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Eyes in the Dark

I'm a writer but not normally of FanFic and I'm a certified rescue diver. Hunting and camping are among my favorite past-times while 4x4ing and rock climbing are more current.


A man had all but written off humanity after retiring from military service. Precepts like Faith, Hope and Love had always been a part of his life but had fallen into shadow due to dark times. In their place, the motto from the U.S. Coast Guard "Semper Paratus" or "Always Prepared" had gotten him through difficulties many times before.

But what happens when the rough time isn't even on the same planet, let alone with other people. Will the training and constant "prepper" attitude be enough to get him through? Fighting despair, resentment, selfish ambitions and now sorcery- a man born out of chaos discovers a powerful talent where human precepts clash with Magic!

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 64 )

Like it so far, even if it's not the most original story I've seen.

A lot of HiE stories features a military going to Equestria and fighting timberwolves while rescuing the CMC ( or fighting a manticore to save them or RD ).

But you managed to make the MC interresting and not two dimensionnal so far, the various descriptions are complete enough to allow a reader to picture what happen and the CMC seems pretty accurate to me with their actions/reactions.


Thanks for the kind words on the story thus far. The original "portal" story outline was not a FiM work and I almost didn't post this 'cause I just didn't think it would work. Fairly happy with the outcome so far and have outlines for another 4 chapters. Hopefully you won't wait too long to see the next installment!

new and enjoyable story, and while I have not come across many Military HiE fics like FicusCat has, the fighting is much more smooth as if you know what your doing:twilightsmile:
can't wait to see where you go with this story after meeting up with Zecora

I like the story so far but there's one thing that's been bugging me. In Brazil I'm pretty sure they speak Portuguese not Spanish


Mostly Portuguese, but Spanish is also spoken by a respectability amount of the population.

"We need to know what the doorway looks like from the other side and when we close it- what that will look like too."

why not just open it a few feet away???


They do indeed speak Portuguese as it was a Portuguese Colony, the majority of other South and Central American countries being Spanish Colonial Possessions.

Hot Damn! Please write more fast!

3010313 Because that would be very risky considering those 2 portals could interact with each other.
They basically connected reality on 2 places with each other. Who knows what would happen.

I already am in love with this story you are an amazing author.:twilightsmile:

ME GUSTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:

This story is written quite nicely and it lets the readers indulge in the story better.
The storyline is also going along at a good steady pace, nothing feels rushed or drawn out at all.
Do continue. :moustache:

"fresh, life-sustaining H2O." why does that sound like a quote from Waterboy to me...
Anyway, great story so far! The storyline is good and progressing at a great pace. Please, keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

Great new chapter.....poor Sweetie bell tough, i was daawing the entire time when she got medecine from Zecora.

Great story. My only concern is that there will be interaction between Earth and Equestria. That's more of a personal preference though so do what you will.

I kinda wish Sweetie had a cast. Just imagine the sorts of things Pinkie would doodle on it! :pinkiehappy:

3171026 Probably the blueprints to the known universe disguised as a cupcake.

Hmmm. Discord's entering the picture. This aughta be interesting. And somewhat comical. Continue!

OMG today is my B-Day. I love this story so far. Coincidence? I think so.

Your the first to have some1 above 30 to enter Equestria in my experience. Good Luck

discord? Oh now things will get interesting.

Discord and Pinkie together?
Let the games begin. :pinkiehappy:

With Twilight's inquisitive nature, I'm surprised she didn't question him on World War II. .:rainbowhuh: But either way I love this story and all the possibilities.

Great chapter, keep them coming.

Found some spelling errors:

been openly hostel to the human

Should be "hostile"

warning about have the chocolate waterfall
Have should be "having"

your chaos welding you may have the most
Welding should be "wielding"

without reveling her presence to any of the group
Reveling should be "revealing"


Also, you're misspelling "ferris wheel" as "Farris wheel"

Fluttershy's mane became punk rocker spiked and glowed green.

At this point, I felt the need to put reading on hold, imagine Flutters with that mane-style, a Black short-sleeved Pleather Jacket, and silver chains on her wings.. Then opened up a new tab in youtube to play Enter Sandman, Thunderstuck, and Thunderhorse while imagining her Discord, Pinks and Daniel rocking out.

Then went back to the story. It made it so much better.

"Alright Danny boy, " he said with an air of finality in a Scottish accent,

Someone is a danny phantom fan I see.

Yay! He gave Discord hope! Sweet!


Appreciate the keen eye on the spelling! I 'was' a bit concerned there would be more; longer chapter = more probability for mistakes

3351050 There could be more than that; those were just the ones that I noticed.

Great chapter! Can't wait for more!:pinkiehappy:

Oh, boy. For a moment at the end there, I thought twilight had just gotten a gun to the face. Daniel's vacation is sure turning into anything but relaxing. Meeting with royalty, dealing with Discord... Let alone what the Princesses will actually do with him. Quite the predicament...
As always, great chapter!:twilightsmile:

Well hopefully Celestia and Luna will be better with first impressions then Rainbow Dash and Twilight have.

Has it really been two months since this last updated? Time sure flies when you're captivated by a story.

Still, it's time for an update, don't ya think? :unsuresweetie:


It is definitely time for an update my reader friend! But something unfortunate (or fortunately?) has happened. I had to move because of my job so the story has suffered a delay. I will throw out this nugget for those waiting for the next installment- there will be 2 chapters posted when the updated does get pushed out. Woot! I'm excited now!

Yes! I have waited so long for an update to this masterpiece and boy did you deliver!

Very nice and smooth introduction of the character, his background and the general situation. Unfortunately he is not in kansas anymore :ajsmug:. Speaking of all the hiking and wanderin', I should look out for some Bear Grillz stories. Most of the time I only see parodies or comedies of him in equestria, just once I'd like to see a serious attempt to form a story with him. He was in the SAS afterall, so why the hell always make fun of him?

Wow. That is all I can really say. That was really good. Pacing was excellent and I was enraptured from beginning to end.

Poor guy, he seems more of a soldier at heart and this situation is probably make him all sorts of uncomfortable. I wonder how this cocktail will blow up, Big or Small.

Glad to see you're back from the dead. Looking forward to the next chapter. You got an idea of when the next one's coming?

"Tobin's Guide to Mystical Monsters and Obscure Pony Lore"
Ghost Busters reference on 'Tobin's Spirit Guide' :ajsmug:.
Also this chapter just feels so... cozy. It's nice enough to see the crisis of a big misunderstanding was averted. But then there was also the way you described the tea session with Zecora and how they got ready for the night. I also know the smell of similar shops, so when you let him describe it before he fell asleep... I just got so comfy and tired:rainbowlaugh:.

I really musst say this is quite the enjoyable story. Not many Soldier in equestria fics, are this smooth to read. This story included alot of contemplation, thinking and planning, while still mentioning the few simple things in life going on around the scene. As I already said in previous chapters, it gives the whole story somekind of 'cozy' or 'warm' feeling. Maybe it also has to do with the fact that your character is over 40 years old. That way he brings alot of experience and insight for all those who regard him. I also very much enjoy how you depict discord here, with all his little quirks and strange behaviour. It fit him rather well to appear with this certain kind of humour.
Can't wait for the next chapter when he makes his escape.:rainbowkiss:

3010313 they don't know what the effects of opening a portal are to the other side, if it was dangerous (as Daniel soon found out) it would kill them

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