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Following the defeat of the Storm King, both his victims and his followers alike continue on with their lives. For some of them, the adventure is only just beginning...

(Needless to say, there will be spoilers for the movie).

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Nice story and an equally nice wrap up of the movie ending.

But not sure about the part where Capper return to Klugetown. He still own a big sum of money to the mob. The reason he was still in this town was because he couldn't escape. Why would he returns there?

You'll get an answer to that question in the next chapter.

I have a feeling this is going to be fun. Let’s see what awaits everyone.

Nice story! I've been a fan of your works for a while now!

Thank you. Always nice to know my work is appreciated.

This is a really nice follow up to the movie. I'm going to follow it and see where this goes.


You probably mean Mullet.

Murdock was actually Squabble’s original name, lol.

Mayor Capper...
I like that

I’m happy that the main villain was killed.


Hope things work out for Tempest

Honestly, Tempest's backstory was a low point in the movie for me. It seemed way too rushed and they glossed over a few details that would have helped to expand upon it better. For example, why not have her come out of a hospital or something in the flashback instead of just seeing her walk down the street looking mopey. This chapter was really good, but it would have been better had you included that detail that I just mentioned.

I liked Discord in this chapter.
Now that I think about it, where was he in all this. I get from a writing perspective why he didn't show up but I wonder what he was doing when the Storm King's forces invaded.

I liked too see the other hippogriffs specially Skyranger, even if he acted like an a-hole

Nice to see Novo and Twilight get along after such a terrible event between them in the film. Novo is able to forgive Twilight and see her accomplishments instead of just her mistake.

Nice friendship between Tempest and Starlight. Of course even Tempest is freaked by Starlight’s actions as a villain.

Nice continuation. Hope to see more!

All friends argue now and then. What’s important is you forgive each other.

Awww I like this story Tempest and Grubber are such good friends reminds of Twilight and Spike

Just fyi, the Storm King's remains were vaporized when Tempest restored Canterlot with the staff, coz we saw the spot where he fell during this scene and the pieces weren't there anymore.

Otherwise, good story

That was probably just an error on the artists' parts, as the Storm King's poorly assembled pertified body was shown in the credit sequences.

Mayor Capper is gonna do a great job

This was an awesome read.

Thank you. And rest assured, this won't be the last time my stories will focus on the movie characters.

But in the credits, we see them using pieces of the Storm King in party games, so perhaps his 'bits'n'bobs' are still around somewhere?

Yeah, but the credits aren't meant to be taken seriously, just like the credits of Puss in Boots (Humpty is officially listed as deceased everywhere), Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, 2017 Beauty and the Beast, Paper Mario, The Princess and the Frog (which shows Tiana and Naveen as frogs again), Cinderella 3 (which shows Tremaine and the unreformed stepsister as NOT frogs again), etc. Like with the Queen of the Hippos, as well as the inconsistency that his eyes weren't stone there while they were in the scene in the movie.

But, you can make whatever changes you want in fanfiction


I don't think the credits are meant to be canon.

The End... For Now.

implying there'll be more of this
i hope there is btw
it was good, but the one problem with it is how small it is
especially since you've got pretty much free reign on what can happen. you're completely unbound by canon here

This NOT how you welcome a runaway family member. Bullshit. First point was how that coward of a queen saw NOTHING wrong with sitting pretty and not helping overthrow a dummy storm, she PUNISHED someone who HELPED... And now this. "Yeah, you're back, but hey, was your own damned fault". BULLSHIT. Disliked the story.

To the person who disliked.

I'm SORRY, what would YOU do then? Would love to hear it. How you find someone who ran away, and from the word go you say: "good that you returned, but hey, was your own fault". Because that will go well, and NOT make the returning person think that running away was a RIGHT option, because they were never WELCOME, that they never had anything they could return TO.

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