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Radman skateboards his way into a hellish nightmare.

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Constructive criticism will result in your untimely demise be greatly appreciated.

he did
he did skateboard right into my heart

This needs an update, I wanna see more of Radman.

This is pure art. I want more of this gold. Radman needs to fuck more shit up.

This chapter really made me angry. Feminists are beautiful creatures and deserve respect. Stupid, white cis shits like you are the reason feminist aliens haven't visited Earth yet. I'll be putting you on my block list so all my feminist friends can see how much of an awful subhuman you are.

More Radman. More. He skateboarded right into my heart and I want him there more.

Working on chapter three. Have to balance between this and other projects, all while going to work and school.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

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