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Party Pop

I'm a young author from Equestria with plenty of ideas.


This story is a sequel to Silver raindrops, golden clouds

Party Pop has always tried to be a good pet for her Master, despite his bad temper. One day, however, an attempt at baking turns to disaster, and she is thrown away by him forever. Abandoned, scared, and without a home, will this sweet little kitten be able to find a new owner, or will she forever be a stray?

This is a pet play story. If you don't know what that is, look it up sometime. You might be pleasantly surprised. :twilightsmile:

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I hope Party Pop and Gold will get back together

5952616 This is before they met, and that wasn't even him... :rainbowhuh:

Once, in Manehattan, there lived a stallion named Starter Seed. Seed was a large, strong, powerful pegasus stallion, with a green coat, dappled with dark brown patches. His mane was flowing and dark green, just long enough to make the ladies swoon, but not long enough to look unprofessional or feminine.

And already I don't care. Giving us readers a short bio of your OC doesn't make us care about him. These things should not be put in right away, but instead they should be added later throughout the story. Same with the next paragraph.

This story is just way too rushed, which hurts the pacing and character development greatly. We want to actually meet the character instead of reading a short Facebook like description of who he is.

5952660 Well, aren't you just delightful? :ajbemused:

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short Facebook like description

Sides... they left me.

5952638 Oh, so Señor Dickbag's pony version, something Seed right? Cause when I hear Party Pop, and Master in the same sentence, I think Gold. Can Knight come in and kick Seed in the junk...repeatedly?

5952669 As in the sides of your abdomen or which side to choose?

5952684 That's for another fanfic, remember? :raritywink:

5952694 Knight Blade Repeatedly Kicks Nurtured Sprout in the Balls, perfect title! Or, if you want something similar, Retribution of a Knight.....

5952664 yes. Criticism is delightful :)

5952708 Yes, but you don't need to be an assdick to my friend

5952714 it's called being blunt. There's a difference.

5952719 Ok yes, being blunt can be helpful, it can also make you look lime a douche, also, check out her other works if this one pains you to read

5952724 Ok, girls, you're both pretty, now knock it off.

5952763 Sure Party, the story is pretty good so far

this guy is a pretty rubbish Master. he doesn't seem to love his pet. without love there is only abuse. abuse isn't what the game is about

5953106 Don't worry, this story gets happier. :pinkiesmile:

5953171 then i shall reserve judgement and look forward to future chapters. i hope Party Pop finds a Master or Mistress who loves her like a Pet should be loved

5953646 She does. This is actually a back story for Sequins.

This is what I wanna do to Starter Seed right now....repeatedly

5955089 Considering I based him off of my real-life ex, you might get to someday. :twilightsmile:

sweet, lovely chapter. :twilightsmile: i look forward to the rest of this story

Wait, so are ponies keeping other ponies as pets normal in this universe?

5958420 Yep! :twilightsmile:
It's based on something called Pet Play, which is a facet of BDSM. A good article on it is here, and I think you might like reading it. :pinkiesmile:

And Gold Soul and Party Pop's first meeting has happened. Feels and cute moments abound :pinkiehappy:

Why so many downvotes? This is starting to become a trend, and I'm not sure why. Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong here?

6028760 looking at the cover and seeing one of the ponies, that can be a dead giveaway. While I personally have nothing against them, just about everyone else on this site will judge something like that not very nicely.

Now, I haven't read the story yet, but I'll place it in my RL list and read and provide full review when I have time.

6032697 If it was up to me, he would have been a unicorn with mechanical wings, but he's not my character. He's my Master's OC. :twilightsmile:

6032956 your master ? In real life or in the pony world? If it's a secret then no problem

6515117 Oh, he's very real indeed. :heart:

6521421 ooh so......... in real life then :pinkiehappy:

Oh my gosh its.. so.. CUTE!! I really enjoyed the read *smiles*

6897071 Why, thank you. I try my hardest to provide quality content. :twilightsmile:

Interesting concepts at play here. I'm not familiar with the "pet play", I believe it was mentioned earlier? So, forgive me if the first couple chapters were a bit overwhelming.

Also, very different approach than the fic prior to this, probably had something to do with it. But overall, I'm curious to see how this plays out. I'll try to finish reading tonight after work.

6926292 I'm using the sequel feature to show the timeline in a particular universe.

So umm ... this is a sequel to a canceled, never completed story? How does that even work?

6943149 I'm using the sequel function to show the timeline.

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