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Constructive criticism is pretty much wasted on this. Not to say I can't accept any but let's face it, I nailed it. This story is literally perfect.

Well, you ripped off the 'unfunny' aspect quite well.

Please don't let this be another "Would it Matter if X Masturbates" trend.

Shocks #3 · Mar 7th, 2016 · · 2 ·

Best foalcon story ever.


Thanks, always nice to talk to a fan.

Wow, no need to be rude.

7007697 You know what you did.

I'm happy that in all decency you decided to leave out all the swearing. I would have been pretty offended by that. Now I'm going to kidnap some kids just so I can read it to them.

I didn't want this story to be offensive, glad you think I succeeded in that.

I'm honestly a bit offended that it's not offensive.

Well, this must be original since the Similar option at the time of reading this doesn't have any stories listed.

That's pretty peculiar.

Am I the only one who noticed the Back to the Future reference?

On an unrelated note, isn't Spike a baby?

I mentioned the babyhood.

7007777 If we take this seriously, Spike is a baby in dragon years. Dragons live for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Relative age.

>Says rip off in description
> Is rip off of Storm Butt's
> Unoriginal
> Hate intensifies

Thanks, always nice to talk to a lifelong fan.

Bitcoin equivalent of millions off of the video

The next day, it was worth about 5 dollars.

7007786 I meant it in the context that the kids would technically be older than him, but they aren't because...
7007793 ... you are correct.

Thanks, I appreciate the fandom that this story has garnered, I'm flattered but humbled.


Please don't let this be another "Would it Matter if X Masturbates" trend.

As the only person I could quickly find who actually wrote that, I am legitimately confused by the "trend" comment.

I don't want to be offensive so let's pretend that women can be pedos too

I'm not sure what to say about the story (aside from it made me giggle a little), but I do actually know a woman who's a paedophile. So that's a thing.

I'm not going to read this, but I'm honestly not even mad. If your aim is to Russell Jimmy's going to have to try harder.

That was pretty terrible of Celestia, to rip off Spike like that.

Literally 10/10

This story was morally sound and appropriate for all ages.
Then Twilight said the word shit near the end. This offends me greatly.

Your an idiot. That's all I need to say.

This story brought tears of joy to my eyes.

7008313 Straight Shota =/= pedophilia my nigga.


Funny and horrifying all at the same time!

ive stumbled onto some weird stuff

but this

this i dont regret

How does it feel to have called it?

i almost feel like reading this will get me a prison sentence :twilightsheepish: dear celestia please don't send me to jail

This story made my eyes bleed and actually I feel like my vagina is withering away. If I was a boy I would have felt that I would have to literally use a knife that is really dull and shove it up my terchia and I would never do it but i feel like my private parts are withering and freaking dying.

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