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Maybe Rainbow sees a transformed Fluttershy before getting attaked by a centar?

I have no idea what CoC is but I would like to see a group of dark fairies use/control a tentacle-plant monsters on CMC or Pinkie Pie/Starlight/Trixie.

Whatever happens, I will be hoping for some pregnancy and/or birth scenes in the future :pinkiecrazy:
With all that lust/corruption magic used on her, Fluttershy is probably already carrying a litter of imps :yay:

Oh, and, uh... save the fillies, Twilight, yeah :twilightblush: Dash could use some tantacle lovin' anyway :rainbowlaugh:

I am ever so glad you didn't make them anthro. Prefer regular over anthro any day. #1

On a related note, will one the choices lead possibly to a Bad End? They were one of my favorite aspects of the game and i hope your planning one a few over the course of this story (but since it would be sad to end it prematurely you could make a Bad End chapter and then continue onward like nothing happened [Wishful Thinking :pinkiehappy:])

Rainbow is capable of fleeing if things gets bad, and the fillies are just the morally correct choice.

#2 #fillylivesmatter.

Also Roseluck. Because she is my waifu and I'd rather die then allow her to come to harm.

I just wanna see the fillies get penetrated, so, show us what's behind door number one!

#2. Let's preserve their innocence a little longer.

How cute of you, trying to apply morals in this universe!

7627478 Someone gave into the corruption I see.
How... weak. :trixieshiftright:

The corruption is just a notion made by those consumed with fear and angst.
The influence the dark ones have over the unaffected only sway the weakminded, the strong learn how to fight it. The stronger... Learn how to use it against them.



I like your view on things! And don't worry, pregnancy will appear in this! :yay:


Of course if it ever came to that I would write a bad end, but then continue with an alternative choice that doesn't result in one. Would be pretty mean to just leave you all hanging here after all! :raritywink:


Ooh! I can agree with that statement! :pinkiesmile: :rainbowkiss:

#2 and #5 (or #6 have the cmc hide somewhere safe and save rainbow)

#2-#3 #saveRainbowDashlater

I chose this option to save the fillies, I don't care about that egotistical bitch.

7626970 I'm with you let's go on number #2

2-5 and I have an idea after dealing with the CMC have Twilight face a snake monster.

If we're role playing Twilight, #2 comes first.

I'm pretty sure this'll lead to a bad end, but fuck it, I want some porn. 1

Comment posted by Alphamon_Ouryuken deleted Oct 9th, 2016

1 (is it bad i'm hoping for a bad end?)

My instincts say 1 will actually see us through. 2 is definitely a loss, and 3... well, Twilight might make it, but Rainbow and the CMC will probably be taken by whatever's hit Sugarcube... or something along the way.

So, 1.

Twilight distracts the beast but is caught of guard by the bee girls or some other creature. RD remains some composure out of sheer will and goes back for Twi after telling the CMC to make a run for SCC, a clear path right before them. They are all however captured by trapdoor spider girls. Meanwhile RD is ambushed by a futa harpy and futa bat girl. They are able to escape makes to the magic they share as the elements and CMC. Maybe even tame their monster attackers and now need each other to keep their corruptions at bay.

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