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This story is a sequel to Hidden Voices

After winning the Talent Competition, Sweetie has become more confident in her singing and has even begun to muster up the courage to audition for a part in the upcoming school play. Of course, it turns out that she isn't the only filly in the class to be interested in show tunes and Bridleway classics.

Now stuck competing against each other, Sweetie and Diamond will face off to gain a part in a play. But, what will come of the fight between the two fillies when their friends begin to doubt them?

ButtonBelle is a couple in this fic, though it is not the main focus of it.

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Heh heh heh.

Have a King of the Hill video:

... Sorry, I've been on YouTube as of late.

Diamond Tiara, you haven't thought your plan through at all have you? You do realize that you have NO way of knowing that Button is going to play Clover the Clever.

But still, highest of high quality. But that didn't seem like 1000 words... Is there another chapter I have yet to see?

Insta-fave indeed.

Who's doing the casting? Cheerilee, as teacher? Toe Tapper or Rarity, who as Ponytones should know a thing or two about music?

Doing the casting?
Damn, why do I skim through stories. :facehoof:
Who's doing the casting?

Wait, I thought Clover the Clever was a girl... :twilightoops:

Actually, I like to believe a lot of the male characters are played by mares in most plays. It's not uncommon for a woman to take the part of a man, and vice versa. In the olden days of Shakespeare and Greece, women weren't allowed to perform at all, and all the female parts were played by men wearing masks with specifically shaped mouths to help with projection. I like to think that Celestia requested the Mane Six to play the part regardless of gender, because screw society's standards and rules.

Kingsley is shakin' off that mess 'cause society is ridiculous and hypocritical over lots of stuff, gender included.

5601111 Well, whatever you want to do, I guess. But personally (please don't think this is rude or something) I like to think of Clover the Clever as a female.


5601111 I'll admit that Commander Hurricane, Private Pansy, and Chancellor Puddinghead sound like the names of guys. The only founder we know for sure is female is Princess Platinum.

Nah, that's you're own personal preference for it. There's nothing wrong with your interpretation and I get it doesn't match mine, but there's nothing with that, either .

Sweetie and Diamand are both Briddleway dork, how adorable.

And by the time I'm done with my audition, I'll be the one to steal a kiss from Button

Right, she is totally over it. :rainbowlaugh:

5601257 Really? I thought Private Pansy would be a girl, since a pansy is a type of flower...

See Diamond Tiara, you didn't get the part you wanted. And in the end, it didn't even matter because Button didn't get the part you thought he'd get.

So you went through that entire feud with Sweetie Belle for nothing.

My thoughts so far:
Button- there are more ways than one to kiss her. You lost the battle, but you'll win the war. The ship demands it so!
Sweetie- Show Diamond her place! The filthy skank is down for now, but when Button ain't around... *maniacal laughter*
Diamond- step in that bear trap on the way to the incinerator, ok?
Silver- meh. You can be forgotten.
Rumble- whoa whoa whoa, man! Don't cut off the ship so soon, you already got a crush...
Scootaloo- smack your soon-to-be-boyfriend (Rumble) straight, and let's ship this thing!
Apple Bloom- look, you don't have to stay for much longer. Just throw a sandbag on DT, precede to kick her into the incinerator, and make the ship set sail, eh?

You are doing amazingly! Now, let's see what bones we can break in these two "ImmaKillYaSonsOBitches", DT and Blueblood. Who votes stake down the throat, sandbags and bear traps, then incinerator, eh?

As a fan of theater I like it a lot :raritywink:
Thoe no School could ever do a show like wicked :derpyderp2:

also reference http://youtu.be/0jqGbRp2mzo

Scoot can't sing even for her life, and she still gets the part, really ? :ajbemused:

Yo, Scoots doesn't have any actual singing in play. Besides, her singing has gotten a lot better since that Show Stoppers incident. She mostly just sings along, but she doesn't have a solo like Sweetie and Diamond because she's a minor role in story.

