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Following the defeat of the Storm King, both his victims and his followers alike continue on with their lives. For some of them, the adventure is only just beginning...

(Needless to say, there will be spoilers for the movie).

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Nice story and an equally nice wrap up of the movie ending.

But not sure about the part where Capper return to Klugetown. He still own a big sum of money to the mob. The reason he was still in this town was because he couldn't escape. Why would he returns there?

You'll get an answer to that question in the next chapter.

I have a feeling this is going to be fun. Let’s see what awaits everyone.

Nice story! I've been a fan of your works for a while now!

Thank you. Always nice to know my work is appreciated.

This is a really nice follow up to the movie. I'm going to follow it and see where this goes.

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