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The CMC are accidentally transported into a strange new world with creatures they have never seen before. But the CMC will soon learn so much about the human world as well as new life lessons. They will make many new friends along the way. Some new enemies as well. Go on many adventures. And with some help from their new friends discover their one true talent. During this series there will be special journal entries written by Applebloom giving important lessons she and her friends have learned while being in this new place. While searching for a way to return to Equestria our girls will just have as much fun as they can while learning new lessons with their new friends...
"The CMC's Adventures In Radiator Springs"

Chapters (26)
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Comments ( 147 )

7741089 I'm happy you're liking my series

Filmore must have a death wish to make that last remark...

7756752 Fillmore does like to joke around with Sarge a lot

my feels just shattered...:pinkiesad2:

"10 out of 10! Best ending ever!"-IGN

A nice story, how comes i did not found this sooner? I like the idea with the cars being humans, makes me cirious how Lighting could have ended up in Radiator Springs, fell out of the truck Mack was driving?

DIng Ding Ding! he was sleeping in his car.

Okay. The cars being humans is a interesting concept. Makes me wonder how home scenes like the Tuners, Bessie and Tractor tripping would go. The cars themselves, Doc would have his Hudson_Hornet]„Fabulous“ Hudson Hornet surely parked in a garage, the others too and such. A really unique concept you have.

Again you're right Doc old car is in his garage. Mack falls asleep at the steering wheel and hits his head on the wheel beeping his horn waking him up. Bessie gets attached to Lightning's car. And the tractor tipping is what I call "cow honking" which is a lot like cow tipping except they use air horns to scared the cows so much that they trip themselves over. Oh and if you're also wonder. Frank is a giant bull.

A good thought. Cow honking, I can imagine Mack would want to show it to the children.

Actually that would be Mater and Lightning.

Ah, wanted to write mater and wrote hook instead. I'm sure they would have fun. I can even imagine that Sheerif would try to bust some racers with Scoot

Yep. In the cars game, He, lighting, Hook, Doc and Sally were my favorite cars to drive.

Great chapter! Still, i don't want to Imagine how worried their families are about them

I was actually thinking about doing a chapter in ponyville.

Would be Worth a try, showing their worry

Aww, so cute! Nice Choice with the name

Pretty good story, my only suggestion is to get a proofreader / editor. I can honestly say I look forward to the next chapter.
Keep up the great work!! :pinkiehappy:

They will definitly be a Good Way for Lightling to be a Motivation to win the Race. Was a little Bit confused at the title

If you remember the first announcement I said I was going to have a special one. Where during the race the girls witness a murder and become targets themselves. So they end up being put in witness protection. (hens the title)

NIce work, eager to see what costumes they will have.

I thought of something.

If the whole "Cars" cast are human will their vehicles ve their car selves?

Ex. Doc has a Hudson Hornet

Ramone has a Chevy Impala lowrider

Fillmore has a VW Type 2 bus

Will you use that?

Nice one! This really deserves more likes

You're welcome, keep up the good work. ( I know it's just a movie but I doubt that a police car of the 1950s could keep up with a car of the 2000/ late 90s at all.)

Probably but like you said it's just a movie so I just with it

I was hoping someone would ask about that little extra at the end of ghost stories.

Heya there! Everypony! Witness Protection is gonna take a while. I want this one to be better my others so I'm doing a lot a research. Mostly because I still haven't thought of a motive for my killer yet.

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