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This is a site about Ponies..... Why is it so awesome?

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I had a feeling you might write something after Pia threw that picture up. :ajsmug:

That coverart. :heart:

“Sweet naked Celestia humping a bedpost—“

:twilightoops:Thank you for that mental image.

I know right?

Stolen for my Hyperquestria canon. Even though I have a Barb. Still totally stolen. *thumbs up*

/dons a dark hooded cloak to venture into the ...seedy... side of fics.

That was silly. Enjoyable, but silly. :pinkiehappy:

--Spade /notSpade

This was silly, enjoyable, and hot...and silly.

Rather amusing, I'll admit it.

Pinkie Pie, you beautiful mare that lives in a bakery! I thinkwe all won this one

Meh. Seen it done before.

This fight is absolutely pointless. *pulls up a chair* There's no reason for this feud. *sees pony selling snacks* Excuse me, one bag of popcorn please. Thanks.

Now where was I? Oh yes. *begins eating popcorn* I do not condone this fight. This is silly, and I refuse to take part in this pointless feud.

*puts full focus on the fight*

May I ask how this story have anything sparity or even spike ?!?!

Breaking Mares.

So... is this clop?

Man, there should be more stories like this. Just fighting in this kind of combat. Nice one!

Glad someone else noticed they walked into town naked...

I feel bad for Spike, missed the best part.

Wonderful and funny, and incredibly sexy :raritywink: My only complaint is that there hasn't been any EmberxSpikexRarity fics yet, that I've seen at least... I think I need to go have a chat with my group...

Also Glad to see Pinkie, master of evil, getting what she deserves.

7159320 Rarity is fighting for Spike.

7158178 Where? I must read it for... Research purposes.

The fact that Rarity managed to hold her own against the Dragon Lord is nothing short of epic, and all for Spike. Very well written, my friend.

I approve both this fic and that pic! :raritywink:

This one's an instant fave. Well done! :pinkiehappy:

7163323 Oh you don't have far to look. Just mosey on over to that search bar at the top and you'll find plenty.

7158195 You're "secretly" hoping for another one, aren't you.

7164495 Why would I EVER want to see another of these extremely sexy mud fights? Tell me that? *hides ticket for the next bout in her pocket*

7164798 *picks her pocket to look at the ticket* Nice try, and I'd say you would do something similar if you could.....you've kind of done it in CL EG.

7165791 Have I? I honestly can't think of anything like this in CL EG.

Then again, I have odd standards of what's dirty in my head.

7165996 Well there hasn't been mud wrestling as of yet. ....Twilight vs Sunset. :trollestia:

I forgot to say. That it was extremely hot!:raritystarry:

Finally got around to reading this, did not have any regrets. Hilarious and sexy, one of my favorite combos.

This is a hilarious story! Thank you for writing it!

Please let there be a sequel.

I've read some disturbing fics in my day, but this. Does this ACTUALLY count as feasible?!

So many emotions raging inside right now but the one thought on my mind is simply this. "Will there be more?"

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