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Party Pop

I'm a young author from Equestria with plenty of ideas.


Rainbow Dash, one of the best rookie flyers in Equestria, a loyal friend, and the newest resident of Ponyville. She seems unstoppable, a cyan bolt of lightning tearing through her competition as she trains to join the Wonderbolts. One day, however, a stunt during training takes a horrifying turn as a brutal accident lands her in the hospital. She recovers to a clean bill of health physically, but she has suffered severe brain damage, and has forgotten most of her life. As she begins to recover her memories, a small orange Pegasus filly starts following her around, cheering Rainbow on when she performs her death-defying stunts and calling Rainbow her hero and idol. But why?
Well, little Scootaloo knows that one of the strongest bonds in the world is sisterhood.

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Rarity and Spike have been together for a while. He never had a problem with sharing her with Pinkie Pie, but can Spike handle the responsibilities of becoming a father when he finds out that Rarity has impregnated Pinkie? And how does a mare impregnate another mare anyway?

There has been some confusion regarding this story, where many people think I am ripping on Spike. I'm not really, but I'm starting to understand why people think that. Rarity is not cheating here, it's something called polyamory.

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Party Pop has always tried to be a good pet for her Master, despite his bad temper. One day, however, an attempt at baking turns to disaster, and she is thrown away by him forever. Abandoned, scared, and without a home, will this sweet little kitten be able to find a new owner, or will she forever be a stray?

This is a pet play story. If you don't know what that is, look it up sometime. You might be pleasantly surprised. :twilightsmile:

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Sarah thinks her life is pretty boring and average, but one day, a startling turn of events could change her world forever. Can she overcome the new challenges that face her and still manage to survive high school? And what will her friends Alex and Chuck think?

This is an ongoing series, much like a TV show, so don't be daunted by the large amount of chapters! :twilightsmile:

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