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Twilight is now the new ruling Princess of Equestria. With her ascension begins a new chapter, not just for the ponies, but for all creatures. There are new struggles, new achievements, and most importantly, new friendships, all waiting on the horizon.

Chapters (6)

The newly formed Alpha Force Squad is about to face a new challenge, one that hits close to home for more than one of them...

Chapters (14)

Four ponies and a griffon are brought together by an ideal, to protect Equestria from those would threaten it. But can such a mismatched group be able to band together to save the world?

Chapters (15)

Friendship takes many forms, and friends can face many trials together. But true friendship can withstand anything.

Chapters (32)

Following the defeat of the Storm King, both his victims and his followers alike continue on with their lives. For some of them, the adventure is only just beginning...

(Needless to say, there will be spoilers for the movie).

Chapters (9)

Princess Flurry Heart, now a teenager, wants to have the chance to make a difference in Equestria, like the rest of the royal family. When she does get that chance, she finds that royal responsibilities may be a little tougher than she thought.

Chapters (17)

As the maverick Sterling Cross heads toward an uncertain future, he reflects on the choices made and experiences suffered that lead him to this point.

Chapters (33)

While the Changeling hive is recovering from a near disaster, King Sleight discovers that Chrysalis has been keeping a big secret from him. A secret that is coming right to their door, offering to mend old wounds.

Chapters (8)

Black Knight Paladin: brother, soldier, traitor. But there is so much more to his story than you think. For the first time, the tale of Black's journey can be told.

Chapters (28)
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