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Hey, I'm a brony who was recently introduced to the world of MLP:FiM by a great guy named lunamoon0171. I'm still somewhat of a rookie, and my fanfics will probably reflect that. Enjoy!


A physicist from Earth, following the destruction of his lab, travels to Equestria so that his life's work won't be completely destroyed. Will he ever find enough power to get back home?

With thanks to my editor and best bro, lunamoon0171
EDIT: lunamoon0171 was my editor for Chapter 1, and for no others. He's just got a lot on his plate.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Categories, characters and rating all subject to change at any time.

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It might take a while for my next update, my editor leads a really busy life

Aaaaaaaaand we have liftoff! lunamoon0171 finally found the time in his schedule to help me put the finishing touches on Chapter 1. He's such a bro. You should check out his fanfic, "Stardust". He seems to be pretty big in the brony/pegasister community, and I have the pleasure of knowing him personally and being his best bro. Brony on, lunamoon! :pinkiehappy:

This has potential, I'll track this and see where it leads. :raritywink:

OK, here's Chapter 2. As you can see, we finally learn some more about our mysterious physicist.

lunamoon0171 wasn't finished editing this when I posted it, but I got rather impatient. Cheers!

It's good to see the ponies aren't offended that they are fictional creations, according to the good doctor and his point of view. Then again, I suppose that's been written already (Humans and Earth are fictional creations from a known book in Twilight's library until one shows up). I assume the elemental sweeper is nerd-talk for a metal detector, eh? Heh. Twilight and Pascal will be getting along so well while the rest of the gang struggle to keep up with the "big words" those two throw around jauntily. :twilightsmile:

The strong wifi signal has me wondering however. If it's still getting through, that means the portal itself still exists... and it's still open. Also, that's one hell of a strong signal. Wifi doesn't travel very far, even in the open N tends to peter out after 300 feet. Maybe he's using WiMAX (has a range of about 30 miles) or just confusing wifi for a cel phone carrier like LTE or something similar that also has a range in the miles.

...or this is all moot since you've time stamped the story by saying this takes place 20 years after MLP started. Tech and such must have advanced a ways in 2030 similar to the exponential jump between 1990 and 2010. (What?! No flying cars yet???)


The Elemental Sweeper is like a metal detector on steroids. It's called "elemental" for a reason.

And there will be flying vehicles later, you can count on that. :twistnerd:

Also, the "portal" is simply a television stuck on a constant loop of MLP: FiM shows, because all he needs to access the fictional world is a piece of fiction. (lol actually I just made that up now)

And yes, our favorite bookworm will be getting along very well with Dr. Drake... (potential shipping has been presented. You may now flip the b*ck out ::raritywink::)

Made a small change on this chapter

Okay this one's a little short, but here!

I'm a little shaky with how this one turned out, please give me edits if you see something that needs to be fixed.

VERY brief update. This should explain some of the goings-on of Chapter 3.

Seriously, guys, give me something to edit here!

Subject: Pascal Drake
Suffix Title obtained: "Of Earth"
Preview: "Pascal of Earth"


Subject: Pascal Drake
Suffix Title obtained: "Fast Friend"
Preview: "Pascal Drake, the Fast Friend"


Subject: Sons of Chaos
Prefix Title obtained: "The Prophosized"
Preview: "The Prophosized Sons of Chaos"


1776023>>1776014>>1775987 heh thanks bro really appreciate it.

Got two chapters ready to post, think you could figure something out for them?

The next chapter is actually ready to post, but I'm not posting it 'til tomorrow. The reason? I believe the term is "hype". :raritywink:

Man, I love that :raritywink: emote. It's not because Rarity is my favorite pony (she's not), I just love winking. :raritywink:

Does anyone know how to change the chapter title? Until I figure it out, it's "A Stunning Encounter".

Screw hype, I'm posting this now!

*psst* *Minty* *there's your cue gogogo*

This is the last and longest chapter as of yet! I haven't even begun the next one, though I know what I'm going to do.

No edits? Come on, people! :applecry:

If anyone can guess which scientist Pascal is talking about, he or she gets a virtual cookie.

Except lunamoon0171, you already know.

An "anti-chaos" weapon to take out Discord.

God killer... wasn't that a game?

Subject: Pascal Drake
Suffix Title obtained: "The Biker"
Preview: "Pascal, the Biker"


Subject: Pascal Drake
Suffix Title obtained: "Big Hunter"
Preview: "Pascal, the Big Game Hunter"


Subject: Pascal Drake
Prefix Title obtained: "Violinist"
Preview: "Violinist Pascal "


1787819 As of now, our hero has no plans for taking out Discord. The Sons of Chaos, however, are a different matter.

No guesses as to the scientist? Sigh, oh well.

It looks like you'll find out next chapter anyway.

I was wrong, I managed to write this chapter without giving away the name of one of the greatest scientific minds, like, ever.

Subject: Princess Celestia
Suffix Title Obtained: "The Battery"
Preview: "Celestia, the Battery"


And I'm back folks! That mysterious scientist is revealed to be none other than the great Nikola Tesla himself!

Also, it's been shown just what those blasters are capable of...and they've only been drained, like, by half.

Don't worry, though, I've come up with a way to take care of this deus ex machina, and it will be appearing in the next chapter, so stay tuned!

Wait, what happened? I was reading and suddenly I'm at the end of the chapter. :rainbowhuh:

Exposition man! Please, get wordy. Have fun with the action. At the very least we could give Despair a paragraph as he(?) got turned into a good imitation of a nuke.

2090799 All in due time, my dear Morphy. All in due time.

Why did I suddenly get a really strong "Time Bandits" vibe when he was tossed out a 'random' rift to somewhere else? Granted, there's no small army of midgets with a map of time rifts but you get the general idea of him coming back with reinforcements from the various eras to do battle with the Ultimate Evil Being... and then 'god' has to show up and put everything back in it's proper order (ordering Pascal and buddies to pick up every bit of that concentrated evil into a biohazard barrel).

2301354 Eeyup :eeyup:
2301565 I have no clue who those people are, but remember how Commander Carmichael found his blueprints?

Yeah. One does not simply break a Pinkie Pie Promise.

Did either of you see the pun in the chapter title?

By the way, "god out of the machine" in Latin is deus ex machina.

Instant favourite. Let the games begin.

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