?!



Adding this to my library.

edit: We need more Gilda clop fics.

6799164 it would be awesome. Alpha Gryphon Rarity's sexual harem conquests.

I liked this overall (growth generally isn't my thing, but we're also not talking to ridiculous proportions here). Oddly, my favorite bit is actually this part:

She sighed. "Oh. This shit again." She gently rubbed her temples. "I'll go get Twilight. Again."

I just love the weary resignation that comes off in Rainbow's voice. Not surprised, shocked, just a "here we go again" sort of thing. On a side note, as one who really likes mental alterations, I'd personally be a bit more interested in seeing Rarity's previous and future hobby excursions.

This does kind of leave me with two possible questions: 1) how is Gilda going to react after she is freed from her mind control and both are back to their normal size? 2) Would sex even be possible with the size difference? I suppose magic would make the second possible, but then leads to how overwhelmed with pleasure Gilda would be from it.

That was certainly a strange read.
I wonder if Twi came around, if she wouldn't be the true alpha, what with her magic levels and all :rainbowlaugh:

Wait, so Rarity is 12 feet and has a dick of 12 whole feet? was there a typo?

Oh, love the story and I like the idea that this is something she's done quite often in the past. :)

"I'll go get Twilight. Again." She turned to leave the boutique, muttering in irritation. "We really need to get you a hobby that isn't turning my friends into mindless sex slaves."

Wait, she did it before, that's funnier.

“Oh, yes!” Rarity grinned, delicious new ideas forming before the door has even shut. “Bring Twilight along, too. I have the most wonderful outfit ready for her…”

Yeah, she definitely need a new hobby

6797421 probably talking about Som Willing petting his stomach.

I loved this! I came so hard

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