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Redwood is a mare of simple desires. She enjoys alcohol, male company, and competitive challenges, and is best known for her uncanny ability to find all three wherever she goes. What she is not known for is her discipline and restraint.

Perhaps a military career was not a smart choice for her.

Part of the Borderworld.

Originally written for the OC Slamjam. Now with audio reading by Jacob M. Keene (and 5 VA guests).

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Love the cover art, man.

Why didn't you just ask one of your talented Asian friends to do something better?



Jeez, I should've thought of that! Damn. Well, too late now!

Author Interviewer

Yeah, I still love how you got these characters together. :D


Every character pairing in the Slamjam should've met this way. It's just the obvious thing to do.

Author Interviewer

The OC Slamjam: It needed more sex.


From now on I'm only going to write clop.

Hello, I'm Jacob M. Keene, a voice actor and narrator. I just wanted to inform you that I did a dramatic reading of this fanfic on my YouTube channel (both chapters in the same video), I narrate the story, Whirlwind Studios voices Shining Armor, GutiuSerenade voices Wind Whistler, Wandering Mare voices Redwood, CadetRedShirt voices Azure, and Sparrow9642 voices Arrow. I hope you enjoy: https://youtu.be/-5uEk2cLTA4


Thank you all for making this. I am honoured and humbled by the amount of effort that obviously went into this project. As I normally do after receiving a dramatic reading, I've linked it in the story description and in a blog to let people know about it.

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