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New at fimfic, if you want to collab and maybe help me with my fictions, I'd be grateful c:


Enraged and cast from his own body, the fallen demigod, Asura, finds himself on a strange, and magical world filled with ponies. Adjusting to this new lifestyle, Asura will learn the meaning of friendship while waiting for Celestia to return from her Royal meeting so he can return to his world and rescue his kidnapped daughter and exact revenge. All the while, an evil presence will return to take over Equestria once again.

Chapters (3)
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Wow, this is new. I've always been interested in Azura's Wrath, but have never actually played it.

Also, I get the feeling taking Azura to Ponyville will be Twilight's worst idea so far.:facehoof:

Well, hope to see if I'm right.

You know...I would normally say that this could end alright seeing how Asura is actually being calm (something that he isn't well known for) in this...but this is Asura we are talking about. Bad situations follow him around like a fly with a trash can...

Comment posted by Steel Hearth deleted Jul 19th, 2013

Asura's wrath was my favorite game for fighting. Asura was pure OP, and the long fights were actually fun. Can't wait to read the next chapter and wait for the third.

On the plus side, if he ever has an episode, there's a perfectly good forest nearby for him to vent.

Interesting fact: Asura's wife is voiced by Tara Strong

I'm very new to the site, so I hope choosing to follow you sends me e-mails when you update this. You're doing very well with Asura's personality. I did notice a few minor errors, like using a 'were' when you meant 'where', but overall, very well done. Plus, it's not surprising that that was one of the grammar errors. It's a common misuse online. 'were' is the past tense verb, and 'where' is like a location. Common error.(not nearly as common as the 'lose'/'loose' misuse, but that's more of a personal venting from me XD)

Anyways, very well done, and I'm eager to see more.

Oh, and had a thought. It seems to me that when not in combat, the armor covering Asura's arms only covers the lower arms. But, when going more serious, they cover up to his shoulders, and then summons more arms.

Also in regards to this, saw a fan art for a pony Asura that was almost minotaur like(without horns). Maybe he could become bipedal when summoning the extra arms or something. But that's just a thought. It's your fic, and even if that's not considered to be used, I know you'll impress regardless if you maintain this level of skill in future chapters.^_^

Aww yeah!! Finally an update! Keep going!!

Well amazing! Keep up the great work and raise your expectations. :heart:

Glad I could inspire ya.^^ And glad to see another chapter already.:D

Wow this was definatly worth the wait even if it is short i'm still happy that it finally updated. keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

this seems like this is going to be a very good story and can't wait to read the next chapter of this story. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Really wish you'd continue

you should do more

pretty impressive, hope to see more

Please, finish this story! I'll pay you a small loan of 1,000,000$! :rainbowkiss:

After recently finishing Asura's Wrath I really hope to see more of this

i hope this story is not dead :fluttercry:

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