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"With the world so set on tearing itself apart, it doesn't seem like such a bad thing to me to wanna put a little bit of it back together"


They may be princesses, but Celestia and Luna are still sisters. Sisters that don't get along too well. And, like most older sisters, Celestia finds Luna to be extremely bothersome.

Luna loves her older sister and wants to be like her. But she can't, because Celestia doesn't feel like talking.

A collab with Sleepy Panda.

Featured 13/06/15 and 14/06/15

Now has a Reading done by Short Stories

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Now I want an epic story detailing the book she was reading.

Loved it!

Heck yus. Celestia is terrible. Luna is amazing. Bob is da bomb.

What's with the dislikes on everybody's comments?

Well, this is one of my fave stories on the site now

6087593 I'm not sure :rainbowhuh:

Thanks :scootangel:

I am speechless.

I saw the title and came over. By the way, I think you should change it to Siblings are Awful.


Because siblings are awful...:ajbemused:

6087998 :rainbowlaugh: I know what you mean I have 2 sisters and 1 brother

Sounds like the kind of fights I have with my youngest sister. Nice story BTW.

Featured. *Applause*

And this explains how I feel with my little brother

Cute story, but what got you my like was the laugh I got from the cover art...
Except now I will have that song in my head for the entire day...:facehoof:

Sweet and funny. Poor Luna.

6088171 I know what you mean

6087593 I don't know. Is it because I basically shouted first?

Haven't even started this yet. Plan on it because the picture drew me in. Luna bouncing on Celestia is just too adorable for words. You're getting a like based on that alone haha.

I really like this, it does shows siblings and how they can fight, especially when one is much younger

Aw, that was a funny little story, Celestia is so mean though haha. Though honestly it sounds like something I'd do to my brothers as well XD

Burn in hell Celestia

And ponies wonder why she went dark...

u stole my profile picture

jk lol but I want more of this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :raritystarry:

I'm so proud of you! Your first story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6087998 Not all of them. Not all siblings are awful. I have a friend, Bee, short for Beatrice, she's older than her sisters and brothers by a few years for her younger sister who is the second oldest, while her youngest brother is over 10 years younger than her, and she helps take care of them all and as far as I know never fights with them

6088624 glad you enjoyed it :scootangel:

6089171 I did! It's actually rather.... adorkable! Luna is DEFINITELY my favorite princess, and one of my favorites overall. So this story had my name written all over it. :twilightsmile:

6089190 :yay:yay glad you liked it

Huh...sorry, this story didn't do a thing for me.

6089328 At least you're honest. :pinkiesmile:

I just gave you the 100th like, keep (him) writing !:scootangel:

You put this joke on yourself

Took less time than I thought it would for the siblings fight fanfics to appear.. I thought for sure Gummy would be first. but it's funny fanfic....

I liked this. It is a SWAG and I would recommend it to anyone with 10 minutes to kill. (PANDA IS CREEPILY LOOKING OVER MY SHOULDER RIGHT NOW AND LAUGHING AT MY BAD SPELLING MISTAKES) Anyway, have a good day kind fellow bronies. Please do not judge, it is actually late at night while I am typing this and Panda please calm down you are really scaring me. For all you newbies out there, this is how to give constructive criticism like a boss.

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