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i like it and please make more chapters for this story

That is my fetish, but what the hell's up with the tags? Human, anthro, and EQG? Haven't read it yet, but I cannot think of any situation to include all three.

7793093 I wasn't sure how to handle it... I mean, the Equestria Girls characters are humans, so both seem applicable. And there's a human-to-anthro transformation, so that's why Anthro is in there. Maybe I should cut out Human and just let the Equestria Girls tag imply it?

EQG automatically implies human, so adding human is superfluous; human tags are for like ponies on earth or human in equestria stories, not EQG. I'd have to sit down and read it fully to know if anthro qualifies, but my first guess is no because I'm getting the impression that the anthro aspects have minimal to no influence on the actual story.


I'm really glad you like it!

7793114 It DOES get a little iffy on taggings on some stories but no matter to me

Is FiMfiction allergic to vagina?

This would've been better without the expansion fetish and me personally would have asked for oviposition instead of cum inflation though I love cum inflation

I don't know why but I was expecting a Stan Lee cameo to be watching from a hill. Or maybe Trump saying: "Now thats a huge deal!"

What i'm wondering is where Megapone is

This was a well written story you did a wonderful job on this.


Thanks! I'm really proud of the way this story came out and I'm glad people are liking it.


Sounds like he's been busy. I guess my story reminded you of his work, so I'll take that as a compliment!

while I do love cum inflation, and this was no exception, I can't help but feel kind of like its cheating to have an eqg story then turn it anthro

7798171 but there both tags for a reason.

7798171 and if you read down lower in the description you can clearly see human to anthro transformation

You are a god of fetish.

Is it odd that I'd like to see a backstory regarding a younger Celestia meeting and changing a bad girl Chrysalis?

Kinky. I wouldn't mind seeing more about them, maybe how they met.

So when will Chrysalis and Celestia actually have a baby? It seems to me that they both should have had at least one child by now.

Did you not read it? Silk Shine was Celestia's from when Chrysalis knocked her up the first time around, and little Heliotrope here was Chrysalis' when Celestia did in kind on the island.

can you please make more?

Please recheck this for typos, because there are several

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