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"Who's to say what happened at Karthwasten?"


Celaeno does her job the best she can, living day to day hoping that she can spare her crew the wrath of the Storm King. Most days, she's able to get through her work and go to bed at night feeling only mostly empty, rather than completely. Some days though... Some days are hard.

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Well, very interesting dive into the mind of the captain. I like it!

When one has close friends by their side, it’s honestly very hard to give up. I’ve wondered how tough it may have been for the crew prior to the events of canon. Great short story!

This is going to blow up and end in the featured box, I can feel it.

You: "PUUUUUUDIIIIINNG!!!!!!!!" - *Writes great story.* :heart:

Poor girl. Gotta say, if this is your first time writing the Captain, you did a good job then. Felt like I was reading her thoughts. God only knows how hard the Storm King's reign was on her.

Yeah, I can see it too.

Good to see a well-written story based on the movie that isn't about Tempest for once. Captain Celeano and her crew are such a colourful group of characters and it's a shame we saw so little of them in the movie. But this story really brought home the kind of despair they all were in before the Mane Six came along, plus it really brought home just how much Celeano loved her crew and the lengths she would go to keep them safe. So, all in all, exactly what I was looking for.

Here, have a like from me!:ajsmug:

Oof. What a way to start the year.
Still, your writing is very good, the name is intresting, and the thumbnail is beatiful. Maybe it was bad timing, but this story deserved to go up. Keep writing, I know you'll get there.

I really liked this. There aren't enough good fics with Celaeno as the lead character.

can we get a story of her living life more on the ship maybe a slice of life of the ship and docks and all that before the movie?

She was a pirate once, and now she balks at civility because she can no longer fulfill her great destiny to loot, plunder and murder all around her. The white blood cells in your body most certainly feel the same way in their genes.

For anyone interested, I done did a reading of the story.

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