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No One and Nobody

Just a brother and sister writing some fun stories.


We all know Sweetie Belle is incredibly clever, but how will she handle herself when everypony leaves her alone by accident?
And on top of that, add in two pony burglars who are bent on stealing Ponyville blind.
Unknowingly I wrote this story on the twenty-fifth anniversary (year) of the making of Home Alone. So happy anniversary!!
I really appreciate any constructive criticism. But please keep the comments clean.
Also, for all reading this on the month of it's publication, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanza, Season's Greetings, Happy New Year, Happy Hearth's warming and... Happy... Boxing Day... I guess.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 14 )

This should be worth a watch!

Well this certainly sounds interesting. I loved the first two home alone movies. Can't wait to see what kinds of interesting raps Sweetie sets up.

Welp, somethings gonna break.

Oh, this is gonna be good. Loved all 4 Home Alone movies. Can't wait see what's in store here.:pinkiehappy:

You go, Sweetie Belle.:scootangel:

Ha! Fools!
Sweetie, give 'em no mercy!

Oh the memories and joys!

:rainbowlaugh:*clutches sides* Oh good lord! :rainbowlaugh:Sweetie Belle, you are evil! And that's great!

This needs more attention. Its fun to read.

"I feel like this might be... what I'm destined to do girls."
Pinkie's face turned red.
"Well anyway," said Scootaloo, "Want to go try out hooves at a skating cutie mark?"
"That sounds awesome!" Applebloom said.
After a moment, Sweetiebelle agreed and the trio headed to the nearest frozen lake.
Pinkie exhaled and collapsed.
"That was a close one."
"Tell me about it," said Discord as the end credits began to roll.

Hahaha!:rainbowlaugh:You were this close Sweetie Belle! :rainbowlaugh:

The whole story was very funny and well done and it followed most of the movie so well, but I thought you would have done more with them breaking into the castle and Rarity's store

"Pretty good traps huh angel?"

"I've seen better Sweetie Belle."

"You what?"

"Look they're still walking, you could've done a lot more with the pie catapult, and you hardly terrorized them with the bear. And the welcome mat should be rammed over their heads, like so."

"Oh, excuse me I'm such a hack."

"Why don't we just use the hot air balloon?" Marv shouted.

Hold on, hold on for these two to fall into such an obvious trap would mean they were the biggest morons of the century!

"I'll bet it was another trap!" Harry yelled.

Gee, where are you guys going to put the trophy?

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