• Published 30th Sep 2015
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Just Girls Talking - MythrilMoth

Ponies and their human counterparts talk about various things.

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Dark Is Sexy

Twilight Sparkle stared at Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight Sparkle stared at Twilight Sparkle.

Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Spike stared at Twilight Sparkle and Twilight Sparkle.

"Well," Sunset said at length. "This is awkward."

Twilight's jaw worked soundlessly, her deer-in-the-headlights stare magnified by her thick glasses. "Buh...whuh...HUH?!"

Spike hopped off her lap and cautiously approached Princess Twilight. He sniffed at her curiously. "Huh," he said. "Well, you smell kinda like Twilight, but...you also smell kinda like a horse."

Princess Twilight's gaze fell upon Spike. "S-Spike?!"

Spike scratched behind his ear.

Sunset stood up and cleared her throat. "Umm, Twilight? Meet...Twilight Sparkle. You know, the other Twilight Sparkle."

Princess Twilight blinked, her brow wrinkled in thought. After a moment, her eyes widened. "Of course!" she said, slapping her forehead. "There are versions of all my friends and Princess Celestia and Princess Luna here, and so many other ponies I know...of course there'd be another ME here!" Tugging nervously on her hair, she smoothed out her skirt and stepped forward, offering a hand. "Hi, Twilight! I'm, well...Twilight!"

Twilight stared up at her, then slowly, numbly stood up and shook her hand. "Uhh...hi," she said. "Sorry, I'm...really confused here...why are there two of...me..." Her brow furrowed as she frowned in thought. She looked over the girls spread around her. "Waaaaaait a second. THIS is why everybody here at CHS seemed to know me, isn't it? Because of..." She looked back at Princess Twilight. "Because of you..."

"Yeah, pretty much," Pinkie said.

Princess Twilight sat down next to Sunset, spreading her skirt out around herself. "Umm, so...I get the feeling a lot has happened since I was here last."

"Boy, I'll say!" Rainbow Dash laughed. "You totally missed a repeat of the whole magic of friendship versus teenage girl turned raging demon thing!"

"Yeah, except this time you were the demon!" Pinkie said. "Well, she was, not you."

"And Sunset Shimmer saved the entire world!" Fluttershy added.

"I didn't do it alone," Sunset said. "I couldn't have done it without all of you."

Princess Twilight blinked. "Wait. WHAT?"

The girls took it in turns to tell her all about the Friendship Games, their world's Twilight, her magic-stealing device, the random magic that started popping up all over CHS, and ultimately, Twilight's transformation into a dark angel of destruction.

"So then she's blowing stuff up left and right and tearing open these portals to Equestria, and Sunset found her little gizmo and did that thing you did with your crown, only instead of ponying us all up and doing the rainbows and lasers thing, it turned her into a..." Rainbow trailed off, frowning. "Into a..."

"Phoenix unicorn angel!" Pinkie said brightly. "And then she was all like MAGIC BEAMS everywhere, erasing all the portals, and then there was like, five seconds of an epic magic duel, and then she just...won."

Princess Twilight stared, slack-jawed. The other Twilight bowed her head and looked away, shame in her eyes.

"It really was remarkably similar to the night of the Fall Formal," Rarity said.

"Except I was consumed by bitterness, jealousy, and hatred," Sunset said. "Twilight here, well...she was just drunk on power and a thirst for knowledge."

"It's true," Twilight said miserably. "I got so caught up in wanting to understand everything that...I let myself be bullied into doing something I knew was wrong, and...and..."

Princess Twilight moved over to her doppleganger and enfolded her in a hug. "It's okay," she said softly. "It's alright. I think...I think I understand."

Twilight sniffled and wiped away tears. "Thank you," she said.

After a long, awkward moment, Rainbow Dash coughed. "So anyway," she said, "Twilight here actually had a way more awesome demon form than Sunset did."

"Rainbow Dash!" Fluttershy chided. "That's...really not..."

