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Descriptions are for the weak.


We all think of the Changelings as evil creatures whose soul purpose in this world is to seek out love and drink it dry.

But what if this wasn't the case?
What if the Changelings were just like you and I?

What follows is an interview of a captured Changeling that, until now, has been classified by the government of Equestria.

Little 3 minute story of stuff.
Maybe a small exploration of head canon? I don't know.
Have fun.

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Interesting idea, however you could do with giving it a spell-check.

Iv should be I've (I have)

Otherwise I didn't notice anything. It was a nice little read.

Okay, keep in mind none of these are meant to be harsh.
1. Spelling and grammar need an editing run. Far too many errors, even if just a writing exercise.

"Exalent!", came the voice, still as calm and motherly as ever.

If an exclamation is occurring, then by definition the speaker isn't really calm.
3. The term is declassified, not unclassified. You declassify documents, after which they are then unclassified.

Other than that, looking good. Would like to see this fully fleshed out.

Thank you for the tips!

I did not think this would go through approval so fast. :rainbowderp:

I have done quite a few read troughs of this, but you know what they say, you are your own worst editor!
(It was way worse beforehand, I assure you!)
But this is exactly why I did this!
To get a feel for things and feed back that I can use in other stuff!

Thank you for your time!
Will get right on fixing things!

Not bad. It doesn't try to particularly soften either side. I appreciate the honesty in that. In all too many situations today, people try to put all the blame on one side or the other. I must confess I'm guilty of that.


Man, I love them books!
I have just about 3 left to read and I'm done with the main series.

Also, thanks!
I was just thinking "Hey wait a minute! Everybody just thinks they are evil assholes, but what if they got it worse? What if WE are the assholes?"

I mean sure, they could have gone about it in a little bit of a better way...

5754479 I think its the moment just after Firepaw fought Longtail. Anyway, you're welcome, and it's a very good idea for a story.

Heh, Dropbear would be glad to know there are people like you. Who like to think beyond the Changelings being monsters. On my story, when I started the Canterlot Wedding part, half the damn comments were about how the Changelings would be killed. It's a seriously weird experience.

If you had the Choice to starve or eat what would you do? Would you let a pony die just because they only feed off of one thing? Should you do that?

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