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"Who's to say what happened at Karthwasten?"


Switchback has been living in Ponyville for about two years now and everything is great. He's able to discreetly feed without anypony knowing about it, except for Pinkie Pie of course. He still hasn't figured her out entirely, but she's kept his secret so that makes her a good friend in his book. So why would she invite him to come to a wedding without disguising himself?

Takes place during and right after the 100th episode: Slice of Life.

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I'm liking we're this is going. Looking forward to shenanigans later:pinkiegasp:. Keep up the good work.:pinkiehappy:

"Exoskeleton? That's funny," Pinkie continued giggling.

"Um, no," Switchback replied. "I'm insectoid, therefore I have an exoskeleton."

"Yeah, but not in pony form though, silly. Your bones are on the inside then."

:rainbowhuh: Not sure if that's how it works...

...but then again, who am I to argue? :applejackunsure:

Like the story so far :pinkiesmile:

I really like this take on the little guy! Keep on writing it, I'd love to see where this is going.

6097530 Actually, I imagine Switchback being 0.275469012 inches taller than a normal pony. :derpytongue2:

According to Larsen he's actually a friend of Matilda's, but let's see where this is going.

Just wanted to let everyone know that the next chapter wont be out for about a week. I'm going to be out of town and not able to write. Don't worry, it will eventually be here.

woot woot. I saw the episode on aterday and was like R.O.F.L. I loved that little cameo. I hope Switchback doesn't get mobbed.

As per the norm, you have delivered a very beautiful story that has no obvious grammar mistakes. Have fun on your trip.

didn't here


Let's see where this goes.

Weddings, AKA free dinner.:pinkiehappy:

I feel i need to mention this. I have a SERIOUS SERIOUS soft spot for changelings. And that was one of the things that drew me to this story. As such I am glad I took a look at this story and look forward to more chapters in the future. On a side note, after this story is done, why not write more about Switch's life in Ponyville?

6122256 Good idea. I just might.

Correction: free gourmet dinner. :raritywink:

Next chapter
Fried bug :P

- An uncovered changeling present in the wedding.
- Captain Shining Armor is to busy crying to notice him, or the bugbear his sister and her civilians friends are fighting on their own.

Royal Guard: always reaching new levels of incompetence

Amazing as usual. I can't wait for the last (1 or 2) chapter(s).

And featured again 7/15/15 (11:30 ish pm central time zone). I think you have a minorly viral story going. Not hating from jealousy (bites tongue) but be careful not to get too hooked on the fame. A lot of stories that hit the feature box often boom with the wave of people fascinated with the new concept, then bust when they move on to the next thing, occasionally leaving a perfectly good story in the dust and the author dispirited before they finish the story. Not telling you to stop or change anything, just keep it in mind in case it comes. (and yes, I typed this without reading any other comments so I could be blowing it out my :yay:. If so, just ignore it as well intended but misplaced advice and move on.)

6210816 No problem. Good advice and I really appreciate it.

Good ending

Hah, his reaction to cake was adorable and somewhat unfortunate. Funny and sweet story, nice work.:derpytongue2:

Only Pinkie can handle that much sugar.

"What?!" Pinkie exclaimed. "And break a Pinkie promise? I could never do that."

The universe would explode if you did.
All in all, great story and I look forward to more :)

I look forward to seeing more stories involving switches day to day life in Ponyville.

"I... um... I came here because I wanted to get away from the hive."

You and 80% of changeling OCs ever created in all of fimfiction

"I don't even like Chrysalis though," Switchback said. "She was never very nice and is still leading my species toward extinction. That's why I left."

Pattern recognized.

"I knew I should have brought my sword."

Ponies don't have swords as far as we know.

Pinkie Pie inhaled loudly without letting go of Switchback. "This is terrible. I have to get you a piece of cake right away!"

Are you shitting me? He's been two years here... HOW HAVE YOU NOT GIVEN HIM ALREADY! UGH!!!

I understand that you are trying to explore the character but you are following a pattern that's too used in fimfiction. While it is not my place to direct you to something you do not like I am still entitled to mention an opinion.

90% of changeling OCs in the fimfiction universe or elsewhere either include Queens, changelings that will evolve into Queens for character development. They usually hate Chrysalis who is an evil bitch((I do not mind that really)). They are also the only or among the handful of changelings outside. They consider themselves or are considered in the universe unique.

While this may be well written the patterns are so apparent that I personally don't see the point. His interactions with the rest were really kinda... expected. Shining Armor, Rarity, Cadance you know...

While I will still keep my favlike in this fic because I like giving people chances I expect that if you go by that character you will have to try something different. Something at least partially unique. Do not be dissuaed. I have tried and revamped stories of my OCs twice over. Trial and error. Keep going.

6211674 But they do have spears and bows.


Ponies don't have swords as far as we know.

Pipsqueak disagrees.
Also, I just realized something. Why does he have a HUMAN skull on his eye patch?


Also, I just realized something. Why does he have a HUMAN skull on his eye patch?

Why is Pinkie wearing a foam finger?:pinkiegasp:

These are legitimate questions.

6212172 Because minotaurs are very influential in Equestrian sports, maybe? That's the only logical explanation I can come up with.

6212205 Minotaurs and b royal guards have not Been Seen using them.

One of these days your going to make me jump out of my exoskeleton," Switchback said as he recomposed himself, turning back into the crimson unicorn with snow

I'm not going to lie, I stopped reading.

6212072 What makes you think that's a human skull? It's pretty stylized.

A bit surprised nopony said anything about the starving bit. You'd think at least Twilight or Fluttershy would have a comment about that.

6218119 I plan on addressing it in a later story.

After some more time, she eventually began to open up to Switchback and found that there really was friend in him.

Did she cut him open to find it? :pinkiecrazy:

6260728 Possibly. I would like to use Switchback in another story or two.

6261040 I had an idea for one.

6261618 Send me a pm with the idea if you want and I'll put it on my list of potential stories.

"Can I ask you something?" Twilight finally said after a quick thought.

"Yeah, sure," Switchback answered. "Ask me anything."

R.I.P., poor Switchback. We knew ye not that well.

He seems to have more of a 'casual' manner not many Changeling OCs are written as. Not too laid back, not overly tense, the whole running away from the hive is more of a background thing given in the end he was ok with going, well, 'commando' at the wedding :pinkiehappy:

do to tension between


As a matter of fact, not even five minutes ago, he was outside watching Princess Twilight and the rest of the Elements of Harmony take on the behemoth that threatened the town's existence. Nothing to really be alarmed about.

no biggie no biggie

While most ponies were now leaving to head for the reception, all the children were sitting in a circle around Switchback, who had them entranced with his story. Many other ponies noticed this and shot him a dirty look before noticing the happy and curious looks on the children's faces. Then they were just confused. This changeling, this stranger, this wild beast, was sitting with the youngest of ponies simply talking to them?

WAIT WHAT!?! a changeling is just simply talking WHAT!?! lol

"I tried to talk him out of it," Cadence explained. "But once he goes into kill mode, he can be hard to persuade."


"It can talk?!" Rarity exclaimed in astonishment.

the image.naldzgraphics.net/2012/10/9-nine-shock.jpg

Is there going to be a squal

*Nearly three years later...*

Imagine not reading a book because of a grammar mistake.

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