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Starlight Glimmer's hastily thrown together plan shatters before her very eyes as Twilight verbally picks it apart, and thwarts it with little to no effort.

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All is for nothing. How depressing.

I like the part where Twilight eats pig flesh. I liked it so much, in fact, I think I'm gonna copy that idea and write an entire fanfiction about entirely that.

Do it and I'll fillet you.

You'll only poison yourself.

why aren't you a writer for the show

6963564 So... you didn't like it?

What is a fimfiction gold account, and how can I get one?

You have to read all of the stories on the site to get it.

Yup. Knight accidentally posted a blog post about it a long tine ago, and before he deleted it, someone screencapped it.

Is the joke that this doesn't end with a time pun?

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