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This is another fic I originally published to deviantART about a year ago. Like An Entwining of Hearts, it was then posted to Equestria Daily in October.

It's a two shot somewhat comedic shipping fic, focusing in on the Twilight/Pinkie ship. The basic plot is that Twilight gets bored and ends up reading a dating guide. Not knowing much on the subject, she starts to go around look for a date. Pinkie eventually gets involved.

Chapters (2)
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YES! YES! One of my favourite MLP fics of all time has found its way to FIMFiction!

What can I say about it? Wonderfully in-character, cute and believable. Romance is developed well and at a nice pace.

I loved this story when I read it on FF.net! INSTANT FAV AND LIKE.

Man, all of my favorite fics from FF.net just keep coming to FIMF. This is awesome. :raritywink:

I like this, a lot.

That is all.


Good job. Good job.


lol rainbow dash

I think this would make a great internet exclusive episode/movie for the bronies. It's well written, all the characters are portrayed perfectly, the male to female ratio of Ponyville gets lampshaded, and Pinkie Pie. I can see this story being used as a script for the whole episode. Of course, Pinkie could look at a script of her own as if she forgot her line in the episode. There are so many possibilities.

Heh. I would totally love that if it happened. :rainbowlaugh:

864954 Those who don't like the Twilight/Pinkie shipping might have a lower opinion of it, but the lesson remains the same. Rate it B for Bronies.

Twi made the biggest epic fail ever, and it all still worked out.
Pinkie must have magic, too. :yay:

Awwww. This literally made me cry when Pinkie's heart broke. Then the reconciliation fixed it and all was good again. Excellent work!

Very nice and makes some interesting points about the interactions of the ponies.

PInkie Pie's as chaos-cute as ever, and Twilight Sparkle- still adorkable. The way it feels says you've driven Twilight's focus on books and operating via them up beyond accurate characterization, but it's not so far as to be unbelievable (especially not as a one-time getting-wrapped-up-in-something sort of a thing). I think you've got Pinkie pretty much on target, though she seems to be having slightly less random moments than I would have expected.

Overall, though, very nice. Well written, would read more. :twilightsmile:

Twilight...sometime your too blind, :facehoof:

:pinkiehappy::heart::twilightblush: This was a great story! I can't really think of much to say, other then "Twilight can really stupid sometimes." That's about it...you get thumbs up and fav! :twilightsmile:

This story made me d'aww so hard. I was happy when Pinkie said yes to Twilight. But I was sad with Applejack, Rainbow Dash's and Fluttershy's reactions. But I was happy when Pinkie was still positive even when she went to Rarity. But I was sad when Pinkie was heartbroken. But then I was happy when everything worked out.

This was super adorable! And it also has a good lesson: You should always finish a book before embarking on an experiment based on it. (But sometimes things work out great when you ignore the rules.) :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

So, when Twi asked Fluttershy I was like, "Oh no, she broke Fluttershy!" Then...

"I... er...." Twilight started with an uneasy laugh, having no clue what to say. Flutttershy said almost nothing for about a minute. Twilight began to wonder if she had broken her somehow.

I'm liking this so far:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Twilight gave a soft nod and the appropriate hand gestures.

Gah! Hoof gestures.
I found some characters to be a little OoC namely Applejack and Pinkie. Not a lot OoC, but just enough to notice. That almost makes it worse as it makes me feel that you have a good grip on them but fell flat on execution instead of having no idea what you're doing.
Despite that, I liked the story, especially the part where Pinkie goes :pinkiecrazy:
I'd give it a 7.5 out of 10.

Im sorry but :rainbowlaugh: this is hilarious!

And oh Twilight :facehoof: I only hope this ends well

I cried at the part when Pinkie was so sad and heartbroken. This was absolutely beautiful!!! :pinkiehappy::heart::twilightsmile:

I can`t say I quite liked the response Twilight gave to the question.

I`d rather like something like this instead...

"Because you're a big stupid meanie!" Pinkie harshly answered. "I don't matter to you. I bet you don't even really like me..."

"Pinkie..." Twilight spoke in a strong voice. "Of course I like you. You're my friend..."

"Then why did you ask everypony else before me?" Pinkie questioned. "Not that that matters! You weren't actually interested in any of us!"

"...Why did I ask everypony?" - responded Twilight slowly, - "Because I wanted to find somepony who would, Pinkie. You`re right, I am rather clueless about dating. Haven`t really done anything like that before. But even to me it`s quite obvious I have to find somepony who would actually go on a date with me to begin with. So I asked - just to find out whom is actually willing to give me a try."

"...Wait, so you actually..." - Pinkie didn`t finish, staring at Twilight with confusion, tinted by the barest sliver of hope.

Shrugging, unicorn gestured around - "I`m not quite as dense as our friends picture me to be, Pinkie. It was increasingly obvious there`s more then just a bit of fun attached to the question. Something... I`ve missed out on in my life, apparently. Something I`d like to learn about. To experience. To feel, if nothing else. And I have no pony else to turn to, to be frank. You`re the only one who accepted my offer, misguided as it may have been, and that means a lot to me. Far more then I`d be able to express."

4253935 lol i was just about to tell him too. :scootangel:

Whoops wrong one. Good story

"That's mean!"

This story had some cute and sweet moments, but there were to major points that spoiled any joy I might could've taken from it. That quotation marks one of them. RD laughing at the extend of someone else - yeah, that happened. Probably a lot. But then again, I can't see her not pursuing Twilight to settle things. Fluttershys first reaction was fitting, won't argue about that, but when Pinkie talked to her and Rainbow later on? To backbite someone like that just doesn't seem appropriate to their respective personalities. Nether RD nor Flutters. And AJ barking at someone like that? That's just another thing: Twi isn't just 'someone' to them. She's one of their best friends. Which made everything worse, feeling even a bit more extreme. With Rarity I actually had the least problems, since she was the only one taking things seriously and trying to explain stuff to Twilight. And Pinkie... just seemed a little bit to annoying.
The portrayal of all five characters seemed somewhat off the tracks. Out of character.
The second thing that bugged me was number six. Twilight herself. She can be oblivious to things, granted, and there's probably nopony who could say - without lying -, that he or she read a whole library. But after all, she isn't stupid, not in the slightest. But some of her decisions here, some of her actions made her look like exactly that. Stupid.

With Twilight being that way and the others being more cold and mean than they're supposed to be, I just don't feel comfortable with this story.
I'm sorry.

Downvoted for entirely unreal conceptions of love and dating.

Downvoted fore entirely unreal conceptions of how a slightly autistic socially ignorant person would approach romance.

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