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Rarity and Spike have been together for a while. He never had a problem with sharing her with Pinkie Pie, but can Spike handle the responsibilities of becoming a father when he finds out that Rarity has impregnated Pinkie? And how does a mare impregnate another mare anyway?

There has been some confusion regarding this story, where many people think I am ripping on Spike. I'm not really, but I'm starting to understand why people think that. Rarity is not cheating here, it's something called polyamory.

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I want to read this. Really I do. But the massive walls of text are a huge turn off.

And it's a shame, because this fic has so much potential.

So in other words. A giant fuck you to spike?

5971222 Not exactly, but that's kinda how he feels right now. :rainbowlaugh:

Holy Shit what am I reading!

You know, I wonder, what would Canon Spike's reaction be of he found out Rarity and Pinkie, or pretty much any other mare that isn't Twilight, were dating?

:moustache: ???????????????????? I didn't see that coming.

:twilightoops::rainbowlaugh::fluttercry::ajsmug: That cover art is just too funny!

5971656 Thanks! I made it myself. :twilightsmile:
I think ponifying the "For Dummies" Mascot was the hardest part. :derpytongue2:

Well, I can hardly wait to see what happens next, though, considering who Pinkie is preggers with, I already know. Also, upon a closer inspection of the coverart....

I went from :rainbowderp:

To :pinkiegasp:

then finally, :rainbowlaugh:

5973122 Spikey took the shot and missed the spot, :moustache: Twilight told me to read up on the subject. . .:duck::pinkiegasp:

5973257 Don't worry. he won't be getting the shaft from Rarity. Nopony gives Spike the shaft!

5973534 I really, really hope Rarity is getting a piggy back ride.

So many downvotes! :pinkiegasp:
Don't worry, story, I still love you. (hugs it, patting it soothingly) :fluttercry:

So futa, magic, or what? Yes this is a giant fuck you to Spike.

5973837 Reason for that is that people is A. want to know how in the hell Rarity got Pinkie pregnant, B people thing this a very big fuck out to Spike it's more of a fuck you than those shrink stories that happen to him, and C the usually Rarity and Pinkie being sensitive stuff. I share the feelings of A and B but leaning away from C. Also my feeling of giving this a chance is the only think stopping me from down voting this.

5974957 It's kinda magic, but I don't want to spoil too much.

Im actually quite curious on what is going to happen

After he was done reading about what was basically kinky lesbian sex


"And you didn't invite me?"

Those two lines :rainbowlaugh: my mental laugh box is broken

I don't understand all the downvotes. There are some grammar problems, and occasionally the writing is a little clumsy, but overall, it's an enjoyable, entertaining, and very original story. I look forward to reading subsequent chapters.

"And you didn't invite me?"

Said every guy with a Bi girlfriend/wife that doesn't mind sharing :eeyup: (read: no man ever :fluttercry: )

5978220 No, not "no man ever". This is actually a mirror of the family structure I was raised in. I have two moms and a dad, so this very well could have happened at some point. :rainbowlaugh:

5978183 Where were the grammar problems? I'd be happy to fix them. :twilightsmile:

5978309 The mistake that you make most consistently can be seen in this quote:

"Rarity, I'm home!" He called out, eager to see his gorgeous wife.

Despite the exclamation mark, that counts as all one sentence, so the "he" should not be capitalized.

:twilightblush: Test tubes
:pinkiehappy: Time
:rainbowlaugh: Tweezers
:yay: Torches
:raritywink: Two Viagra
:applejackconfused: Turkey basters
:moustache: teasing
:derpytongue2: Some time it's just an accident !
:trollestia: knock her up not out of the way!
:coolphoto: Need ze magik?

5978183 Seems like that would largely be because of people thinking the story a fuck you to Spike. Honestly the description gave a pretty clear understanding of Spike's role here and how it was going to turn out, so they just jumped the gun from the first 2 chapters.

5981123 I'm not sure if you're saying that in favor of my story or to rip on it, so I'll go with the former. :pinkiesmile:

5981149 People downvoted based on the idea Spike was being screwed over by Rarity with the kid, but the description you have for the story was very clear that they were going to raise it, the 3 of them.

5981236 Exactly! That's why I put this in the Polyamory group. :twilightsmile:

5981300 Then again, how many people know the definition of Polyamory before having to look it up?

Well, Spike's a daddy now, Rarity and Pinkie are moms, and P-Pop is born. Everypony's happy....and hopefully this gets more likes


:twilightoops: Spike protect?

:moustache: Smoked him with one puff!

:raritystarry::pinkiegasp: He smoked Jr?

:trollestia: Who are you my little pony?

:twistnerd: Honest I didn't do anything!

Is that it?Waaaaaaaaaaaaa

Wow, that was over quick. I would have really liked a lot more stuff between chapters 3 and 4.

5996294 It's just a short 'n sweet story, not a novel. I wanted to keep it a quick read. What I don't understand is the large amount of downvotes, though. :fluttercry:

5999013 The answer to that depends. Is this meant as a trollfic or not?

6000074 No, it's completely serious. It's my OC's backstory.

Rarity looks kinda psychotic in that picture.

6000105 In that case the problem is deeply rooted in the story's length. The whole concept you introduce us to is pretty weird:
Spike and Rarity are together but cannot get children.
So Rarity screws Pinkie behind his back and gets her pregnant. Spike is freaked out, yet he immediately forgives her adultery, once she explains that the three will raise the children together.

Just imagine this happening in real life - Bob and Alice want to get children, but cannot. Thus, Bob, without ever consulting Alice has sex with Alice's friend and informs her afterwards that the three from now on live together to raise the resulting child. Do you think Alice's and Bob's marriage would survive this? Even if it did, the situation would pose heavy stain on their relation.

