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No One and Nobody

Just a brother and sister writing some fun stories.


An ancient evil has awoken. Heroes have been summoned. The creature that was born for the sole purpose of destroying the ponies and the four heroes who must work together to destroy it, must fight once again.
The first, with strength and forethought, lacks sight and speed.
The second, with speed and sight, lacks solidity and independence.
The third, with strength and solidity, lacks sight and freedom.
And the fourth, with sight and speed, lacks independence and forethought.
Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. Only together can they truly become legends.
That is… If they can work together.

Rated teen for mild gore in a later seen and action/fighting.
My attempt at writing an adventure novel.
Please keep the comments clean my little sister reads them.
Link to artwork (cover edited)

Chapters (22)
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Comments ( 51 )

Fics like this I wish I have time to read . . . I really do. The concept sounds wonderful! :pinkiesad2:

Surprisingly underrated story, but not bad so far.
Like, fave, waiting updates.

With a name like 'No One', that makes Pinkie's little wall break even more hilarious. But it looked like Fire is a bit pissed. You wouldn't like fire when it's pissed.

"HUGS," said Pinkie, with a look of extreme severity.

Heh. Sounds about right! :pinkiehappy:

Huh. Making these work should be interesting.

That's one way to break the *ahem* tension.

...pinky beng pinky...
more please!

Good job so far

Don't lose hope

I believe in you

"IT'S ARRIVED! IT'S ARRIVED!" sung Pinkie, happily hopping through the car.

Thank you Pinkie for voicing my thoughts so eloquently.

Then again, this chapter has been out for over a week:twilightsheepish:

Pretty good, yet underrated fic. Favored, tracked and upvoted. Hope to see an update.

So who's Fire? We got Lucas on Water, Thomas on Earth, and I forgot her name on Air. But we have yet to see Fire.

"Because the story's about Tommy and his friends, silly," said Pinkie, then raising her head she yelled at the ceiling, "By the way No One, keep up the good work. I know you're not getting many comments but I like how the story's going so far. By the way, could you make me funnier?"

HAHAHA!!!! :rainbowlaugh: Great job mate!

Yoohoo! Next bit meaant for author eyes only. Is it the element of death that they have to combine and make the element of life to fight and defeat?

7072431 I'm not quite sure I understand what you are asking. Is that some kind of anime reference?
You might be on the right track though.

7072511 Nope!... Maybe...?:rainbowderp: I watch too much anime...:ajsleepy:

7072511 Also, what if this story actually happened? Do you think that the people involved would be able to get back together after returning to Earth?

7072528 You're asking too many good questions. Do you want to finish writing this?
Seriously, I get the feeling we've got the same general idea as to where this story is going. Don't spoil it for others and don't spoil it for yourself.

7072558 What! No! I'd just end up inserting another human that embodies nature itself and he'd be op...

Honestly, I think Twilight should've seen that coming. They were summoning the element of FIRE after all. In those circumstances, I'm pretty sure that they should've moved the summoning to a more flame friendly area. But then again, this is Twilight. It isn't too unbelievable for her to be so eager about this that she overlooks the little details.

Pony skittishness at its best. They see something unusual with some sort of power and instantly it's a monster they have to vanquish.

So when's the next one coming?

7153949 With finals coming up it's hard to say. However, I've been working on the chapter and maybe... this week some time... maybe.

For some reason the line 'only death awaits those who seek the dead' keeps popping up in my head. No idea why though.

And now for the required MOAR :flutterrage:

I do believe that is the first time I have done that.

Where can I read your sister's story?

Ouch. Found some allies and then lost them again.


What? Reasonable assumptions based on past experiences... are reasonable assumptions based on past experiences.

7631511 I guess so, I'm guess I'm just thinking about Zecora's experience with pony skittishness. Honestly, she didn't do anything and still the ponies of Ponyville feared her as an "evil enchantress". I swear that rumor must've been started by the flower sisters.

"I’ll change. I’ll learn to like dubstep."

No! Thomas lost it, and now, he'll lose his taste in halfway decent music that doesn't suck to the point where gangsta rap of the stylings of DMX are preferable!

"It's a person, or some kind of consciousness."

So... a person.

"You're the first rock who ever talked back to me. You can't die now."

The only way that line could be made better is if you used exclamation marks rather than periods.

7639207 Maud doesn't do exclamation marks.

Dude, you need to kill the damn beetle already. Or have a red-shirt show up and try to fight the beetle just to be slaughtered by it. Also, when's the next chapter?

8078556 I'm working on it. Also, be careful what you wish for.

"-And then I took a deep breath and said, 'yay' and the sergeant said, 'private... you are now my favorite private in the history of ever. Now get over there and give me fifty push-ups!"

Great FOB Equestria reference.

Nice Chapter!

8079260 Glad you enjoyed it friendly random reader.

8078666 I volunteer as tribute.

I'M BACK. And I hope to finish this story next month.

You mean WITHIN the next month, right? Right!?

Eeyup. I've got it all planned out. I just have to write the words in my head. 'Course, that is the hardest part.

And remember, if you need a redshirt, I have MORE than enough to throw at the centibeetle.

By the way, just thought you might want to know I've revamped chapters 15-17. (https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/870515/the-elements-in-harmony-rework).
Characters are written better, more information, more foreshadowing and new characters. It might not be much, but I feel it really adds something.

I'll reread it once you finish. I like how it is right now.

Just wanna warn people so they don't get to the end and go "Wait! Who are these characters, and where did they come from?"

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