Princess Twilight sat back, a curious look on her face. "Really?" She straightened her blouse. "I...honestly can't picture myself as a demon..."

"Well thanks to the Internet, you don't have to!" Pinkie said cheerfully, pulling out her phone. After fiddling with it for a moment, she handed it to Princess Twilight, who watched in wide-eyed fascination as a video of the battle between her double and Sunset Shimmer played out. "Wow," she said. "That...that IS pretty...impressive." She shuddered. "And a little creepy."

"Kinda like seeing yourself turn into Nightmare Moon, isn't it?" Sunset asked.

"Yeah..." Princess Twilight shook her head. As the video ended, she scrolled down, reading the comments. She blinked several times. "What..." A blush crept over her cheeks.

"What's up?" Rainbow asked.

"Some of these comments," Princess Twilight said, her face growing more crimson.

"Lemme see!" Pinkie took her phone back and looked over the comments. "Oh, yeah. Wow."

The others passed Pinkie's phone around and read over the comments. Reactions ranging from deep flushes to raised eyebrows to furious scowls appeared on their faces. When the phone finally passed into Sunset's hands, she rolled her eyes and snorted.

"Yeah, pretty much what I expected," she said. "I've been listening to everyone talk about what happened that day. After everything calmed down, well..." She handed Pinkie back her phone. "Kids can't stop talking about that day. They try not to say anything around any of us, but I hear stuff. They're calling Twilight's corrupted form 'Midnight Sparkle', and, well..." She chuckled. "She's...kinda popular with the boys around here."

"You don't say," Rarity said dryly.

Twilight, who had not gotten her hands on the phone as it went around, looked up, blinking. "What...are they saying?"

The others looked around at each other nervously. "W-well," Fluttershy stammered.

"Ah dunno how t' put it," Applejack hedged.

Pinkie rolled her eyes. "The guys at CHS think Midnight Sparkle was really sexy," she said.

Twilight blinked, then blushed furiously. "S-sexy? R-really?"

"Well, it makes sense," Rarity said, pulling out her own phone and calling up the same video. "There is a certain...dark, seductive appeal."

"Like a succubus!" Fluttershy piped up.

Everybody stared at her.

Fluttershy shrank into herself. "What?" she said meekly. "I study mythology..."

Twilight ducked her head, her cheeks burning from the intensity of her blush. "S-succubus? Did I really look...?"

The other girls looked at each other and shrugged. "Yeah, kinda," Rainbow said.

"A bit, yes," Rarity agreed.

"You totally sucked that bus!" Pinkie added.

Now it was her turn to draw odd stares from the other girls.

"Oh COME ON!" Pinkie cried, throwing her hands up. "I've been waiting YEARS for a chance to get to use that line!"

Twilight looked down at her lap. "I don't know if I'm comfortable with the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life being some kind of...adolescent sex symbol."

"You're absolutely right, darling!" Rarity said firmly. "We must correct this by making the real you an adolescent sex symbol!"

Twilight looked up in alarm. "N-no!" she cried, waving her hands around frantically. "I don't want to be a sex symbol of any kind!"

"Oh, but you have such a pretty face, and a nice body, and beautiful hair...there's just so much there for me to work with!"

Twilight scrambled over to Sunset and hid behind her. "Help me," she whimpered.

Princess Twilight seized one of the girls' phones and watched the video again. "You know," she said slowly, "this gives me an idea for next Nightmare Night."

"What, going as Midnight Sparkle?" Sunset said, laughing. "Yeah, I can see that."

Princess Twilight grinned. "Actually, I was thinking more becoming Midnight Sparkle. Just as a prank. Bet I can really freak out Princess Celestia."

Sunset blinked. "Wait, what?"

Princess Twilight's grin took on a slightly manic, disturbing edge. "I owe her big time for that stunt she pulled at the last Grand Galloping Gala..."


"AND the gala before that..."


"And that whole thing with her stupid pet bird from a few years ago, I haven't forgotten about THAT..."

Sunset sighed. "Don't forget to take the journal with you when she banishes you to the moon..."

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