Now, I'm not saying that you couldn't make this work, but for that your story would need more substance. There are extremely obvious problem's with Rarity's behaviour and if you want the story to be any good, you need to address them. For this you could either have your characters (Spike in particular, for this story) evaluate her actions and sort things out, or -if you go for comedy- make a point out of how the issues exist but are deliberately ignored by your characters (because your characters are stupid and/ or random)

Instead you chose to go along with a concept with huge issues without even once acknowledging their existence. That certainly isn't realistic, not dramatic and also not really funny. Thus the downvotes.

6000380 I know what polyamory is. I also don't mind polyamory in general or the fact that there is polyamory in your story.
As far as I'm concerned, people can live their love life any way they and their partner(s) are happy with. If that includes several relationships at the same time, who am I to judge them?

I don't mind that Rarity had sex with Pinkie, despite being in a relationship with Spike. What I do mind is that she did so without ever consulting him first and that this is never acknowledged as a potential issue in your story.

Rarity cheated on Spike. Even if Spike doesn't mind her having sex with Pinkie, the fact that she didn't ask and thus betrayed Spike's trust remains. There is also the matter that she decided on the whole family thing on her own. What if Spike didn't want a polyamorous relation with Pinkie or raise a child together with her?

Yet Spike never even once acknowledges this as a problem. While he is worried that Pinkie and Rarity start a family without him, he doesn't care at all that it never came to Rarity's mind to ask him for consent before pulling him into a polyamorous relationship with Pinkie.

6000549 ... Ok, I figured out where you got stuck.
Spike is not with Pinkie, but he is with Rarity. Rarity is with both of them. Rarity and Spike tried to conceive. She knows Spike wants to be a father, so she's trying to help him become one. This jump of logic on her part IS addressed, it's kinda the whole story. I actually based all of this on the family structure I have. :twilightsmile:

6000563 Well, you are partially right. Rarity's leap of logic is addressed. What is not addressed is the fact that she decided over Spike's head.

Starting a family is kind of a huge decision that should not be taken lightly. Before deciding on getting children, the partners should discuss the issue and come to a conclusion together.
Even if Spike and Rarity decided to try for children before, she has no means to know whether he would agree to have a child mothered by Pinkie. In the end Spike found the idea agreeable.
This however doesn't change the fact that Rarity did not consult him for a decision that impacts their entire lives, which is a huge no-go, even in a polyamorous relationship. You can't just include something like that without having the characters show some kind of reaction to it.

6000623 Okay, having read everything you typed, the fact Rarity should have consulted Spike and that the story could have been longer are the only things that are agreeable. The description for the story was extremely clear on relationship status of Spike and Rarity and Rarity and Pinkie as well as Spike knowing full well Pinkie and Rarity were also together. He did have a reaction when he found out they had decided to have a kid without his knowledge, he ran of heartbroken on the logical assumption that he wasn't part of this new family. Finding out he was in fact included made him really happy, the happiness out weighing the "they should have told me," feelings.

Yes, the stories short and there's a lot of missed opportunity for some pregnancy shenanigans and hard hitting emotions, That being said the point of the story was the child's birth so cutting all of that is logical, though a tad disappointing to those of us who wanted to see it.

I also will certainly not deny making a decision like that without consulting Spike was unthoughtful, irresponsible, and unfair of Rarity and Pinkie, but that doesn't make it a bad story. Fuck ups tend to be one of the most realistic aspects of life, and they fucked up hard.

But the story does what it sets out to do, establish the family dynamic and get the baby born. It might not be great or the most entertaining thing I've read today, but it does what it came to do, there's a happy ending for everyone, and it's readable, not without some mistakes but that's pretty much every story. So the sheer number of downvotes is entirely unwarranted. It's not hateful, it's not a trollfic, and there's no real fuck you to Spike, just a poor decision by those he cares about.


Fuck ups tend to be one of the most realistic aspects of life, and they fucked up hard.

Exactly! Bad decisions are part of your life and also part of a good story. Without them a story is pretty boring.
However, the important thing about bad decisions is that you need to show some reaction to them.

In life, you should try to work things out to come to a solution.
In a story you should use a fuck-up as an experience your characters can grow over (or in tragedy shatter over.)
If your story is comedy you can also make a point out of how the characters fail to properly address the issue for laughs.

With Rarity and Pinkie though the bad decision is rather obvious to the readers, yet it is completely ignored by the story. The characters don't react in any meaningful way, neither is it exploited for comedy.

That makes it both a missed opportunity for a great plot point and also a bit problematic. If an author has characters behave badly but does never address this, it can easily be interpreted as the author supporting that kind of behaviour.

Just in case you read that last bit as an accusation, that is not the case. Despite my criticism I did also not downvote this story. I don't downvote unless a story is either painfully bad or promotes offending content, both of which definitely isn't the case here.

I'm simply trying to explain why people might have an issue with what you wrote.

6003499 But I did address it, and stuck with the character's personalities. Pinkie is excited, but also concerned when she realizes something is up, Rarity is incredibly dramatic when she realizes she screwed up, and Spike wouldn't hold a grudge to save his life. They reacted perfectly in character. :twilightsmile:

6003565 Rarity and Pinkie are both upset about Spike interpreting what they meant wrong. They never acknowledge that it might have been wrong to plan a family without consulting Spike, although they also affect his future.
While the outcome might be relatively similar, there is a huge difference here. The former can be solved and forgiven by explaining the issue. The later is a deep violation to Spikes role as a family member.

6003622 That actually wasn't a problem, because they both knew that he already wanted to be a father. In their heads, they were just helping.

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