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I am Treg Not really sure what else to put here...


What happens when you discover that your most private of sanctuaries is no longer there? Two beings, one man and one pony, learn just that when they find that their bathrooms are no longer their own. How do these beings handle this strange occurrence and will they let it get in their way?

Since This isn't my bathroom! did so well and I was told by many to do more, I have transformed this into a short series where one poor man will be subjected to more room swaps than should ever happen. Yes, the first addition to the bathroom is the kitchen..

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Oddly Amusing :rainbowlaugh:
And I think it is most funny that Twilight has such difficulties to a modern time bathroom while the Man simply goes about his business

This is genious. I have no idea how you made something so hillarious and philosophical from something as simple and hillariously odd as a bathroom switch. Loved it.

On another note. It's great how the man just goes, "The fuck?" and goes about his huisiness in miniature. Yet Twilight has an absoluletly terrible time.

You got my like.

I gotta say this much, THAT was pretty funny.

Also, first post.

This ammuses me! Good job man, it takes skill to write something in that sort of a context and make it good! That was 1.6K of daily routine, and yet, highly enjoyable!

:rainbowlaugh: Oh that was a fun read. Definitely worth the thumbs up.

Given that the Man has yet to acquire that most necessary of beverages, coffee, I find his course of action completely and utterly plausible.
I hope that there will be similar stories to follow, for this has earned the coveted "Thumbs Up" from this reader.

You sir have recieved a thumb up from me. That was HILARIOUS!!! :rainbowlaugh:
Seriously though! Take my thumbs! You deserve them! If I was in the guy's position I probably would have also been like "ok, what the fuck?" then just deal with the problem later. Poor Twi. She has now been emotionally scarred by the evils of human restrooms.

Stay frosty my delicious friends. Silver, out! :pinkiehappy:

523602 OMG IDEA.


The ending feels like something out of Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy.

My mind was warped by The Guide long ago... So I'm not surprised if it shows.

treg what the hell is wrong with you?:rainbowhuh:

It is not my fault, brother. Blame the people I speak with on skype, they made me do it. :raritydespair:

Short but sweet.:heart:

Might have been funny if Spike had wandered in while the man was in Twilight's bathroom, he'd likely scream. :rainbowlaugh:

She's right the toilet is evil! Just look at what it eats!

... Dafuq did I just read?
I don't really know what to say Treg, other than that. Also, how in the world did you come up with this? Did you just walk into your bathroom one morning and had this amazing idea?

It was funny how the Man was just like "Okay, whatever." and does his business, while Twi believes that the bathroom is evil.:twilightangry2:EEEEEVVVVVIIIIIILLLLL

I'm guessing that the man was NOT stone? :trixieshiftright:

The man was not stone, the man was just some random man.


You, good sir, are purely a genius! This is by far the most original piece of work I have ever seen on this website. It is such a simple idea, but the execution was outstanding. Maybe now people will realize that they don't need over the top to get a good story. This one is a definite favourite, and shall forever be a timeless classic of Fimfiction. I will do my best to be sure of that.:rainbowdetermined2:

Anyway, good day, and good luck.

When Twi started putting on the shampoo, My ears started ringing, THEY STILL ARE
What does this mean!?

Maybe somepony is calling them?

527390 Maybe, but if so. How would I answer my ears? :trixieshiftright:

What is this I don't even...
Whatever, it was well-written, I guess I will give it a thumbs-up

...Very carefully is all the advice I can give.

525566 Don't worry, I think after the ordeal Twilight went through in the man's bathroom he'll have seen enough. :pinkiesmile:

And if worse comes to worse the secret is safe with me. :eeyup:

As soon as it began, it ended.

This small shore story Has done better than both of our stories put together . It's only been out for a few days And it has more views Then both of them ? :rainbowhuh: Oh well It's best I'm not question it :twilightsmile: Good job Brother :pinkiehappy:

Mother of God... that was the most oddly hilarious thing I've read in while. And, the icing on the cake, it was grammatically correct! :twistnerd:

"the unicorn decided to take a much more forward approach and threw herself onto it's seat" - Grammar note: When its is used possessively, it does not need an apostrophe dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Twilight_Sparkle_lolface.png
531543 ^ NOPE! ^
524008 a.deviantart.net/avatars/a/w/awwyeahplz.png

My story is totally grammatically correct and that has absolutely nothing to do with me changing errors as they are pointed out. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Treg, you magnificent bastard.


Just marveling at how everything that I've seen that was written by you has been amazing.

Treg. My mind is full of wut now. Primarily, there's so much room for things to have gone wrong that neither of them noticed. What were the mysterious liquids? Was all not what it seemed?
Also, whoever said to make a sequel where their kitchens are swapped was a genius. Not as much of a genius as you, but still.

The deed... has been done.

I guess Pinkie eating the bacon isn't terribly bad, as it came from a non-sapient Earth pig... but giving her coffee? That's just evil.

How much stoic can a Mr. Stoic stoic if Mr. Stoic could stoic stoic? Seriously, this guy should be a fighter pilot. He's got ice in his veins.

The man resorts to cold blood when lacking hot coffee.

Poor guy. At least the kitchen wasn't demolished.

Treg, I must complement you that story actually caused me to laugh out loud, normally I NEVER laugh when reading, so well done.

What will be next in this constant parade of interuptions!
Swap bedrooms with rarity maybe?
Or living rooms with fluttershy?


Oh, man. This is great. I applaud you sir, for taking what seemed like a mundane concept and turning it into a hilarious tale. Bravo!

Of course, now I have images of swapped rooms running through my head. What would it be like to swap closets with Rarity? Backyards with Fluttershy? Bedrooms with Rainbow Dash? Curses! Now I'm gonna end up fixated on this all week!

538271 Actually I think Pinkie Pie's sugar buzz from the coffee DID destroy the kitchen. :facehoof:

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