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In this exciting story full of twists and turns, small town pirate Sharkman Frank finds his head attatched to a small horse.

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What. The heck.

The world needs more Sharkman Frank my friend.

My mind is full of confusion.

Well, that happened.

I assume Twilight finds herself in similar predicament.

Yes actually, I plan on touching on that in a couple chapters.

>story has zero words
>still exists

mods save us from this heresy

Fimfic glitch joke?

why is markiplier staring at twilight's ass

I intend to have Markiplier in all my future cover art.

Will Twilight's immune system be able to handle all these new pirate diseases, like scurvy and aids?

It's a really bizarre concept, but there are some clever parts too. I liked the CD shilling bit.

Silver, doubloons or a Mercedes Benz...

I have no idea who Sharman Frank is but


Godammit, Ross.

When I grow up I wanna be like Sharkman Frank...Or a fireman I haven't decided.

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