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This story is a sequel to Not Family

Spike was a loyal friend, assistant, and brother. After he was taken away by a freak accident, Twilight and her friends begin to fall apart.

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You know, for someone who has seen a lot of fimfics over their years, you writers never cease to amaze me with the compassion and power that lies behind your typing fingers. This particular story portrays that of which I have previously stated to perfection. It has been too long since a story has moved me as much as this one, and all I would like to say is thank you, my dear writer, for crafting such a beautiful gem of a story. :twilightsmile:

I can't tell you how much this means to me. You are the the of person I write stories for. People who can recognize passion and emotion. Once again, thanks for the comment. :yay:

Very touching! You get a stache! :moustache:


Simply Beautiful.

I really liked this story, good work. Just one question: what exactly killed Spike? Just a bit curious.

That was probably the best thing I have ever read. Well done, good writer, well done. :heart:

Goddammit why can't I hold all these feels? :fluttershysad:

Wow this was good. Well done. :moustache:

Wow, that was beautiful. I think my heart started aching towards the middle. It was beautifully portrayed and I love it.

It was a sad sad story but still its a good one.....

The only thing I don't get was the random asscapped words along the fic. Stringing them together yields no message at all, and they're the wrong ones to be capped if you wanted to convey emphasis. As it is, it's just an ugly mar in a decent "dead Spike" story.

A very touching story. I would like to know how he died, but by itself the story was good without a reason. Have a like... and rest in peace Spike. Rest in peace and may the angels see thee to thy rest.:pinkiesad2::fluttershysad::raritycry::applecry:

If you want to see how Spike died, vote on my most recent blog post.

5129231 He fell down a hill, got cut on a plant and apparently bled to death from that.

Spike and her were good friends, so when she find out he was gone, Fluttershy collapsed on the spot. We carried her back to her cottage where she weeped for three days straight.

wasn't fluttershy the one to tell twilight spike died also worn't they already in her cottage.:rainbowhuh:

just asking

I wrote Passing The Torch before Not Family.


I'm sorry, but I don't see the significance behind these capitalizations. Could you please explain?

If that's the case, then this is not a sequel. Not Family is a prequel.
A sequel isn't the next story in the in-universe timeline--Star Wars IV, V, and VI are not sequels to I, II, and III. It is all based on which one came first.
Passing the Torch was written first; this is the point from which you consider something to be a sequel or prequel or not. Not Family is a prequel. This is the story following Not Family, but it is not its sequel.

Sorry if I got a little redundant there. I can stumble over myself when I try to explain things.

The investigation into Spikes death was handled by Equestrian Board of Transportation Safety .

The Ex-military UH 1 surplus helicopter piloted by a P. Scootaloo had lost control and struck the lone drake who was picking
a daisy bouquet. The wreckage was scattered along with pieces of the drake over a wide area on a heading of 230 magnetic.
Un delivered scrolls and other royal papers were blown down wind on a magnetic heading of 200 at a range of 240 hooves.
No pre impact abnormalities were found and no fire erupted after impact.
The student pilot owner of the air craft has yet to be contacted in this investigation. Her address is unknown.
Any witnesses are requested to contact the local royal guards or the EAA with any information.:rainbowhuh::pinkiegasp::ajsmug::raritydespair::twilightangry2::flutterrage:

So, I understand that you got rid of the prequel.

This story can really bring out the feels, but overall it's an awesome story.

*Spike claws his way out of the ground.*

"Whew! That was one heck of a nap!"

*everyone stares at him in shock*


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