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No One and Nobody

Just a brother and sister writing some fun stories.


We all know Sweetie Belle is incredibly clever, but how will she handle herself when everypony leaves her alone by accident?
And on top of that, add in two pony burglars who are bent on stealing Ponyville blind.
Unknowingly I wrote this story on the twenty-fifth anniversary (year) of the making of Home Alone. So happy anniversary!!
I really appreciate any constructive criticism. But please keep the comments clean.
Also, for all reading this on the month of it's publication, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanza, Season's Greetings, Happy New Year, Happy Hearth's warming and... Happy... Boxing Day... I guess.

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Blueblood is one of the most hated antagonists in the show MLP. But perhaps there is more to his story than meets the eye. This is my take on Blueblood's early life.
So read on to hear of how that snooty, arrogant stallion we saw in the first season might have more to him than you might know. Who knows? You might even grow to like him. Maybe.
Any constructive criticism is most welcome. My brother and I are still rather new to writing story lines.
About the cover art: I am not an artist. If anyone knows of a better picture, please, let me know.
I rated it teen to be safe.
Please keep the comments clean.
I do not own My Little Pony.

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Dudley has been a spoiled brat his whole life. So what happens when he finds this weird show that is not only interesting but makes him drop his guard just enough to learn something about himself and possibly even change his character for the better?
That's right Dudley the Brony. He'd never admit it to Harry, or even his parents but his has fallen in love with the little girls' show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Read on to find out what it does to him.

Let me know what you think but please keep the comments clean; I share this account with my little sister and she reads them too.

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An ancient evil has awoken. Heroes have been summoned. The creature that was born for the sole purpose of destroying the ponies and the four heroes who must work together to destroy it, must fight once again.
The first, with strength and forethought, lacks sight and speed.
The second, with speed and sight, lacks solidity and independence.
The third, with strength and solidity, lacks sight and freedom.
And the fourth, with sight and speed, lacks independence and forethought.
Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. Only together can they truly become legends.
That is… If they can work together.

Rated teen for mild gore in a later seen and action/fighting.
My attempt at writing an adventure novel.
Please keep the comments clean my little sister reads them.
Link to artwork (cover edited)

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What do you get when you take a little bit of Pinkie Pie, some world-breaching magic, and an old radio, mix them together and shake well.
You get this crazy story involving ponies, music, and... bronies?

I own nothing in this story, the characters and songs belong to their respective owners.
My little sister reads these comments so please keep them clean.

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This story is a sequel to Pony's Island

In a failed attempt to make Richie cool, Fonzie, Richie, Potsie and Ralph find themselves transported to Equestria. What follows are hijinks, mayhem and Fonzie being awesome.

There is a prequel to this story, but you don't need to read it (it just explains some of Pinkie's jokes).
Constructive Criticism is appreciated. I'm writing this story with my little sister so please keep the comments clean. It's worth noting that this is a tamed down version of the Fonz.
We don't own Happy Days or MLP.

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Batman has a lot of problems, dead parents, late nights. But his biggest problem has to be the amount of nutcases he's locked up.
Then one day he receives a mysterious box in the mail containing a powerful weapon against the forces of evil.

This story takes place in the animated series version of Batman.
I'm planning a little bit of some scary stuff in a later chapter but nothing worth a dark/gore/teen tag. Even though this is with Batman's enemies I will keep it fun and family-friendly.
I'll take any feedback so long as it's constructive and clean. My little sister will read these comments as well.

Now with a complete Audio version online:
Chapters 1-2 right here!
Chapters 3-4 right here!
Chapters 5-6 right here!
Chapters 7-8 right here!

Chapters (8)

My sister (Nobody) got this idea from reading the ponified version of Who's On First and wrote this all by herself in one night (I merely edited it).
Since this is my sister's story please keep the comments clean.
Constructive criticism is appreciated.
We don't own Abbott & Costello or My Little Pony.

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Have you ever wondered what happened just after that fateful three hour tour, or directly before the intro scene with the wrecked Minnow? Just how did those seven castaways end up on Gilligan's Island anyway?
This story answers that, and hopefully gets a laugh or two along the way.

This is our first work, please be helpful and provide constructive criticism.
Also I am writing this with my younger sister. Please keep the comments clean.
We tried to write a clean, enjoyable comedy, however there are very slight alcohol references in chapter five and barely in chapter eight.

Chapters (9)
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