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I'm a guy who only likes MLP fan fiction. Tried watching the show, couldn't get through three episodes.

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I know its not finished nor will it ever be, but thank you anyways for the chapters and story.:eeyup:

And there you go: a terrible and unsatisfying ending. I almost want to finish it, but I literally can't get myself to write anymore of this story. Sorry to those who liked it. :fluttercry:


Not great, but enjoyable sequel. Somewhat rushed, but still a decent work of writing. I like it. Have a upvote.

I lost interest in MLP

Is this mean that you won't write anything from now on?

Wow wow wow, holy shit that was fast lost cause already.

I have never understood the notion of being mad when finding out that they are going to live longer. Sure they are going to outlive family, loved ones and friends but that is life,maybe parents die before you or maybe friends got into an accident but yet we still live on and enjoy life. This just seem like an overeaction on my part.

Daww, Dew Star is worried he had went on a date

7993655 but for someone like him who has been borderline depressed his entire life then this news probably shook him a lot

Rip fic, but it paints a good future
One of the better ways to rip

:ajbemused: just how you ended, now I don't like you so much just a bit a little itty bitty bit:ajbemused:

It's...a little sad to know this will never be completed, and that you likely won't see this comment, but...

I enjoyed it. I really did. It made me think. It made me feel. It made me care about every character that Comet interacted with. It made me want to see what happens next, but that's okay. This is...close enough to a happy ending for me. Thank you for such a beautiful story, and i wish you well in all your future endeavors. :twilightsmile:

Please arrest Fleur
Like that actually was not ok

Assume your life is... not the best
You aren't looking to end it, but you certainly don't want to prolong it.
That's his situation

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