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I'm a guy who only likes MLP fan fiction. Tried watching the show, couldn't get through three episodes.


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This exact premise was floating around in my brain and I was hoping someone would be able to make it work. I can't wait to see more.

This intrigues me and I want more.

Are you using only characters from the show or are you also using OC's as well?

Just want to know


7439696 Let me know if you've got any ideas then. Character development is a bitch.

7439964 Both. Why? Got some ideas I can steal? :raritywink:

We will track this, the idea is intriguing. Though we wonder how his sessions might be with either royals or other characters who may pop in? (said royal sisters at different times might use visiting him as a excuse to just talk or vent.) It would be rather interesting to send them his own version of cultural studies, so they could reference in the future if another human pops up.

Though being in Canterlot, the Capital of Equestria. The gossip he's willing or unwillingly let in on would be quite disturbing to 'maybe' a withered few good conversations, which he could in his spare time learn and write his own Psychological study book. To be the founder of his job's field of study, even at a cost he may wish never happened.

That was rough...

the typical pretty girl that thinks she's ugly

Good job. (Need some character ideas? I'm open. Just send a reply on my profile page and I'll reply back on yours. You did ask one time:scootangel:)


BRAVO! Realy loving this story so far! I can not help myself imagining the protagonist as the protagonist of " We Happy Few " or as Anton Ego from " Ratatouille ". I know this maybe sound kinda bad, but, I hope to see this story get a little more dark, but not dark like crawling in my crawl!. But dark like, real life, like the troubles or sad moments that forces us to stop and think, to stop and have a little talk with a friend. Troubles that ponies must put a persona o a façade to hide. I hope to se more of your work n.n.

IDEAS: the more likely it is that you do not like them but here they are let's start with something a little "heavy" suicidal thoughts , poor family relationship, a story related to the capital sins for example x can't stop waisting his/her bits at some casino. X pony don't like the princess/royalty/government. After some chapters bring back characters that have already appeared or another point of view, for example violet from ch. 1. For some cómic realief, have a poorly disguised main characters. If you do this, please make a chapter about Celestia and that she thinks that her subjects are weak or sometimes a little dumb :twilightblush: that's all the ideas I have in my Head at the moment. If you want to know more or some details about them or just talk, send me a pm or something. Bye bye :v

Sadly for me I watch to much Law and Order Special Victims Unit but I get a similar reaction to rape situations. (Got a idea for you. Try a patient that is blind Unicorn that thinks it's a alicorn. Just a thought :raritywink:

The reaction is what I would expect, most people freeze up and don't exactly know what to say. Good job!

and for the next one, one of the rapists!
Not that you'll do it, im sure there are other, better ideas

creeeeeeppyyyyy twilight is here

Twilight trying to get into his life again? Hmmm, it would be funny to see him 'shatter' her world view let alone how she herself is only continuing a stagnant social 'paradise' that Celestia has maybe unknowingly allowed. Because Immortals may be quite endless in living, it can often make them forget the pains or realities that mortals of different 'castes' undergo.

Twilight being young as she is could be still influenced to a degree or more depending on how it goes, because Celestia could be seen as a second mother to her? That and title of Princess would explain Twilight's obsessiveness to please her or not to fail, in anything she does... (that one near psychotic break actually caused her mentor to act.)

It would be interesting getting Twilight's Reaction to this recent incident only to learn there were MANY more, maybe support his endeavor by giving him materials to work with or even getting him a bodyguard. XD

Oh, how about those who have PTSD from the Changeling attack on Canterlot? Those would be quite a few regulars for him, explaining their experience of either being hunted down and put into pods or discovering one or a couple 'dressed up' as their loved ones.

As allways, love it. I really like the fnal observations and I'm kinda sad but at the same time happy, that I see this coming. But the sadness is not about the story, but because it made me remember something like that, just that it didn't end like this. Let just say that "my Brick" lisent to the opinions.

7461042 I think just as you, but the first one, just on the part of Twi. knowing of the patients or caces, maybe un another story in what it's ser after all of this, and she found the notes. It's just an idea.

Whelp, hope to see more of this n.n

7461294 It would be quite interesting if each of the girls in question came for a appointment to try this out, if only to go into their own spirals of lunacy as National heroines (and Princess) of a country.

I was crushed...

but hey, everyone reacts differently they say

Well that escalated quickly than.... Um.... Quicker than.... Fuck I can't think of anything.

7461149 Or hell, how about the changelings themselves? All sorts of potential neuroses there.

7465666 That would be interesting, how would he deal with that? Could he even be accepting of their own damaged 'nature'? Because his first friend might even be a Changeling.

Yeah... some do. And she deserved... well, actually, social annihilation. But heck, this is a violent horror movie. May as well do it.

I love that you wrote this and watched three episodes of the show. It's hilariously awkward.

I went into this expecting NTR cucklords and came out terrified.

And the flat out denial of help continues. These guys are kind of assholes, they could at least pretend to listen...

Also, I find that going to the gym decimates my self-esteem.

Rape isn't funny...:ajbemused:

...unless it happens to someone you don't give a shit about.:trollestia:

cookies for reference

Hmmhm, so something interesting finally happened. I feel you, Brick.

“Oh, where are my manners. I forgot to introduce myself. I am Princess Luna, co-ruler of Equestria. How are you today?”
“…Excuse me?” I asked as my drawing hand slowly stopped.
“How are you doing today?”
“I… I’m sorry, but this is the first time anyone-”
“-or anypony has asked me how I’m doing. They usually just start talking about themselves.”
“Then take your time with a response. First impressions are everything, I’ve been told.”
“…I’m fine,” I eventually answered only to be met with silence and an expectant stare.


“…Oh, and how are you doing Princess?”
“I could be doing better, to tell you the truth.”


So the main character is male? Funny, I honestly hadn't caught on to that. I may have missed those details completely. The image you picked for the "cover" may also have been a contributing factor. Either way, I'm very much enjoying these "sessions" and eagerly look forward to what sort of dark and twisted secrets the ponies are hiding.

This is a pretty interesting read. Keeping this one on my watch list for updates.

I wonder what Derpy/Dizty/Muffins would have to talk about...:derpyderp1:

Maybe she resents Dinky? Maybe she is super intelligent and not taken seriously? Maybe she needs to confess to a heinous crime (and it is something silly and innocent)

Since Luna is royalty she should pay extra for sessions. That's my opinion.


7467145 Well she likely may have accidentally killed 'somepony' from her delivery job and covered it up as a mauling from the Everfree Forest.


Poor Dinky growing up thinking timberwolves mauled her father to death.

It would be interesting if the royal sisters had setup a undercover guard in his location to keep tabs on him, only to visit him to talk about their own troubles as well. With the human likely guessing his work by how he moved around or talked, since he may have picked up on such subtle tweaks to them would be obvious to him.

imagine pinkie clones as few clients can only imagine the hardship some of those went through and maybe a personal fear of twilight sparkle? it possible a quite a few escape the "round up" like that one.

I ship it.

Ship it! Ship it! Ship it! :heart:heart::heart::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::raritystarry:

hahaha, when i read this, the first thing I did was search for the sex tag :trollestia:


This story hit in my interest.

You in for a trip.

At first glance I thought the title said crystal meth. Appropriate, I guess.

Here are some human to drug-pony interactions.
They're too large to show the full image, so I'll link it.
Part one.
Part two.
They're big walls o' text, so be warned.

It would be interesting if a mob boss pony became his patient, just like 'analyse this/that'.

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