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Bow before your princess! Er, prince...


A simple story about Big Mac and Applebloom having some general silliness around the barn, leading to some D'awwww moments and family bonding.

This story has been collecting dust in my drive for a while now, and I figured that I might as well publish it. If you enjoyed reading it, please leave a like and maybe comment; I absolutely love reading what you guys (and gals) have to say!

Link to cover art.

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Sweet. I think you gave me cavities. :twilightsmile:

This is a rollercoaster ride of weirdness and emotions. I came from a clop board and was not disappointed.

5979108 What? You went from clop to this? Weirdness??? Are you talking about the right story?

~ Neon Lights

5980350 Yes. They linked to a story called 'Family Fun' and coming from a clop board I think you can understand what that means. They said there was already a story called 'Family Fun'. So here I am.

5982144 Oh... Oh! Well, that makes sense, I guess? Whatever. I'm glad that you enjoyed it... And I can kinda see how strange a transition it'd be between clop and cuteness.

~ Neon Lights

I figured I'd go through one of your other shorter stories. Gotta say, there are tons of grammatical errors in here. As an editor, it took away from the story a bit, but you got me hooked on the d'aww-ness of it all. Take my upvote, but I would really go through this again and give it a re-write.

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