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A guy who writes about fat horse, among other things. If that's not your thing, no one's stopping you from looking someplace else.


Discord has decided to reward Tempest Shadow, Capper, Princess Skystar and Captain Celaeno for saving Equestria from the Storm King...in his own way.

Contains: Pony, Anthro Cat, Anthro Bird, Hippogriff, Weight Gain, SSBBW, SSBHM

A commission for GlaceoAlura on FurAffinity! Hope you enjoy!

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 6 )

We need weight gain stories featuring Tempest Shadow. :twilightsmile:

Oh wow! A weight gain story that involves both Tempest Shadow, AND Captain Celaeno? I love this!

I shall try to provide more in the future :rainbowkiss:

Thanks much! :yay:

Pretty good one and decently written. Definitely didn’t expect to see such an ending :rainbowlaugh: Might take more time to describe the transformation the next time, but otherwise, I can’t really complain.

Thanks much, glad surprised you :yay:

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