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Yee-haw! Howdy, sugarcube. Ah'm AJ. If you don't mind mah poor Inglish, (Ah didn't go to school that much) feel free to read my stories. Ah love reading and ah hope ya'll like reading too!



You are Twilight Sparkle. You volunteered to help Fluttershy with her animals, but when you discover she isn't home, and all signs point to trouble, you may find yourself in the Everfree forest alone desperately looking for her! Will you bring her home safely, or will you be devoured by hundreds of voracious snapping vines? Start with event 1... and meet your destiny!

Start with Event 1. At the end of an event, you may find instructions such as:
Go to event 12.
In this case, go to your next event. However, you will usually find choices at the end of an event, such as
If you wait and see what happens, go to event 16.
If you walk towards them and see what is going on, go to event 22.

Make you choice, and turn to the next event to meet your destiny!

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I got this ending first time.

Comment posted by AppIejack deleted Jun 7th, 2015

First of all, thank you for adding my story to your favorites.
Have you read the the other ending (event 7)? I actually expect many readers to choose this one instead of the other. But I made this choice just to point out that your choices may seem the same in your perspective, but some minor differences in you choice may affect how the story ends.
Anyway, have a good day!

6067328 Yup. I took every path after getting the first ending.

Twilight is going to have a very awful next day. :pinkiecrazy:
Haven't seen everything yet, but so far I like it very much. :twilightsmile:

The mysterious event 27 seems to have vanished from our sights... :derpyderp2:

(Puts on sunglasses)

And thanks for liking too.

Despite the fact that you apologize for your bad English all over your user page and this story, I really didn't find too many errors. Most were just tense errors (you periodically switched to past tense throughout the story), and there are a few times where you repeat yourself needlessly, but overall, well done!

My only complaint is that each event is so short, I feel like I'm sprinting through the scenes after each choice. If you took the time and really fleshed this out (without changing anything of course) then this could have felt like a real adventure. Still, great effort for a first story, you get a like from me.:ajsmug:

Happy reading/writing!

Nom Nom!

Snack time!

nice, i'll come back to it once I have time. I WILL get every ending and part!

Question: What IS poison joke?

Twilight: :twilightoops: YOU MANIAC!!! YOU BLEW IT UP!!!! DAMN YOU, DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!

This is the forth ending I got

This is the first ending I found, is this supposed to be a good or bad ending?

:pinkiegasp: Twilight broke the fourth wall and read this fic! this is the second ending I've found :pinkiesmile:

3rd ending I found! are there any bad endings? I haven't found any yet

She should've drank the potion.

huh, I'll never understand pinkie-logic

at least it's only poison joke and nothing deadly

6141001 poison joke is from season 1 episode 9 it made twilight's horn wobbly, rainbows wings backwards, fluttershy's voice deep, and lots of other things, poison joke practically just does something silly to whoever touches it.

so there is a bad ending

Only if you could alter the hands of time, you think, mournfully. You think about what could have been avoided if you have made the correct decisions.

Yeah, about that...

I found all the endings! :pinkiehappy:

6865386 Oh! I remember that now. Sorry, been so long since that episode, I hardly remember some of that stuff!

6865444 you're right, there's only one waay possible to revert this terrible chain of events!!!!TO THE TARDIS!!!!!just kidding, TO THE BROWSING HISTORY!!!!!!

Um...event 6-12 doesn't really seem like a good transition, thought the other event that leads to 12 does work. I think you should've just wrote a new chapter.

First the dream sequence, and now we meet our doom?! RIP, RD... RIP, me...

But wait! I have a SAVE file! I have the power to reshape the world through my own determination!

Huh!.. Well... that's a bit anticlimactic.

Event number 15.

My first ending and we already travelling through dimensions
What the actual buck??

That was kinda ehh.
Hopefully I find a more interesting ending?
Ending no. 2.

Finally a bad ending. Not poor Flutters...

Sheesh, and I thought the petrified Fluttershy ending was bad enough.

Thought she got half petrified in all the other storylines?

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