Figured the song was from Wicked, well played!

Things are certainly heating up. And Cheerille seems blisfully unaware of it all.

Button Mash writing:

As I have observed, you have portrayed me in this chapter in an affectionate, flattering and amusing manner. I saw tempers flaring from me in one scene, but...even nice guys like myself can get in a bad mood a while (just ask the late great Perry Como. He was one the verge of a tantrum occasionally, and he was generally considered the most well-mannered American singer if there ever was such a thing.) In real life, I am good friends with Rumble, who, like myself and my wife of 34 years, has one of the great vocal talents mankind ever offered. (I am also a good friend of Tito Derek, ex-husband of Sweetie Belle, who is also a great Equestrian singer. For our performing act together, I, in fact, called upon Mr. Derek to fill in for either Sweetie Belle or myself whenever either of us were unavailable, and Mr. Derek continues to do so.)

Still the glaring obviousness ranks last compared to the way you portrayed me, and I even found the portrayal funny. I approve of this story and the direction you're going with it. My wife will be happy to tell you that she also approves of this story.

- Button Mash

You potray Scootaloo's, Silver Spoon's, and Button Mash's overreaction very well, as well as Apple Bloom's voice of reason. It seems very, um... colt/filly like; naïve and immature. Diamond Tiara and Sweetie Belle's reactions to the bat pony scene being eliminated is priceless. I love how shocked everypony was to see them agree. It was worth the wait. Keep it up! :twilightsmile::yay::pinkiehappy::ajsmug::raritystarry::rainbowkiss:

Sheesh girls, you really need to work on your abandoment issues. Don't you see that this could be a chance to start over with one another? Maybe Diamond Tiara and Sweetie Belle could put an end to the petty feud that's been part of your daily lives since you met one another.

prompting a sigh Button

Think you meant 'a sigh from Button' Forgive me if I'm just tired and reading this wrong.

Well, at least Button Mash is willing to see the error of his ways. I just hope Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Silver Spoon don't try to mess things up.

So we went from practice to opening night just like that? It's good, but I was hoping for a little something inbetween.

That said, yay for friendship and yay for DT being kinda awesome in this one.

Sweetie Belle fidgeted, though she wasn't sure if it was because of the fake, entended horn on her head, the itchy, sparkly wig, or the wings that were tied onto her costume.

Spelling error?

I'm curious, what exactly is the "M word?" :applejackunsure:

5825673 In Equestria? Big Mac Beth.


Can I has next chapta? Ples!! I evn mispellt so tat it sounds coooteee!!!

Wow, what a performance! :pinkiehappy:

At least Scootaloo and Button Mash have things to do besides worry about Sweetie Belle leaving them.

I felt nothing

Anti feels armor
High quality

Oh shit.
Wait... What if this is all a lie, she takes button and when sweetie asks how could you, she makes a punch-line like "I was acting, weren't you?"
And then back to our regularly scheduled ButtonBelle.

She narrowed her eyes at Platinum. "All you know how to do is wear the new shiny thing that Daddy bought you."

That seems to sum up Diamond Tiara to a tee--at least as currently portrayed in the show. :unsuresweetie:

You better be a serious Wicked fan or I will SLAP YOU WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage: :ajsleepy::twilightsheepish:

So AWESOME! But now I'm wondering, which pony is representing Nessarose?:trixieshiftright:

5831510 who cares? This is a fan fiction site, not a stage. MACBETH MACBETH MACBETH MACBETH!!!!!! I REGRET NOTHING!!!!!!!:pinkiecrazy:

When will this be updated? I feel... Lonely, due to a recent decline in quality ButtonBelle. It's like 1 good quality chapter or something every 3 months. Well, anything above what I expect, at least. Plox m8

You had to bring up Old Yellar, didn't you?

5634745 I have a feeling she skipped over the star swirl part so that button could not pull anything, though im not sure what "anything" im thinking of but Cherilee is so rude not allowing them to be on stage together

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