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NOTE: the following takes place during Season 6, shortly before the finale.......

One year has passed since the Night Howler conspiracy nearly destroyed Zootopia. Officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde have become symbols of hope and trust to the city's inhabitants and are virtually celebrities. In Equestria's Crystal Empire, Court Wizard Sunburst is studying a new kind of spell involving teleportation. Sunburst will quickly discover the unexpected effects of such a spell and strangers from another world are accidentally brought. Now Judy and Nick must try to find a way back home while also adapting to the strangeness of Equestrian society.

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If you can keep a writing style like this going and actually bring the two worlds together well, this is a fic I will definitely enjoy.

How often do you think you'll update this fic, by the way?

Looks interesting...why is a bunny the same size as ponies in the cover art?

Starhoof sounds like pony coffee. In the movie, you can actually see a cup with a Snarlbucks logo.

7872574 I didn't know that. Thanks for the headup

7872301 The cover art was made of photos I found online, you'd have to ask the artist

7872165 That depends, as I'm usually busy with school, though you should expect at least once a week

Good Start. I'll be tracking this and keeping it under the radar.

7873287 Thanks, glad your attention is mine :ajsmug:

now... well, whatever...
the show must go on
(the equestria side of this story looks like was written in a hurry)

A suggestion: Do everything you can to avoid posting sub-1k word chapters.

It tends to drive readers away

I agree with Bytestorm, this chapter wouldn't need split into two at all, just add more to it, less frequent but more fulfilling uploads are definitely better.

Still, I enjoy the writing, it's pretty good and I look forward to seeing where this goes.

7880299 Thanks and I'll take that into consideration

Equestrian complaining about puns... Hello pot, did you know your black?

Then again, Equestria and the lands beyond are full of strange and bizarre things, so little green ponies wasn't too out there.

Excuse you, I resemble that remark!
All kidding aside, this is turning out to be a pretty good story. Just one question: Is it Starburst or Sunburst? You're using both names in this story for the exact same pony. I would recommend picking one, and edit all occurrences to follow to keep from confusing the readers.

7902723 Its Sunburst. I didn't really notice I was doing that

Kinda expected Hops to be more adverse to them all being naked other than that short out burst.

7920256 I like to thank after an year on the force, she'd be used to such things, though the initial shock probably would've gotten her

Are nudists normally criminals in zootopia? Or is the nudist club just the place to get info? I don't see how you came to the conclusion that police officer equals seeing a lot of nudity.

7920379 Okay, yeah, i can see where the confusion comes from. What I mean is, seeing strange lifestyles and behaviors would be something a cop in a major city would see many times in a year

7920548 yeah that makes sense still I'd like to see some more awkward moments for her. Omg please make her react to the sunshine dance!

Needs a bit of editing, but I've seen far worse. Upvoted and faved.

I messed up tonight :applejackconfused:
I lost another fight :pinkiegasp:
I still mess up but I'll just start again:fluttercry:
I keep falling down :facehoof:
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They fall down and get up :rainbowlaugh:
Nobody learns without getting it won :rainbowdetermined2:
I won’t give up, no I won’t give in :raritywink:
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8002500 Aww the emotes didn't work...:fluttercry:

I find odd they are discussing "allowing" them to stay in equestria when it was their mage who brought them there and have no way to return them. What were they going to do otherwise, banish them to the bad lands? Lock em up? Send them to saddle Arabia?

8007936 I always thought it would lead to either death or something else

8009236 You would think they'd kill them? I know there's a lot of gray area to explore in the unsaid of equestria lore but really? If they were to explore that option I would think they'd need more than "hey two aliens appeared" Now if they showed up and killed someone that'd be a different story but just them considering the option when it was them that brought them their and they haven't done anything to warrant mistrust then wouldn't think that it would be on the table. And if your going to include thinking of a concept such as that then you'll you need to show it in the story. Doesn't need to be right away but unless provide something that suggest your celestia would take that action, then you'll have to give an example later on. Otherwise your audience can only assume that your celestia is no different from the show.

8009306 Well, I don't know for certain,but that was the idea going through my head. The First Contact Scenario states that if the visitors are a threat to the safety of Equestria, they are to be removed. Perhaps the princesses use a facility similar to Area 51 or some other top secret project.

8009380 "The First Contact scenario" is that something specific to your story or are you basing off of something in real life? From MLP the only things we know is what the show tells us so unless there's a point in the show that talks about it I don't see how they would consider death to be a viable alternative given the situation.

8009490 It is specifically for the story. Alot of what you see is based on my own headcanon for the MLP universe such as the Equestrian air forces and Her Majesties' Royal Military. I like to think Celestia would avoid death if she realistically sees another solution.

8009609 ok. But you do realize cannon celestia more than likely wouldn't even consider death being an option in a first contact scenario. Hence way if your celestia thinks differently than said cannon one there would need to be proof that she has taken such action before. A war, or having to execute a dangerous criminal would be a good show case. I'm not saying it needs to be up front, it can be explained in later chapters via flashback, a random case file, or just a passing mention. Its just something to so your readers can see the differences.

8009917 I see where you're coming from. I'll be sure to reference it at some point

Telepathic means to read the mind. Psychokinesis is the use of the mind to move an object.

The show just calls it levelation so children can pronounce it easier. Since magic fingers brings up vibrating beds and that would just confuse people.

The honor of receiving our friendly hoof... :rainbowlaugh:

Implications right there. Awkward phrasing much? It`s ridiculously easy to misconstrue this as lewd or threatening without even changing the wording.

You do a good job getting their characters across. That's essential to a good crossover, and you've done it.

"Well, if that's true, then by the First Contact Act, they should be brought before Her Majesties." the lead guard said, calling for another guard.

Why do I feel this became mandatory BECAUSE of Starswirl? I mean with the likes of Twilight, Sunburst, Sunset, Starlight, Moondancer, and who knows who else running around, it was only a matter of time.

And oh great, animal pun names, Shining thought.

:duck: Really, Shining Armor, Captain of the Royal Guard, white unicorn stallion. You have a problem with puns? :trixieshiftleft:

Aww, they have a thing for each other and neither one realizes it. How cute. Cadence thought, smiling.

Run. The Empress of Shipping is watching you.

I know this is a bit late....but have you considered the moon? Or the sun? :duck:I hear they're excellent for sending homicidal megalomaniacs and unwanted complications to a...time out. Of course, there's always Tartarus. There's even a cute doggy there.:raritywink:

I could understand if they considered those options when there was an obvious threat or even a misunderstanding that made them look evil or something. However in this case they were deemed nonthreatening and even law enforcers before the princesses ever got involved. And the wording of "allowing them to stay" means they considered them a danger. And there's the fact that it's technically their fault to begin with.

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