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( Note: Spoilers from Equestria Girls are bound to show up. You may want to watch the movie...)

Set in the PonyEarthVerse

After awakening at the bottom of a river valley I find myself fighting for my life as i must brave the elements, wildlife, and my own mind to survive... Did i mention I've also become a pony? One who seeks to enslave both our world and Equestria to her will?

A self insert writing exercise to try and get back into things. As for the dark tag. Its just a precaution.

Chapters (15)
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I like it so far.Give me more!

Well actually....

This setting is supposed to happen after season two but before season three. It is ENTIRELY plausible that Sunset was still on Equestria when this happened, and just got sucked up normally. Granted, no brony would be able to identify her and if she claimed to be Celestia's student they might say "OC Sue" but, you know, it's possible.

2892406 Assuming equestria follows the same lunar cycle as earth its 2.5 years per 30 moons, and sunset was there long enough to win the crown 3 times. Weather its 3 times winning the fall one or instead one of the others, i dont know (Seems odd that a school would only have a fall celebration thing and nothing else. )

EIther way it seems to be 'a long enough time' that twilight was worried about the date during the film (Then again, she may just want to get back ASAP since the elements are useless without her apparently)

That said, there's plenty of room for interdimensional hijinks to happen to explain it.

Saw the movie, loved the characters and story. I now will love this story. Do her justice.

Given Discord is behind this and he's a reality-warping god with power on par to Q from Star Trek, I'm pretty sure the EG reality is not beyond his reach for the spell behind this to get to even with the mirror's rules, and possibly only SHE would get affected since she's really a pony and doesn't actually belong there.

All in all, story looks off to a good start and I look forward to more :twilightsmile:

2900205 Ill be addressing this eventually, but first i need to get a couple chapters banged out and get Sunsets mind rearing its ugly head :rainbowwild:


All good, I look forward to explanation! Reminds me I gotta get on finishing my story's next chapter sometime tonight I already feel behind on mine with its lonely single chapter :raritydespair:

*master voice* I want MOAR.

:heart: This story is great.

Are you eating pillow for breakfast? :trixieshiftright:

A nice little glimpse into the past, and seeing Sunset before she was a total bitch. I am enjoying this story and looking forward to seeing where it goes :pinkiehappy:

Darned british bird...

Comment posted by Commander Jenna Cipher deleted Aug 10th, 2013

Curious as to why some of the thought-speak (Text in brackets) is colored and other times it isn't. Other than that I didn't see much wrong, good chapter overall.

3193541 A mistake with the code for the color. Apparently needs to be on the same line to work or something :derpytongue2: . All fixed now. And thanks!

I like it, not so dark as to be unlikable, but the attitude is definitely there, great read.


Another good chapter. Keep up the good work.

Now he has some knowledge about the... something still unknown?..



In-terrr-stinnng, looking forward to seeing where this goes! Loved the mini-Discords!

Waiting for the day the assumptions of her being an OC finally make her snap! I swear I see fans like that all the time at cons for all sorts of things :rainbowwild:

I gotta get to updating mine again, don't I? WORD COUNT WARS, RESUME! :rainbowdetermined2:

Did you leave the bit at the end on purpose? looks like left over editor transcript.

No! NOOOOO! Slow down! I have less free time, I... can't... keep up! :raritydespair:

Great chapter though! :rainbowdetermined2:

Well, Discord seems to have taken a personal interest in him...

Discord just wanted to add her to the mix...

So, we will see a gentle filly turn into a monster?

I think is the other way around...

Well, I wonder who saved them?

So, Sunset possessed that thing?

Thats a good question, is Discord offering Sunset a deal?

I hope no pony saw the movie...

Honest, Sunset lived in the human world for years, is she really that stupid?

Well, Sunset is quite selfish and egoistical, so yeah, is gonna suck.

I like the idea of the idea of Sunset having a phoenix familiar.

Well, how can Sunset ascend? She plans to try to use the element of magic AGAIN?

Well, at least Sunset is using some self control this time...

She is right... they are kind of losers...


As a note, for all the other questions. This all happened before season 3 and the movie. As a result. Sunset never met Twilight, her plan to get the element was still in full swing, and she never got zapped by the elements.

Also, the mirror world =/= our world. At least in this fic.

Thanks for reading though ^^

Yay story!

So the merge will still happen, I wonder if the further she progresses in the game the more the game will be ponified?

But what I can tell you is that you’re on the right path to breaking the barriers. Good luck.

"The kind ghost can give you a hint, but only when you're stuck..." :ajsmug:
...The game is to collect random portions of data from Sunset's mind and use them to synthesize the recipe to escape? That must be complicated.


Not surrounding the portal you came in immediately with cobblestone to make a safehouse as soon as you enter the Nether?

I am dissapoint. :ajbemused:

It lives! :yay::yay:
(not that I'm in any position to talk, but I'm hoping to update mine sometime this month, but still it's great to see a new chapter here in this one!)

Overall an enjoyable chapter, and I'm looking forward to seeing when he'll be able to break his way out again, and how the merge will play out if/when it happens

Uh, I hope it is okay, but I noticed several spots where you had used lowercase "i" instead of "I" and I think, all, or most of the instances, where you used a form of an I related contraction; also missing the apostrophe for said contractions.

That is not to say, that you are not doing a great job; because you are!
I just wanted to mention them, in case you did not already know.

I just hope my comment is well received...

Sorry for the poor comment... I am always afraid that I will end up offending with a comment, so my experience with commenting is limited at best...

3579624 I've been thinking that the mirror world was a world created by the "reflections" of our world and the pony world intermingling somehow.

Our world cast a reflection into the multiverse somewhere.

Pony world cast a reflection into the same spot.

The reflections merge.

Creating combined world.

It boggles my mind how easily absolutely everyone unquestioningly accepts the claim that hair soap is anything other than a marketing gimmick intended to sell us soap twice. :trixieshiftright:

One minute I’m in the castle

Hmm... I wonder if this is the night she tried to steal the crown?

He sort of reminded me of Flash Sentry

Oh shit John just got burned. :trollestia:

with the colors you have… Its very likely you’re someone’s original character,

Oooooh! Oh no he didn't. :trollestia:

Insulting your color scheme is probably about the worst insult any pony can sling at another, and calling you an OC the second worst.

“Not regularly but some mornings I watch it with my daughter.."
Looking up he has the goofiest grin on his face, like someone fulfilling some supressed dream.

Sure you do, buddy, sure you do.


For a few moments, I panicked as my vision suddenly went black. It seems like the spell Sunset cast on our clothes had worn off.

Yeah, that's going to get inconvenient in the long run. :trollestia:

“Achievem-“ I freeze for a moment as my eyes fixate on the next couple words. Element of Kindness…

Fluttershy listing "Element of Kindness" on her Facebook profile is just too adorable. :rainbowlaugh:

and was rather disappointed to find none of my equipment had stuck around

That dropped item decay rate is a bitch - even in dream sequences, I guess. :raritywink:


I love this idea.

Considering she's now cared for by Celestia and probably hasn't seen Sunset in years, there are also some implied feels. :pinkiesad2:


That's what this thing is?! :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

(I wonder if it's the same thing that caused Nightmare Moon, or if there are more of them around.)

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